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tropical christmas cards

Beach Christmas Card Sets With a Tropical Theme

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Because I live in a tropical climate, I know that the holidays are celebrated a little differently here. Many of the cards and products offered in my Holiday Store have a tropical Christmas theme. Warm climate celebrations in December require beach scenes, exotic flowers, seashells and starfish!

Please click on the images below to view each tropical Christmas card collection.

Our tropical Christmas card designs appear on many types of greeting cards and paper. Traditional folded cards come in 2 sizes (4×5 or 5×7). Modern flat cards have size options, but check to be sure all elements of the design are showing correctly if you change the size. Both types of cards come with white envelopes.

We also offer popular and affordable glossy photo cards. They measure 8×4 inches and come with envelopes. Prices begin at 95 cents to a dollar each, with discounts for bulk orders.

Christmas card designs are offered on postcards and magnetic cards also. I can place any design onto any type of card or paper for you. Please contact me to make the request, or for design help, at bluehydpdc@gmail.com and I will reply promptly.

Traditional Folded Christmas Cards

folded christmas cards
Folded Christmas cards, with your choice of wording

Affordable Glossy Photo Cards

glossy photo tropical christmas cards

Modern Flat Tropical Christmas Cards With Size and Paper Options

Flat Christmas cards are the choice of many. With specialty paper options such as pearl shimmer, columned and felt ecru, this type of card can cost the most and look the prettiest.

These flat cards also have edge shape options. Choose normal, rounded, scalloped, bracket or ticket shapes. All flat cards come with white envelopes.

modern flat christmas photo cards

Flamingo Christmas Cards and Home Decor

flamingo Christmas
Tropical Flamingo Christmas Collection

Christian Christmas Cards With a Tropical Theme

Christian Christmas cards have scripture, which can be replace with a favorite verse of your own. Add photos and a signature. When cards arrive they will be ready to mail.

Christian Christmas cards

Corporate Christmas Cards With a Coastal Theme

blue beach corporate christmas cards

Christmas Beach Party Invitations

Christmas party invitations with a tropical theme of beaches, starfish and exotic flowers are perfect for holiday house parties, office parties, or beach parties.

tropical Christmas party invitations

Gold and Silver Foil Christmas Cards

The gold and silver foil cards are new this year. Each card gives the option to have the design printed in gold or silver. They come in three sizes including mini which measures 3.5 x 5 inches. Other sizes are 5×7 or 4×5.
Each card and envelope have three color options which are white, kraft or gray. Choose the one that best shows the design. It will print as you see it in the preview.

gold foil Christmas card
Gold Foil Flamingo Christmas Card

Huge, Oversized, Fun Custom Cards

These fun, oversized Christmas greeting cards come in three sizes. The largest is shown in the image below, measuring 36 x 48 inches! Or choose the 24 x 36 inch card, or the smaller 18 x 24.
The cards are plastic coated and come with cardboard envelopes and can be mailed – BUT you must buy the postage required. The “Novelty Stamp” shown on the envelope is NOT A REAL STAMP.
To write on this card a Sharpie type pen is needed since the images and text are printed on plastic. This is to make the card durable for mailing. Of course you could always deliver the card in person!

custom huge tropical Christmas card
Huge Flamingo Christmas Greeting Card

Getting married at Christmas time? Check out our Christmas wedding in the tropics page of ideas.

Tropical Christmas Address Labels

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tropical address labels for christmas
Mix and Match, Christmas Season
The holiday season is quickly sneaking up on us. I’ve been adding more tropical Christmas address labels to my Holiday Store.

Choose pretty coastal shades of blue, like aqua and turquoise, for your postage and address labels, or go traditional, with red and green. Ocean water makes a beautiful backdrop for text. Mix in some holly, starfish and tree ornaments and you have a unique sticker for envelopes.

I also offer many tropical themed labels without a holiday theme. You can find them at my Seashells by Millhill store.

Skinny labels start at $2.95 for a sheet of 30 stickers, with a minimum order of 5 sheets. The medium size labels come with 18 labels per sheet.

Many of our tropical address labels have matching postage stamps. I’ll be happy to make matching envelopes, wrap around labels, and cards to match any labels you like. Ask me a question using the link on the top right hand side of every product page at Zazzle.

tropical christmas labels
5 Sheet Minimum Order – Click the image to view more designs.

Vacation Love, Keepsake Ornament

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seashell christmas ornaments
Seashell Ornaments
If you or your family are planning a Christmas holiday get-away, this keepsake ornament will help preserve the memories. Simple, tropical seashell images appear on both sides. On one side, the beautiful heart-shaped, cardissa shell provides the background for custom text. The stunning spiral swirl of the lighting whelk is on the other.

Made as a Christmas tree ornament, this little item could hang anywhere as a reminded of family time well spent on a tropical beach.

View all of our tropical Christmas ornaments at the Holiday Store.

Teal Seashell Tropical Christmas Gift Wrap

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teal blue seashell wrapping paper
Christmas Wedding Gift Wrap
Beautiful, quality wrapping paper adds the finishing touch to a perfect gift. This pretty teal seashell gift wrap is a new design and is already selling like hotcakes. The tropical blue color makes it lovely for any type of coastal occasion at Christmas time. Two of the most popular beach shells make up part of the design. Starfish and sand dollars are the central images and silver white ball ornaments complete the design.

No one wants to wrap presents with cheap paper that tears as you try to wrap the gift. This heavy-duty paper comes in various sizes and types. At 30 inches wide, it will wrap a sizable box, and pick the length you will need. It comes in 4 types of paper and 5 sizes. The rolls are printed and made in the USA. Depending on the length you want, it will ship as one to four rolls. Here is a little more about the glossy paper (or choose linen, matte, or tyvek) taken from the Zazzle site, who will ship it to you.

64lb text weight glossy paper.
Highest gloss paper.
Vibrant print quality ideal for photo designs.
Vivid, full-color print-to-the-edge printing.
30’ rolls ship as two 15’ rolls, 45′ roll ship as three 15′ rolls, 60′ roll ship as four 15′ rolls.
6′ roll wraps 3 shirt sized boxes, 15′ roll wraps 9 shirt sized boxes, 30′ roll wraps 18 shirt sized boxes, 45′ roll wraps 27 shirt sized boxes, 60′ roll wraps 36 shirt sized boxes.

Say Hello With Tropical Holiday Greetings

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tropical christmas postcardSend a Merry Christmas card with a tropical beach image on the front. White starfish are draped with green holly for this festive design with a touch of the tropics.

Postcards are affordable to send and will help keep the holiday season on budget. At the Holiday Store we offer a variety of holiday postcard greetings, with or without photo templates. Many of our holiday cards combine Christmas with a tropical theme of seashells, the ocean, or tropical flowers.

Blue Christmas Wedding in the Tropics

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blue tropical christmas wedding
Tropical Wedding at Holiday Time
Spring is a good time to get a jump on planning a Christmas wedding in the tropics. It may seem a long way off, but it’s never too soon to plan for such a special occasion. In the Sandpiper Wedding store we have a brand new Blue Christmas design line.

I have been contacted by a couple of customers recently inquiring about this type of invitation set. Smart brides and grooms will begin planning early, and one of the first things they need is paper. Save the date cards will need to be sent at least six months in advance. Those should supply all necessary information to guests about travel, hotels and plans for the wedding day / weekend. Guests need time to plan for a destination wedding. Even if the destination is close by, it’s good to have notice.

Blue is a lovely color to use for Christmas time. This blue color is close to the Malibu blue that is popular with many brides. It’s combined here with an array of sea life. Starfish and sand dollars and white sea horses mix with shiny blue and white ornaments to create holiday themed paper. Blue and white colors will match a blue themed wedding event.

And who doesn’t need a vacation in the tropics in the winter? Guests should be looking forward to this wedding experience!