New Wedding Fan Programs on Sticks

Our new wedding fan programs come in various shapes and both sides contain text templates. Although I haven’t made many fan programs yet, every fan style can contain any type of design.

All fan shapes come in packs of 10 and can be ordered unassembled, or pre-assembled for an additional charge. Each set of 10 will cost $9.00 more if you want Zazzle to assemble them. Glue dots are provided with the sticks and heavy card stock, so assembly can’t be all that difficult. If the wedding is large and many programs are needed, paying for pre-assembled fans could be costly.

The heart-shaped fan program is perfect for making a romantic statement. The aqua blue background color is optional, but is popular for beach themed events. Customers can change the color in the “customize” area, or contact me for help.

The fan programs are not huge. This heart shape measures 6×6 inches. When replacing my sample text with your own, be sure to keep all text from the very edge of the card. If you follow my sample text, you should be fine. I will be glad to add your wording – just send me the information, I will add it and send you the link to the product.

Click any image below to view the program

Aqua blue heart shaped wedding fan programs

Aqua blue, “Bride & Groom” heart-shaped wedding fan program

I have not purchased these programs but assembly should be simple. The glue dots probably attach to the stick and then the programs are attached to each side. I’m thinking it’s something the bridesmaids could handle easily.

fan program beach wedding

“By the Sea” Wedding Fan Program

Be sure to double check all text before ordering. No one proof reads any of the orders. I do not see your order before it gets shipped. Zazzle prints and ships the order and I am not in their office. I can see what the product is that has been ordered, but not the actual order. Mistakes you make will show up on the printed products!

The rectangular shaped fan programs measure 4×6 inches. The wording needs to be easy to read and therefore fairly large.

starfish couple fan program

Starfish Bride and Groom Fan Program

All fan programs come in either white or ecru paper.

ecru paper fan program

Ecru Paper Can be Chosen

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