How to Say “Thank You”

For some people a blank white space brings sweaty palms and a blank stare. If you get writer’s block the moment you need to write a thank-you note, this page is for you!

After the wedding there will be loads of people to thank. Guests, attendants (all the bridal party members, ushers and groomsmen), anyone who took part in the ceremony. The pastor, the musicians, the ushers, the wedding planner… and on the list goes. And then there is that big long list of people who gave you gifts.

Here I offer some help (no, I can’t write your cards for you), but I will share some thank-you wording examples to get you started.

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palm trees photo card thank you

Photo Thank-you Card From Newlyweds

How to Thank Guests For the Gift

Naming the gift makes the note more personal. If you can, include how it will be used, or specifically why you love it.

Your gift of the orange vase is perfect and the color matches our decor so nicely. We’ll set it on the mantel in the living room which will brighten the room considerably.

Thanks so much for adding to our dinnerware set with your generous gift. Now our set is almost complete and we can stop eating from paper plates!

The bedding set is perfect and we really needed a new comforter to match the colors in our new home. Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated!

If you don’t know what else to say, you can always say how much you enjoyed seeing them on the big day. Especially mention this if the guest had to travel a long way to attend.

Thank you for those lovely wine glasses. We appreciate your thoughtfulness and loved seeing you on our wedding day.

Many guests will probably give a gift of money. It’s nice to mention how you plan to wisely use that gift.

$$Thank you for helping our dream of (traveling to France) come true! Your generous gift has brought us closer to the day we can book our reservations.

$$We will put your gift to good use as we have many old appliances in our new home that need updating. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Also, if the cards will be going to guests who traveled a long way to your wedding, be sure to mention how happy you were that they could attend and thank them for being there.

thank you for gift

Thank you cards for guests

How to Say Thank-you to Members of the Wedding Party

The friends and family members who most contributed to the wedding are the groomsmen, bridesmaids, ring bearer and flower girl, etc. The attendants should be thanked with a personal, heart-felt handwritten note. Specifically mention how much their sacrifice of time and money meant. If they went above and beyond to contribute in the days before, the day of, and even after, the wedding day, be sure to tell them you noticed. The Best Man and Maid-of-Honor should have helped to calm nerves and offer support. Tell them just how much you appreciated all they did.

groom thank you cards

Thank You Cards From the Groom

Special Thank-you Notes to Children

Even if your flower girl and ring bearer were very young, a simple and cute card will be appreciated by them – and their parents. Consider the amount of time and energy the parents sacrificed and be sure to mention it to them.

flower girl thank you

Starfish Thank You Notes to Flower Girl

Here are more examples of wording that can be used for children.

Ring Bearer: Dear Ryan, We want to tell you what a fantastic job you did as the Ring Bearer at our wedding. You were such a big boy throughout the rehearsal and we were so happy with the way you held that pillow and bravely walked down the church aisle. Thank you very much for being part of our wedding day!

Flower Girl: Dear Mary, Thank you for being the Flower Girl at our wedding. You were the prettiest Flower Girl we have ever seen and you did your job of scattering the petals perfectly! Everyone told us how sweet you looked and we want you to know how much we appreciate your help on our wedding day.

Also include a note to the child’s parents: Thank you for agreeing to let (name here) be part of our wedding. We know it was a big commitment of time and expense and we appreciate all of your efforts, which paid off greatly by adding (beauty, sweetness, cuteness,) to our ceremony. (Name) was a beautiful addition to our day, photos and memories.

blue ocean thank you from newlyweds

Blue Ocean Cards

The best personal note wording comes from the heart, so write what you feel about the people who took part in making your day extra special.

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