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nautical key largo wedding bag

The Key Largo Wedding Welcome Bag

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Key Largo wedding welcome bag
Key Largo, Florida Wedding Welcome Bag
These wedding welcome, paper bags for guests have been specifically made with a Key Largo wedding in mind. These are white bags with blue and brown starfish couple and custom text templates on both sides. I have not made the destination text customizable because there is a map of Florida on the back with a big red star over the Key Largo location. The map cannot easily be removed by the customer. Please ask if you would like a bag like this with your Florida wedding location “starred”.


Starfish are popular with couples, but we also have a nautical anchor bag design. It has the same map on the back. This one however also has a place for the name of the location / venue at the top on the reverse.
nautical key largo wedding bag
If you want a cloth tote bag in this design, please take a look at this post which has a picture and link to the product.

OR VIEW ALL Destination Wedding Welcome Bags.

So where is Key Largo? It is the northern most key in the string of Florida keys. It is known for it’s large underwater reef at the John Pennecamp Reef State Park. There is boating, snorkeling and diving in this large body of water that is protected by the state.
As in all of the keys, the sunsets will be magnificent. The water will be clear and gorgeous and the beaches lovely. It’s a fabulous place to plan a beach wedding. Simply google “Key Largo Weddings” and see what is available.
Queen Angelfish at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park Key Largo, Florida
By Florida Memory (https://flic.kr/p/e4aGV6) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Delicious Wedding Favors: Create a Cookie Buffet

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chocolate chip cookies
Wedding Favors: Cookie Buffet

If you’ve been spending some time searching for wedding favors that are not pieces of junk without any class or usefulness, I have a scrumptious idea.
As I’ve browsed the wedding planning landscape, I’ve occasionally come across wedding favors that are truly worth considering as small gifts for guests. The couple wants to send guests home with something memorable and useful, but at the same time affordable. After all, how do you afford favors for 200 people? Well, here is one delicious idea that your guests will smile about and your pocketbook will love.

Have a cookie buffet. This is a great DIY idea. Buy or borrow big, glass jars and fill them with homemade or bakery bought cookies.  Ask family members and good friends if they would mind contributing to the buffet.  Most cooks / bakers have a favorite recipe they would love to share.  (I would bring my specialty chocolate chip cookies!).  You should end up with a delicious array of home-baked and specialty cookies. Add personalized tags to the front of each jar naming the cookie and the baker who contributed them.  Personalize further by saying why they are so special to the person who made them.
Add pretty ribbon to match your wedding theme, and arrange jars on a table with Tongs close by for handily grabbing from the assortment.  Little boxes should be stacked nearby, and personalize them with a “thank you” favor label.
Include a sign of some kind on the table telling guests to fill a white box to take home.
Yes! Everyone loves cookies.  You can’t go wrong with food wedding favors.  Or, in place of cookies make it a candy buffet.  The idea is to give guests an option to choose their own delicious favor.  Later on when they are enjoying it, they will think of you and the wonderful event they attended.

Read more and see yummy photos (with cost estimates) at Weddingbee favors page.

Starfish Couple Personalized Mint Tins

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mint tins
Personalized Favor Tins

I love the new candy / mint tins that are now available to design at Zazzle.   A favorite image is two starfish – the starfish couple – and they look so cute on our little boxes.  The bride and groom usually like to leave wedding favors for their guests and these little containers are perfect for pretty, beachy images and personalization.  At Sandpiper Wedding we have made some starfish tins, in white, blue and orange (and combos of) and plan to make more with tropical flowers, seashells and palm trees.  Have an idea for your wedding mint or candy tin?  Let us know.

With an order of at least ten and up to 24 the savings is 15%. At 25 pieces the savings is 35%. Check out the list of jelly belly flavors that come in the tins, or choose the plain, white mints.

Other types of tins and jars can also be used with the same design.  See the options on each product page – just click an image above.

Wedding Guests Will Love A Sand Dollar Favor

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sand dollar wedding favor
Replace the example text with your own.

Surprise wedding guests with a unique key ring favor featuring a sand dollar. This sand dollar is called a “sea biscuit” and it’s a photo of my personal, large sea biscuit. I purchased it many years ago at a shell shop on Sanibel Island, Florida. The photo is a close up of the center and I’ve added template lines of black text so you can easily delete the text shown to add your own personalized information. If you’d like it without any text, simply delete the examples shown and order it blank.

Keychains measure 2.25 inches (5.7 cm) and are waterproof with full bleed printing. Save on bulk purchases, up to 36% when ordering over 100.

Did you know that sand dollars are not seashells, but part of the echinoderms. You can read more about my sand dollars (and see my photos) at the “Sand Dollars” page.

Red Hibiscus Wedding Stickers

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These red hibiscus wedding stickers are perfect for any beach or summer themed wedding. You are able to easily personalize all of the text you see. The sticker size is 4.5″ x 2.7″ which means 4 stickers per sheet. They are high quality, full-color, full-bleed printing, scratch-resistant front, and easy peel-and-stick back. If you click on the wedding stickers link above, you can easily browse through our large selection of stickers/labels to use at your beach wedding. We not only have hibiscus stickers, but also the tropical Plumeria flower, starfish, and seashell designs in heart, square, oval, and rectangular shapes.

Personalized Red Hibiscus Oval Favor Labels sticker

Tell your wedding guests “thank you” and stick this oval-shaped, tropical theme sticker on any type of reception favor.
Or they don’t have to be used as a way to say thank you. You can change the text to anything you would like and then place these oval stickers on bridal shower favors, use as save the date stickers, sealing envelopes, used in your wedding scrapbook, or pretty much anything else you can think of.

If you love the hibiscus design on this sticker, then be sure to check out the newest products at the Sandpiper Wedding Store. We have easy to customize invitations, reply cards, shirts, and many more stickers in different shapes and sizes.

Beach in a Bottle Wedding Favors

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Sand in a bottle
Image by fahrenheit45one via Flickr

Give your guests a little piece of the beach to bring back home with beach in a bottle wedding favors. Everytime they look at the small, tranquil beach scene in that glass bottle, they will remember what a great time they had on your wedding day. 

So how do you fit a beach into a small bottle? Well… Continue reading Beach in a Bottle Wedding Favors