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bridesmaids luncheon

Hosting a Bridesmaids’ Luncheon, Tea, or Other Event for the Gals

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The Bridesmaids deserve some thanks, not only because of all the money they have spent to make your special day perfect, but because they are your best friends.

bridesmaids luncheon
Big Starfish Bridesmaids Luncheon Invitation

Whether the wedding will be large and expensive, or casual and simple, a lot goes into the planning. Most wedding traditions simply must apply, and being appreciative to the ones who contributed to your happiness should be high on the planning list.

Not every bride will throw a Bridesmaids’ party, and giving out gifts is fine, but why not have fun with a luncheon, elegant tea party, or night at the local bar?

WHO TO INVITE? Even if the bridal party is not large, friends and family members (women only) can be invited to an event celebrating the bridesmaids.

sand dollar bridesmaids party
Pretty Blue Sand Dollar Bridesmaids Luncheon Invitation

Also the “bridesmaids” title can include every member of the bridal party, and that means the Maid / Matron of Honor, Junior Bridesmaids and Flower Girls. Of course the young people would not attend a night out on the town. If that’s the plan, they give them a gift at another time.

Everyone will have fun at such an event and it will give the girls a chance to get to know each other better.

Want to include the guys? Why not organize a barbecue, beach party, or something everyone will enjoy together, and send out “Celebrate the Wedding Party” invitations?

beach themed wedding party invitation
Invite the groomsmen and bridesmaids to a celebration for the wedding party

Coral and Brown Starfish Gift Bag For Junior Bridesmaid

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gift bag wedding starfish
For the Bridal Party
Personalized gift bags for members of the bridal party made lovely gifts. In the theme of the wedding, starfish represent the couple married on a beach. Two areas of custom text are provided for the name and her title. Create one for each of the bridesmaids, the maid-of-honor, junior bridesmaid, flower girl, and even the mothers.

The chunky brown sea star and light coral orange thin star make a cute couple. Bag choices range from this little bag, to larger bags with color choices.

View the Collection of Bridesmaid Gift Bags to personalize.

Sand Dollars Black and White Rehearsal Dinner

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black and white rehearsal dinner invitations
Seaside Rehearsal Dinner
Black and white rehearsal dinner invitations, with sand dollars border, are perfect for a celebration by the sea. Elegant and simple, yet unique and lovely, this 4×6 inch card works for couples getting married on the beach, or in the summer.

A row of white sand dollars at the top is offset by a black strip. It’s the only decoration on this paper. The wording is set up to accommodate two lines for host’s names at the top. If the parents who have arranged the rehearsal dinner are divorced, it’s easy to list both separately in this area. Although I’ve made this on the smaller invitation size, it’s easy to change to another size with the “customize it” button. Click on the invitation image, then, on the product page, click the blue button and then scroll down the page to see paper size options. The paper type can be upgraded, and the shape of the invitation can be changed also.

We have another invitation with wording that is a bit different (below). It places the “hosted by” line beneath the names of the bride and groom. This one is a 5×7, and you’ll see the option to buy colored envelopes in the sidebar (black is an option). Please note that the invitations normally come with plain, white envelopes, and those will be included in your order, regardless.

Tell Him That The Ring Bearer Has Fun!

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black ring bearer t-shirt
T-Shirt Gift For the Ring Bearer

Choosing to have a ring bearer in your ceremony adds not only cuteness to the walk down the aisle, but it adds to wedding planning.  It used to be that the little boy walked down the aisle carrying the wedding bands (or fake replicas) tied to a pillow.  But that job has evolved to fit in with the couple’s theme and to give the little guy something fun to do.

As a kid, I dreaded having to go to a wedding.  It was like going to church (because that is where we were headed) and sitting solemnly through a bunch of talking that I paid no attention to.  I remember attending my much older cousin’s catholic ceremony which made me never want to get married!

Weddings are no longer always totally somber and serious occasions.  Exchanging vows is serious stuff, but who says that being different can’t be just as meaningful?  Fun-loving couples like to incorporate unique bursts of surprise and happiness into, not only the reception, but the ceremony as well.   Haven’t we seen videos of the wedding party dancing down the aisle?

Modern day Ring Bearers get to show off a bit more.  Often they are carrying more than a pillow with rings.  Signs with cute wording are often given to him which may announce:  “Here comes the Bride”, or a more personal choice:  “Mr. (groom’s name) here comes your Bride (or) your girl”.    Sometimes the kids will wave pennants- with wording of your choice- as they run down the aisle – (think about having this for that Ring Bearer who can’t stand still).  Kids have been known to ride tricycles and toy tractors to begin a country ceremony.  And whether they carry a box, pillow, teddy bear or nothing at all, it’s all about being different, so put your imaginations to work!

I’m thinking about themes for that beach wedding which might include having the kids carry mini surfboards down the sandy aisle, or dress them as lifeguards and tie the rings to a life saver.  That is the fun of it- weddings should reflect the couple and their particular fun-loving spirit.  Little boys (and girls) will just beam when they get to do something fun on your wedding day.

Colors of the Tropics on the Guys’ Ties

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starfish chartruese tie
Bright Ties for The Guys

Novelty ties in colors from the tropics can add just the right touch of color interest to the wedding party. The groom and groomsmen can wear matching colors or vary the colors to match the bridesmaids’ outfits.

This chartreuse tie has an all-over pattern of starfish gathered in groups of two, and the background color can be anything you want! Choose an aqua color to match the sea, or maybe you like lime green or hot pink or bright orange.

We have many Grooms Ties that are already made, but it’s easy to change the background color yourself on a tie such as the one shown here.

Here’s how to change the background color: 1.) Find a tie and click on “customize it” just underneath the item.  2.) Find the “edit” button and click to get the drop down.  At the bottom you’ll see “background color”. 3.) Click on it and then choose from the colors shown, or use the advanced option and add your own hex code.


Will You Be My Flower Girl?

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Flower girl at Kellie and Shawn's Wedding
Flower girl at Kellie and Shawn’s Wedding (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Your sweet little daughter has been asked to take part in a wedding, as the Flower Girl, and you feel honored and thrilled enough to say “yes” right away, but in some cases that may not be the best answer.

First you should make sure that your daughter really wants to take on that wedding related role.   We tend to think that most girls would love to be in a wedding.  The fancy dress, the important role and attention would make most girls squeal with delight.  However, some girls are more introverted and shy and taking part in such a big event could be a bit frightening.

Before you commit and tell the bride-to-be that your daughter would be delighted, you should make sure that your daughter knows exactly what she’ll be expected to do.  If you don’t know, be sure to meet with the couple and find out what they want her to do.  These days weddings may not be as traditional as you picture, so it’s good to find out.

Depending on the age of the child – and some Flower Girls can barely walk! – parents have the best intuition and will decide if that role will work based on the child’s personality.

Even then, on the big day with so many unfamiliar faces around, what once sounded like fun can become an intimidating ordeal even for the seasoned attention grabber.  Having a backup plan may help.  Be sure there is someone willing to walk the child down the aisle in case she gets cold feet and refuses to go alone.

Be realistic because no one wants her to back out at the last minute.  And don’t feel badly if she says no.  If she will enjoy the wedding more as one of the guests, then so be it.