Turquoise, Aqua and Aquamarine Colors That Are Close But Different

hex codes colors for blue Do you know which blue color is your favorite? Would you say aqua? Turquoise? or Aquamarine? I get requests for all of these colors when brides are making their tropical wedding stationery.

“Could you make this for me in turquoise?” This type of design request (throw in any color) is what I frequently hear. My mind begins to scroll through all the various “turquoise” colors and I know that we must first decide on the proper color.

The trouble is, that “turquoise” and all most colors, contain a variety of shades. The bride has a definite color in mind, but I can’t read her mind. Sometimes we go back and forth trying various blues until the bride-to-be is satisfied. And I want her to be satisfied! It’s wedding paper, so getting it exactly right is top priority.

I certainly understand the difficulties of choosing the perfect color for wedding stationery online. Each monitor will show something a little different and we always wonder what it will end up looking like in person. (Zazzle now offers the option to buy a single invitation so the couple can spend very little and get to see the product before committing to a large order or set of stationery.)

To help this process along, I suggest sending an image containing the select color, or including the hex code. Whatever the bride considers to be “turquoise” may not be what I am thinking during the creative process. This can go a long way to help create a perfect shade of blue for the finished product.

Tropical color choices are usually blues and greens, but many people confuse the green-blue of teal with the blue-green of turquoise.   I sell a lot of items in Blue Lagoon which on my site is hex# 29AFA6.

Sometimes the  request for “aqua” is really more of a “light mint”, and so on. There are an abundance of blues in these shades and I used some of them to make up the swatch at the beginning of this post.  Providing as much info to your designer as possible is always a good idea, and that includes specific color choices.

Check out our page of Designer Wedding Themes. Need help with invitation wording? We have an informative page to help with that as well.

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