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vintage blue palm trees sepia wedding invitation

Vintage Blue and Sepia Palm Trees Designer Wedding Stationery

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Pretty blue palm trees make up our newest wedding invitation design. The photography image has been enhanced and turned light blue for the image on the front. The subtle reference to a tropical location is the perfect backdrop for custom black text. On the back, the same image has a sepia tone. Tall palm trees sway in the warm breeze with thatched umbrellas lining the shoreline. (See the original image below.)

vintage blue palm trees sepia  wedding invitation
New palm trees invitation – Click to Buy

View our most recent collection of tropical paradise wedding invitations.

Many couples search online for marriage planning ideas. Pinterest is the place to go for ideas about everything these days, and that goes for finding invitation stationery. When purchasing invitations, the design is important but so is the quality of the paper and help with designing. The Zazzle company is full of designers who offer personal help with their own designs. Many unique, additional, matching products can be designed for customers as needed.

palm tree wedding invitation
Front of Invitation

Palm trees are one of the most recognizable images associated with the tropics. There is a surprisingly large variety of palm trees and not all are tall and swaying.

vintage palm trees sepia
Back of Invitation

Palm trees are often added to tropical landscapes and often grow wild in tropical locations. Tall, stately palms add immeasurable interest to a tropical yard. See photos at HGTV where tall palms bring life to a yard.

Those of us living in the tropics can also have potted palms, or smaller specimens included in a garden setting. The Parlor Palm has no real trunk, just long feathery leaves. Depending on the type, palm leaves can be bright green or silver gray. The fronds, or leaves, can be feathery and soft-looking, or stiff and pointed.

If you’ve ever watched hurricane footage, or been in a hurricane, you’ve no doubt witnessed how well palm trees withstand very high winds. While tall oak trees with long branches can be broken or totally unearthed, the palm tree simply bends and sways in the high winds. The fronds may blow off, but the tree remains. Rarely does a palm tree fall in high winds.

sunset palm tree
Photo credit: Pixabay

For more info please read the article entitled “10 Surprising Facts About Palm Trees” at the Mother Nature Network.

palm trees and beach umbrellas
Photo credit: Pixabay, free public domain images site
tiki hut tropical wedding invitation

Tiki Hut Over the Water Custom Wedding Invitation

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tropical tiki hut invitation
Buy it Below

Who would not want to visit, vacation or honeymoon in a tiki hut bungalow over the water?

The secluded feel of staying in your own personal room over the sea would be delightful. Imagine having the ocean as your front yard! The beautiful turquoise ocean stretches out to the horizon providing a clear lagoon beneath your feet. Descend the stairway and float in the warm ocean water, or grab snorkel gear and visit the underwater world.

With this type of wedding day, and or honeymoon, in mind, our newest custom wedding invitation design includes a simple hut over the water background image. The collection of Island Paradise Invitations is growing. Begin with a favorite image and contact me for additional matching products at bluehydpdc@gmail.com

Couples planning a destination gathering in a tropical location could use this stationery. The casual style also works for a small, more private, ceremony. The invitations are affordable, even with specialty paper upgrades. Save money to enjoy spending time together alone as husband and wife.

dock hut ocean tropical wedding invitations
Tiki Hut Over the Water Custom Invitation – Click Card to View

Some of the most popular destinations for an over-the-water bungalow vacation include, Bora Bora, Tahiti, Maldives, and Fiji. But, as you will read in the article The World’s Best Overwater Bungalows at the Jetsetter website, more and more locations are offing this popular vacation option.

The images below come from the Pixabay public domain website. Of course all one needs to do is search the internet for “bungalows over the water” or “thatched hut honeymoon” or “huts over the water” and the images will astound.

Bora Bora beach and huts
Beach and Huts at Bora Bora, Photo by Mariamichelle at Pixabay
over water bungalows
Bora Bora Bungalows Over the Water
bungalows over the water
French Polynesia Island Bungalows, by Arvid97 at Pixabay
bungalows over the water
Bungalows in Paradise
Hawaiian luau pineapple wedding suite

Hawaiian Themed Pineapple and Leaves Wedding Invitation Suite

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This wedding design comes from Scott, the designer at the CardHunter store at Zazzle.

This beautiful design features all things tropical. Exotic flowers, pineapples and big leaves are all part of the design on paper and products in the Tropical Leaves Pineapple Luau collection.

Hawaiian pineapple luau wedding

Tropical pineapple wedding shower
Luau Pineapple Bridal Shower and Thank You Cards

Pineapple tropical reception

I’m sure this designer would be happy to make additional matching products.

How To Find a Designers Contact Link

To contact any designer at Zazzle, find their contact link on any product page. Scroll down the page and find the link in the “About this Design” section.

I’m using my own Pineapple Wedding Invitation as an example of where to find the contact link.

two pineapples wedding
Pineapple wedding invitation and link location
zazzle designer contact link
The Designer Contact Link is located on every product page in this location

Some designers may not show the link if they choose to not be contacted.

Masculine Thank You Card Collection

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masculine thank you cards
Thank You Card Collection – Click to view
This collection of thank-you cards has a tropical / nautical theme and the cards are meant for the Groom to give to his groomsmen, but can be used for anyone for any occasion.

Decorated with seashells, anchors and sea life, the folded notes are perfect for thanking members of a beach wedding party.

Each card has a sample message of thanks to either use or replace with your own custom wording. If you need some inspiration when it comes to writing thank-you notes, please read my previous post: How to Write a Thank You Note

marriage announcement

Beach Scene Marriage Announcement and Newlywed Reception Stationery

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beach wedding
Announcement and Invitation – Click image to view
This marriage announcement and reception party invitation card combines elements that scream B E A C H ! The background image is a huge palm tree hanging over a pristine tropical beach. A calm ocean, which is the perfect color of aquamarine blue, shines on the horizon.

The font style is a combination of script and printed text, in dark blue and coral pink, hence adding to the tropical vibe. The names and party title stand out, and all text is set over a transparent white panel. Square paper was chosen for this card and the shape cannot be changed. I want the pink conch shell in the corner to remain visible as part of the design, and changing the size may remove it.

There are many text template lines which make it simple to add information about the private wedding ceremony and where it took place. This gives friends and family insight into the marriage with an opportunity to party it up with the newlywed couple.

To complete this unique beach wedding card, another coastal image was added to the reverse. Invitees will practically feel the warmth of the sun, and tropical breezes blow, while they read this invitation!

In addition to this new invitation design, we offer many other card choices with similar wording, for the same type of celebration. Some have photo templates, while others do not. To view many designs we offer, please CLICK HERE which will take you to the “reception only” collection.

Our Tropical Address Christmas Labels, Stickers and Seals

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Our starfish and ocean scene address labels are best sellers, but we also offer Christmas labels with a tropical theme. (This one works for every season!)

starfish ocean address labels
Starfish Couple Return Address

Sorry if you don’t really want to think about the holidays, but this is a simple and inexpensive purchase, and it will add panache to your end of year outgoing mail. In only a few months we will begin to celebrate the Christmas season. It comes earlier each year, and can’t be ignored.

starfish tropical christmas labels
Starfish and Holly

The labels come in three sizes. One is a large shipping label, but the other two can be used as return address. Skinny labels are quite popular, but the medium size labels may work better for those who have a longer address, such as a condo or apartment number. Use four lines, if needed, and don’t let the text get too close to the edge. As is true for almost every product at Zazzle, there is a “bleed line” where the edge can get cut off.
tropical shipping
Jungle Leaves

Looking for something rather non-traditional? Use round and square address stickers to use as envelope seals. Include a Christmas message, as in the round sticker below. All text, including the curved wording at the top and bottom, is easy to change. Or delete it if you prefer no message.
round return address Christmas tropics
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

The labels come in three sizes and the stickers offer more options. Each product page gives a good description of what is available. Just click on any of the products above. Or visit our TROPICAL ADDRESS LABELS collection, or our HOLIDAY ADDRESS LABELS collection.