Hawaiian Destination Weekend Wedding Welcome Bags

tropical destination wedding bag

Weekend Wedding Welcome Bag

Couples who plan a big, destination wedding event may want to include weekend wedding welcome bags to great guests. This new bag from Sandpiper Wedding has a tropical Hawaiian theme of pineapples and island flowers. Of course it works for any tropical location when the “Hawaii” text is changed.

Once the bag is purchased, fill it with things the guests could use during their stay in the area. Chances are, there is a beach nearby, so sunscreen, lip balm, bandanas, and a beach / travel towel would be a nice choice. (Using a bag in place of a gift basket means the guests can easily pack for the trip home.) Click the bag image to see a collection of matching items that could be included with this bag design.

While the guests are enjoying vacation time after, or before, the wedding event, provide a list of local attractions, bars and restaurants. While planning the wedding, you must have discovered some great places to visit, so why not point guests in the right direction.

Include postcards and writing paper so your guests can share events with others back at home. And don’t forget to let them know about the plans that include everyones participation. A list of events and times / locations is a must, if that wasn’t included with the invitation.

Simple and inexpensive additions to the welcome bag include, bandaids, a sewing kit (for last minute dressing issues), Kleenex, bathroom supplies, Advil and toiletries they may have forgotten would be appropriate as well. Some couples supply a Hangover Kit for the day after the festivities!

Of course budget plays a big part, as well as the size of the guest list. If money permits, include some local flavor by searching area shops for items created by local artisans. Snacks that include tastes of local cuisine – such as tropical fruit, nuts, etc. would work. If the spot has a specific type of drink (alcoholic or not) try to include a small bottle, or choose a nip you know the guest prefers. Guest bags can be general or specific. Attach personalized bottle labels to water bottles. Bottled water is inexpensive and always appreciated.

If the guest list is small and intimate, creating a few bags and taking them along on the trip shouldn’t be too difficult. Have the hotel staff place the filled welcome bags in the rooms as a surprise. If the guest list is rather long, a better idea may be to hand out the bags before you leave home. That way everyone can pack their own favor goodies.

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