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The Story Behind the Spring Green Wedding Set

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spring green bridal showerWhere I live, in the northeastern United States, Spring still seems far away. These spring green bridal shower invitations were created from a photo I took of my own “Limelight” hydrangea flowers. Now the plants are buried in a couple feet of frozen snow. But the paper, and Spring Green stationery set, is a reminder of the beauty of summer, and I know that I’ll be digging in the garden one day.

I enjoy making beach themed wedding stationery, because I love the tropics and the water. Realistically, I never make it to the beach these days. So I divide my creative work between a few niches. One relates to beaches, seashells and nature found in Florida and other tropical locations.

My other niche is garden related and the BlueHyd store is full of pictures of hydrangea flowers. I love growing this perennial because it’s easy to care for. But best of all is the fact that the blooms last for such a long time. Even as they dry out and die, they are interesting and lovely.

The camera is in my hands a lot in the summer months. Capturing the beauty of a New England summer is essential because it is so fleeting. I photograph everything throughout June, July and August. From flowering shrubs to green beans and caterpillars, I capture the essence of the warm season as often as I can. Flowers are a favorite though, and when they are as beautiful as the elongated, light green “limelight” hydrangea flowers, I can’t resist. I use the best pictures to create wedding stationery, cards and posters. Usually the best images are posted on my Hydrangeas Blue gardening blog.

Happy Spring to those who are feeling it!