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Multi-Photo Wedding Thank You Cards

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What a treat it would be to receive a multi-photo, wedding, thank you card such as this in the mail! Trendy, flat cards contain pictures of the bride and groom, taken on their wedding day. How fun and super easy to share them, along with a heartfelt message of thanks. Thanking guests in such an elegant way is not only thoughtful, but beautiful and unique.

wedding photo thank you cards
Wedding Thank You Photo Cards – Click to Buy

All text is easy to customize or remove, and this is true for all our personal thank you cards. “Thank you” text is in the top corner and was created with a shadow effect to easily be read on a light or dark colored background. A gold banner crosses the card and holds the black script text where a short two-line message can be printed. The signature of the newlyweds is printed in black. This card could also be used as a Save the Date, or marriage announcement. Just use the text templates in a different way.

Find four of your best wedding day photos – 1 horizontal, and 3 vertical – and upload to the desired templates. Dark navy blue is the background color. I chose navy as it is a popular nautical wedding choice. To change from navy to any other color, use the blue “customize it!” button. A color selection grid will show and you can choose any color. Or contact me for help.

Sand Dollar Wedding Announcement Magnet

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White sand dollar wedding magnet
Save the Date Please!

The image of a real sand dollar was used as the background for this round, wedding announcement magnet. Imagine the wedding guests opening their invitations and finding such a unique and pretty save-the-date item to remind them of your special day.
The magnet comes in three round sizes and has templates in light blue and orange text. The “star” center of the sand dollar shows beneath the wording.

Light blue and coral orange are the colors used, but we can easily change the font style or color to match your choice of wedding colors, or you can do it yourself in the “customize it” area on the magnet product page.

Once you’ve clicked on that blue customize button, simply choose the line of text you’d like to change.  Or contact us for help.

Making Your Wedding Special – Don’t Stress So Much

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Under the veil
Under the veil (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Brides want a special wedding day. One that stands apart from the rest. The themes and ideas floating around these days range between the very practical to the completely absurd. It really is overwhelming for couples to choose where, how and what they want their wedding to be. If you browse the internet (and especially Pinterest) too much, you may begin to believe that certain themes are too common now. Doesn’t every “country wedding” photo include cowboy boots and mason jars? Is everyone getting married in barns these days, or what?

The truth is that most of your wedding guests have probably not attended a wedding in quite a while. And if they have, most likely that couple did not do exactly what you are planning to do. Unless couples are engaged, or hoping to be wed one day soon, they won’t have any idea what is popular for wedding themes. Why would they care?  Whatever they see at your wedding will probably be a new idea to them.

Stressing out over getting it all just right to fit in with modern times is not as important as having a wedding day that is comfortable for you – the bride and groom. Trying to make changes everywhere instead of going with a more traditional theme can wear you out. Whatever you do, your family and closest friends, will think it is spectacular. Showing off your decorating skills is not what getting married should be about. Love and support is what matters. The day will be special without trying so hard to make it so, because it is uniquely yours.

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How To Find A Theme For The Wedding

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Shortly after you say “yes” when he poLove birds wedding themesps the question, visions of the wedding day may begin to swirl through your brain.  Picture the dress, the aisle, the two of you linked arm in arm as Mr. and Mrs., but is your vision able to include the theme?

Many couples have not given any thought to where they would get married until they decide that they will get married.  The location or setting of your wedding may logically coincide with the theme of your wedding, or you may decide to be unique.

Although I write about tropical destination themes here, this time I am including all types of wedding themes.  There are many ways to incorporate your own style into the wedding day, whether it’s a tropical location or not.  Ceremonies can be personalized with special vows or rituals, but the reception is where your particular style will have it’s place to shine.

This is where the choices can become overwhelming.  Aside from the “Beach” theme, some other hot themes (pun intended), at the present time, include “Rustic”, “Vintage“, “Love Birds”, “Vinyard”, “Peacock”, “Country“, “Retro” and weddings by “Color”.  Within these themes there are numerous ways to evoke the style in decor and on paper.  And there are many more than this.  Sometimes it may be best to not look around too much.

Then there are the couples who stray far from the norm.  They want their wedding to be so totally different that no one on earth would ever copy their style.  We won’t go there.  But if it’s right for them, then so be it.

Somewhere in between, the bride and groom must find their own style.  Being too far out there means you may have trouble finding decorations, accessories, and stationery to meet your needs.  Of course there is always the do-it-yourself route, and that is great, if you have the time.  If the couple has common interests and likes (and shouldn’t they?) then finding a cute and original theme may be easier than you think.

Dig deeper than the normal likes and activities to find a that special theme unique to both of you and then find ways to share it with the guests.  The more personal you can get, the more unique your theme will be.

For example:

Do you both like to watch old movies?  Have a vintage movie wedding.

Travel a lot together? Have a Road Trip wedding. (very cute ideas)

Make your own beer?  Book a local brewery for the reception.

Do you like to camp? …Fly kites? …Bird watch? …Raise goats?  Get the idea?

Of course with all the specific themes to choose from, not having a theme of any kind may be the most unique “theme” of all!

The picture studded Style Unveiled site will give you even more ideas – as if you want that!

The Bride Could Carry A Seashell Bouquet!

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English: Photograph of a fallen Pumeria in Lal...
Forget the Flowers - Carry a Seashell Bouquet!

Brides who will walk down a sandy aisle can choose to carry a beautiful bouquet of seashells.  Many tropical weddings include tropical flowers, such as Plumeria, Anthuriums, Hibiscus, Bird of Paradise, Lilies and Orchids, but if you’d like to hold a bouquet that is not only very unique, but will last forever (or just about), consider having a bouquet of seashells made just for you!

I’ve found some designers on Etsy who create these beautiful bouquets so your search could begin there.  One even incorporates feathers into the Go Natural Seashell Bouquet.  In her description she says that she can also make a small bouquet to be thrown.  Seashells are quite sturdy and difficult to break – except for the sand dollars and starfish, so throwing a bouquet would be fine.  Hopefully some lucky lady will catch it, and if not it may land in the sand anyway.

Another one is all white and in a ball shape.  The creator of this bouquet (with over 300 shells) warns not to throw it because it is heavy!  Do a search at the Etsy site to find more if you are interested.  (If you don’t know what Etsy is, it’s a site of everyday people with their own items – many handmade – to sell).

I like the idea of a seashell bouquet.  They are not cheap, but neither are floral bouquets and the flowers will eventually die and your wedding bouquet will be only a memory found in pictures.     A bouquet of shells can be packed away to show future generations and can be passed down to a daughter one day – if she has acquired a love for the beach like her mom.

Personalize Postage Stamps With a Photo

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stamps with photo
Use a Personal Photo on Your Stamps

Zazzle.com is known for it’s custom made items and one of those fun items is the U. S. postage stamps that can be personalized with text and even a favorite photo!

Weddings are one of the most popular themes for personalizing stamps, and the pictures can be from the engagement, ceremony, wedding shower, reception or honeymoon. Add an engagement photo to stamps that will be used to send out save-the-date announcements and add a wedding picture to thank you card envelopes. The photo stamps have a template area that holds an example photo, which you will replace with your own. You may need to crop the photo before uploading to make sure it fits correctly in the space provided.

The postage shown here will hold a relatively square photo best so crop your picture to show the best part of the two of you in a square frame. Once the photo looks right, choose a denomination and you’re ready to personalize your mailings with an interesting stamp that is uniquely your own!

The stamp you create will need to get approval from the U. S. Postal service before being made and shipped to you, but that takes less than 24 hours usually.