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New Table Seating Cards in Turquoise and Aquamarine

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Turquoise is the newest color we’ve added to the Sandpiper Wedding store. With aqua and lagoon blue being popular choices for a beach wedding invitation set, turquoise is gaining popularity as well. All these blue or blue-green colors come in many shades and there are only slight differences between them but they all look especially pretty when paired with seashells.

Here we have two varieties of table number cards in our new colors.  On the left is the turquoise colored background and on the right is the graphic, aquamarine color.  Turquoise has a bit of green in it while the aquamarine is a mix of aqua and darker blues.

When requesting a color for wedding stationery, it is helpful to supply a hex code number or an image to give us an idea of the shade required.  Colors on computer monitors can vary widely, but customer comments have consistently said that the color they see is the color they end up with.

Ideas For Creatively Displaying Escort (Seating) Cards

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Purple starfish seating card
Hand-written seating card with table number.

For large weddings the tradition is for the wedding party to be seated at the head table with the Bride and Groom.  Relatives of the couple would be seated close to the head table using as many tables as needed.    All other guests will be seated however you choose.

However you decide to seat guests, you will probably use some sort of place cards, or escort cards,  and give numbers or names to your reception tables.

Seating cards, or escort cards can be included with the invitations or displayed for guests to grab before entering the reception area.  Couples have come up with some very clever ways to display seating cards and, at the same time, carry on the theme of the wedding.

For tropical themed and beach weddings, we offer seven ideas to use as escort cards, for you to ponder.

1……Starfish are popular, and tiny sea stars can be purchased to glue onto cards, or just buy cards with images of starfish or seashells and set them up for display, alphabetically, in a box of beach sand.  I can’t vouch for them, but Koyal Wholesale offers starfish in bulk.

2…..Umbrellas covering little chaise lounges, as seen on the Martha Stewart Wedding site, are a cute way to send guests to their seats.  These may take a bit of time to make.  You can always use the umbrellas alone, with a name attached on a strip of paper.

3…..Use standing seashell wire clips to hold custom made cards.  Amazon offers sets that are about 4 inches tall.

4…..Simply buy a variety of real seashells (or collect them if you live near a seashell beach) and glue a decorated card to the top.  Or buy sand dollars that have holes already in them for tying to a card.

5…..Cover a board with tropical looking fabric and hang little bags filled with tiny shells and name tags attached.

6…..Print your own paper tags, or cloth bags, using rubber stamps with seashells or sea life images.

7…..Instead of using beach sand in a container to hold your cards, add them to pretty sea glass (see an example here).  If you buy the fake sea glass (man made as opposed to ocean gathered) it will be very affordable and available in many colors.