Temporary Tattoos For the Bachelorette Party

bachelorette party tattoos

If I’m lost, buy me a drink!

While pinning interesting ideas and pictures to my wedding Pinterest boards I came across this fun idea to use temporary tattoos for the bachelorette party. Etsy is a great place to find custom products related to weddings, and I enjoy promoting small businesses, as I run one myself.

This Etsy store is called Love and Lion and their tattoos can be personalized with the bride’s name. They include a fun line such as, “if I’m lost, buy me a drink!”, which you can see in the image. It’s a cute conversation piece for the gals who plan a big night out to celebrate the bride’s last fling.

The order of this Bachelorette party tattoo comes in a package of 15, with one specifically made for the bride. You can get more, if the party is large. As with any custom orders, it will take extra time to create the tattoos and get them shipped out, so don’t do this as a last minute thing. The time needed to design and ship is all listed on the tattoo page.

Love and Lion also creates temporary tattoos for birthdays and other occasions. They are for adults and children and are an affordable and unique addition to any celebration. The tattoos will wash off with water which makes them perfect for a one time gathering.

This is a cute idea, and what a nice little surprise for the Bride when she appears for the bachelorette party. Gather the party goers together, and maybe have a drink, while everyone gets their tattoo set for the evening!

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