Our Tropical Address Christmas Labels, Stickers and Seals

Our starfish and ocean scene address labels are best sellers, but we also offer Christmas labels with a tropical theme. (This one works for every season!)

starfish ocean address labels

Starfish Couple Return Address

Sorry if you don’t really want to think about the holidays, but this is a simple and inexpensive purchase, and it will add panache to your end of year outgoing mail. In only a few months we will begin to celebrate the Christmas season. It comes earlier each year, and can’t be ignored.

starfish tropical christmas labels

Starfish and Holly

The labels come in three sizes. One is a large shipping label, but the other two can be used as return address. Skinny labels are quite popular, but the medium size labels may work better for those who have a longer address, such as a condo or apartment number. Use four lines, if needed, and don’t let the text get too close to the edge. As is true for almost every product at Zazzle, there is a “bleed line” where the edge can get cut off.
tropical shipping

Jungle Leaves

Looking for something rather non-traditional? Use round and square address stickers to use as envelope seals. Include a Christmas message, as in the round sticker below. All text, including the curved wording at the top and bottom, is easy to change. Or delete it if you prefer no message.
round return address Christmas tropics

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

The labels come in three sizes and the stickers offer more options. Each product page gives a good description of what is available. Just click on any of the products above. Or visit our TROPICAL ADDRESS LABELS collection, or our HOLIDAY ADDRESS LABELS collection.

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