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Beach Scene Marriage Announcement and Newlywed Reception Stationery

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beach wedding
Announcement and Invitation – Click image to view
This marriage announcement and reception party invitation card combines elements that scream B E A C H ! The background image is a huge palm tree hanging over a pristine tropical beach. A calm ocean, which is the perfect color of aquamarine blue, shines on the horizon.

The font style is a combination of script and printed text, in dark blue and coral pink, hence adding to the tropical vibe. The names and party title stand out, and all text is set over a transparent white panel. Square paper was chosen for this card and the shape cannot be changed. I want the pink conch shell in the corner to remain visible as part of the design, and changing the size may remove it.

There are many text template lines which make it simple to add information about the private wedding ceremony and where it took place. This gives friends and family insight into the marriage with an opportunity to party it up with the newlywed couple.

To complete this unique beach wedding card, another coastal image was added to the reverse. Invitees will practically feel the warmth of the sun, and tropical breezes blow, while they read this invitation!

In addition to this new invitation design, we offer many other card choices with similar wording, for the same type of celebration. Some have photo templates, while others do not. To view many designs we offer, please CLICK HERE which will take you to the “reception only” collection.

Sand and Seashells Marriage Announcement

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marriage announcement beach themed
We Got Married!
This is a newly made, beach sand and seashells marriage announcement. Brown sand and white seashells design, with white custom text – view up close by clicking the image. Create special paper and tell all of your newlywed status. While all text is able to be changed, this sample is for inviting guests to a ‘reception only’ party to celebrate after a private wedding ceremony.

Large “Mr. and Mrs.” text at the top matches the large text in the bottom corner, which will be the last name of the married couple.

The invitation is shown with a pretty scalloped edge, and we’ve made a specialty A7 size envelope in the same beach sand design. The flap contains a place to add a return address before purchase. To finish off the mailing set, include a white sand dollar RSVP sticker as an envelope seal. Both items can be found by scrolling down the invitation page. They will appear underneath the description.

Both the invitations and specialty envelopes have upgraded paper choices. To save money, simply use the plain white envelopes that come with all invitations, and will come with this one no matter if you order the specialty ones or not.

I’m working on a matching postage stamp and address labels as well. Please visit our collection at the Sandpiper Wedding store, for a larger selection of Reception Only announcement / invitations.

Marriage Announcement Written in the Sand

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beach sand wedding announcementPrivate wedding announcement written in the sand. Smooth beach sand and lapping waves is the background image for custom text. Introduce the newlywed couple by name at the top and continue with the private wedding information, such as location and date. All text is centered at the bottom of the paper, with a clear view of the tropical water at the top. (Click on the image to view the item.)

This invitation was created as an invitation to a reception, either hosted by the newlyweds or someone else. The ocean theme of the paper can correspond to the theme of the marriage location, the party theme, or both. Celebrate with a beautiful, tropical invitation that is easy to customize.

The image shows the paper with the rounded corner option and an upgrade to the “laid” paper type. This increases the price by about a dollar, compared to plain corners on basic paper. With many specialty papers available, make it as upscale as you want. Or keep it affordable at the basic $1.95 per card (save 15% at 25 items). Prices may change, but this is the cost at the time of this post. White envelopes come with the invitations.

We offer a similar product with a photo template at the top. The photo announcement stationery can be found at this link.

Aqua Blue Pretty as a Picture to Announce and Invite

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aqua blue wedding announcement
Announce & Invite
A picture of the newlywed couple is the main focus on this aqua blue wedding announcement. Announce and invite with one card. If the private marriage took place on a tropical shore, what better way to tell everyone than to send out stationery with a tropical theme. Aqua is the color of summer and represents anything ‘beach’. In this unique design, tiny white sea stars (commonly called starfish) dance around the square photograph of the happy couple. The custom text is black and white.

Use a vertical or horizontal photo and it will center in the template area.
View all our private wedding / reception only cards.

Relaxed, Tanned and Married!

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photo invitation announcementImagine that you are lounging on a sunny beach next to warm, tropical waters, with the person you will spend the rest of your life with. Yes, you are married! All the planning is behind you and it’s time to relax and do nothing but work on that tan during the honeymoon.

Even your small, private wedding took some organizing, but it was beautiful and romantic, just the way you pictured. The only downside was not having all your friends and family present, but the reception is still to come! Everyone will be excited to celebrate with you both as newlyweds, and the party will be fabulous. All you need to do is choose a special announcement/invitation to the “reception only”.

To find other invitations for this type of event, search “post-wedding” “after the wedding” “reception after the honeymoon” and “reception only“, which is usually what this event would be called.

Since everyone close to you will be asking about the wedding ceremony, why not include a photo of the big day – right on the front of the invite?  It’s easy to do using the photo template.  Introduce yourselves as “Mr. and Mrs.” and the recipients will know right away that you’ve finally tied the knot. The invitation shown here has custom text on both sides and the background graphic is champagne colored with an all over “sparkle” effect. If you choose to upgrade to the metallic ice paper, the whole card will have a slight shimmer as well.

The only difficulty may be agreeing on the one photo to add out of all the picture perfect ones taken on that special day!