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The Search Begins For Unique Green Flowers

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Green is a beautiful color, and especially so when appearing in the form of a flower. Of the many shades of green, pale green or sage green are probably most suited to weddings. Green flowers are typically unique, and that may be why brides choose them to be part of her wedding celebration.

Green hydrangeas
Budding Limelight Hydrangea
My personal favorite green flower is the hydrangea, but they can be tricky to keep looking fresh once cut. A reputable florist should know how to work with hydrangeas so they won’t be wilted by the end of the day. Hydrangeas come in two basic flower shapes, round or elongated. My photo shows Limelight hydrangea, which can be quite green as it begins to grow, but turns out to be mostly white. Many hydrangea varieties will be green in the budding stage. The ‘Endless Summer‘ blue hydrangea tends to fade to beautiful shades of green as Autumn nears. The flower I used in the wedding design below began as bright blue. Eventually it faded to this pretty green while on the bush.
green hydrangea wedding invitations
Custom Wedding Invitations with Green Hydrangeas

Hydrangea blooms are so large that a single flower can fill a vase, or fill out a bridal bouquet. If cared for correctly, they will dry to a beautiful stem that will keep for a long time. Hydrangeas also one of the few flowers that come in beautiful shades of blue.

green orchid
Green Orchid (photo by nitli @ Pixabay)
The long stems of green orchids will add lovely interest to a bridal bouquet or table centerpiece. Orchids are tropical and work well in a beach themed setting, but they are not solely used in this way. Be aware that orchids can cost a pretty penny, and couples on a budget may want to use them sparingly.

Succulents have made a splash into the wedding scene over recent years, and they come in a wide variety of shapes, textures, sizes and colors. I have a whole collection of blue-green succulent stationery which is a very good seller, and you may view THE WEDDING COLLECTION here.

Don’t forget about the button chrysanthemum, which is a bright addition to any floral arrangement.
green chrysanthemum

A little green flower that may be less known is the lenton rose. This is my photo of the one growing in my yard, and it’s not as green as some of the varieties. The hellebore, or Lenton Rose, is an odd little flower, which blooms before the snow disappears in Spring. They also come in lovely shades of pink.

hellebore lenton rose
Lenton Rose (Hellebore)

Stems, leaves and dried flowers can also add some green to any floral arrangement. These additions also add texture and interest.

Green Succulents Wedding Set

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green succulents wedding setI’m inspired to write about green in tribute to St. Patrick’s Day. And I’ve chosen the very popular succulent plants as my subject.

Succulents are not flowers, but they are used as enhancements in country bouquets and centerpieces. They work well as little gifts for wedding guests, since these little favors would be loved by all recipients. Like cactus, the succulent needs little care. Pot it up in little containers and add a favor tag.

If you need more ideas about including succulents in your wedding, read my Succulents for Weddings page. It includes a video about creating a succulent wedding bouquet. Even if you don’t have any plans to make your own wedding flower arrangements, you’ll see just how much work goes into crafting a bouquet.

Succulents For Weddings

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succulents wedding stationery
Wedding Ceremony Invitations

Succulents, or “hens and chickens”, have become a popular choice to use in place of, or with, wedding flowers. There are many types of succulents, but the most often seen in bridal bouquets and on reception tables are the green ones with the spiky “petals”. They provide visual interest to bouquets and arrangements. In pots they can make a cute presentation either alone or alongside other flowers or elements. Easy to grow and drought tolerant, wedding favors made up of this plant will tend to not wilt from lack of water. We have succulents on wedding stationery at Country Wedding.
The agave and aloe plants are in the succulent family. Often the plants with the close, compact and pointed leaves are chosen to decorate for weddings. Either a single plant is used, or a grouping of many and they come in all sizes.

Here I will list some different types of succulent plantsContinue reading Succulents For Weddings