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ideas for spring beach wedding stationery

Looking Forward to Spring Wedding Designs in Bright Tropical Colors

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I realize that Halloween hasn’t even passed yet, but designers are always looking ahead… sometimes way ahead. Today I am looking forward to Spring as Brides begin to shop early for their Spring wedding.

The holiday season is often when guys choose to pop the question. Christmas is right around the corner. Guys could already be shopping for that special engagement ring! Getting ready for Spring makes sense for that reason alone.

Because I sell items for every holiday all year long, I rarely stick to designing for the immediate future. New designs have to be indexed and shared and caught up in the Google mechanism (can you tell I am not tech savvy?) so designing early for an upcoming season is a good thing.

Kudos to the couple who begins planning a wedding early! So often I am contacted by brides who left their invitation ordering until the last minute. Or the wedding is next week and they need ceremony programs! Putting decisions off does not make them less stressful. The additional worry of receiving items on time adds unnecessary stress. And there will be no time to make changes if needed.

With all this online shopping, and pinning at Pinterest, available now, selecting a favorite stationery design could be overwhelming. Some advice from close friends may help. Or, I could give you my advice. Stick to what you like. Don’t try to be modern if it’s not your thing. If traditional is fine with you, choose it.

Beach wedding themes are not really geared toward any particular time of year. In Florida, where I live, a beach wedding could be held at almost any time of year. In cooler climates, Spring and Summer are obviously the best time to marry on the seashore.

What we are really talking about is new designs, tropical and traditional, which can be used for the upcoming Spring wedding season. Bright colors and flowers are what designers and buyers look for in Spring and Summer themes.

Beach Wedding Themes For Spring (And Any Time)

Beautiful hibiscus flowers are perfect for a Spring wedding ceremony on the beach. The wedding set below contains a design of bright orange and pink realistic hibiscus flowers.

orange hibiscus wedding set
Orange Hibiscus Wedding Suite, by Sandpiper Wedding

I love the colors on the Elegant Beach Wedding designs and couples getting married in a tropical location will too! Bright sea blue with pretty flowers on cards with templates. This designer set has many matching products.

elegant blue beach wedding suite
Elegant Beach Wedding, Designed by Karsten Mylius

New from Sandpiper Wedding, the Bird-of-paradise design is a re-make of our older design. Because Zazzle now offers fabulous modern fonts, like the handwritten one used here, it’s time to spruce up some of the older invitation sets. A pale yellow-pink graphic background and bright yellow exotic flowers make up this new line of custom wedding paper.

bird-of-paradise wedding
Bird-of-paradise wedding suite with handwritten fonts

The pineapple design by CardHunter is one of my favorites. It has all the tropical elements combined in one design, with big leaves, pretty flowers and pineapples. Anyone planning a tropical destination event will find many matching products in this suite.

pineapple hawaiian wedding suite
Pineapple Luau Tropical Leaves Wedding Suite by CardHunter

Designs For A Spring Wedding in Any Location (Non-beach)

For those staying on the mainland to marry, I’ve found some beautiful and popular floral wedding suites. The lovely light blue of this collection by Bruno Crispin caught my eye and stands out because of that blue.

blue watercolor flowers wedding design
Watercolor Flowers Wedding Design by Bruno Crispin

This big succulent design by Country Wedding (which is one of my stores) has been selling like crazy. Succulents are not considered flowers, but they can hold their own as they are gorgeous plants. The blue-green colors, and oversized images will appeal to couples wanting a country celebration.

succulents wedding design
Big Succulents Custom Wedding by Country Wedding

The carefree bride and groom often chooses a low-key, nature inspired ceremony and CardHunter’s Bohemian feathers and floral design fits that bill perfectly. Pink and peach roses twine with stems and feathers in this pretty design.

spring feathers flowers wedding invitations
Bohemian Feather Floral Wedding Design by Scott at CardHunter

Need to view more wedding sets? I have a page full at my Invitations by Design page.

Ideas For Beach Wedding Themes

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At Sandpiper Wedding we have been creating invitation stationery

round save the date beach wedding stickers
Beach Sand Theme

You both love the beach. You love to surf, snorkel, fish, dive, paddle board, ski, and go sailing. Just about anything ocean related is the perfect way to enjoy life in your opinion. So, what better way to say “I Do” to that special person than at the side of the ocean where you spend all your free time?
There would be no other option for such a couple.

After the ring is given and she says “oh ya”, then you’ll decide on the perfect location (so many beaches to choose from!) and of course you will want fabulous invitations to make guests aware of the wedding theme.

Beach or tropical wedding themes are all lovely, in my opinion. The flowers that grow in ever-warm climates are gorgeous, and the sea life is cute. Starfish are the most popular choice, but sea horses also do a nice job of imitating a couple in love forever.

Traditional beach and ocean scenes are always a favorite with couples, and even plain, black and white could be perfect for a simple, yet elegant ceremony.

Making Your Wedding Special – Don’t Stress So Much

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Under the veil
Under the veil (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Brides want a special wedding day. One that stands apart from the rest. The themes and ideas floating around these days range between the very practical to the completely absurd. It really is overwhelming for couples to choose where, how and what they want their wedding to be. If you browse the internet (and especially Pinterest) too much, you may begin to believe that certain themes are too common now. Doesn’t every “country wedding” photo include cowboy boots and mason jars? Is everyone getting married in barns these days, or what?

The truth is that most of your wedding guests have probably not attended a wedding in quite a while. And if they have, most likely that couple did not do exactly what you are planning to do. Unless couples are engaged, or hoping to be wed one day soon, they won’t have any idea what is popular for wedding themes. Why would they care?  Whatever they see at your wedding will probably be a new idea to them.

Stressing out over getting it all just right to fit in with modern times is not as important as having a wedding day that is comfortable for you – the bride and groom. Trying to make changes everywhere instead of going with a more traditional theme can wear you out. Whatever you do, your family and closest friends, will think it is spectacular. Showing off your decorating skills is not what getting married should be about. Love and support is what matters. The day will be special without trying so hard to make it so, because it is uniquely yours.

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How To Find A Theme For The Wedding

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Shortly after you say “yes” when he poLove birds wedding themesps the question, visions of the wedding day may begin to swirl through your brain.  Picture the dress, the aisle, the two of you linked arm in arm as Mr. and Mrs., but is your vision able to include the theme?

Many couples have not given any thought to where they would get married until they decide that they will get married.  The location or setting of your wedding may logically coincide with the theme of your wedding, or you may decide to be unique.

Although I write about tropical destination themes here, this time I am including all types of wedding themes.  There are many ways to incorporate your own style into the wedding day, whether it’s a tropical location or not.  Ceremonies can be personalized with special vows or rituals, but the reception is where your particular style will have it’s place to shine.

This is where the choices can become overwhelming.  Aside from the “Beach” theme, some other hot themes (pun intended), at the present time, include “Rustic”, “Vintage“, “Love Birds”, “Vinyard”, “Peacock”, “Country“, “Retro” and weddings by “Color”.  Within these themes there are numerous ways to evoke the style in decor and on paper.  And there are many more than this.  Sometimes it may be best to not look around too much.

Then there are the couples who stray far from the norm.  They want their wedding to be so totally different that no one on earth would ever copy their style.  We won’t go there.  But if it’s right for them, then so be it.

Somewhere in between, the bride and groom must find their own style.  Being too far out there means you may have trouble finding decorations, accessories, and stationery to meet your needs.  Of course there is always the do-it-yourself route, and that is great, if you have the time.  If the couple has common interests and likes (and shouldn’t they?) then finding a cute and original theme may be easier than you think.

Dig deeper than the normal likes and activities to find a that special theme unique to both of you and then find ways to share it with the guests.  The more personal you can get, the more unique your theme will be.

For example:

Do you both like to watch old movies?  Have a vintage movie wedding.

Travel a lot together? Have a Road Trip wedding. (very cute ideas)

Make your own beer?  Book a local brewery for the reception.

Do you like to camp? …Fly kites? …Bird watch? …Raise goats?  Get the idea?

Of course with all the specific themes to choose from, not having a theme of any kind may be the most unique “theme” of all!

The picture studded Style Unveiled site will give you even more ideas – as if you want that!