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Beach Scene Marriage Announcement and Newlywed Reception Stationery

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beach wedding
Announcement and Invitation – Click image to view
This marriage announcement and reception party invitation card combines elements that scream B E A C H ! The background image is a huge palm tree hanging over a pristine tropical beach. A calm ocean, which is the perfect color of aquamarine blue, shines on the horizon.

The font style is a combination of script and printed text, in dark blue and coral pink, hence adding to the tropical vibe. The names and party title stand out, and all text is set over a transparent white panel. Square paper was chosen for this card and the shape cannot be changed. I want the pink conch shell in the corner to remain visible as part of the design, and changing the size may remove it.

There are many text template lines which make it simple to add information about the private wedding ceremony and where it took place. This gives friends and family insight into the marriage with an opportunity to party it up with the newlywed couple.

To complete this unique beach wedding card, another coastal image was added to the reverse. Invitees will practically feel the warmth of the sun, and tropical breezes blow, while they read this invitation!

In addition to this new invitation design, we offer many other card choices with similar wording, for the same type of celebration. Some have photo templates, while others do not. To view many designs we offer, please CLICK HERE which will take you to the “reception only” collection.

Reception Invitation Wording, After a Private Wedding Ceremony

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wording for after wedding reception
Wording For A Reception Later On

Having a private, destination wedding with the reception celebration later on means sending an invitation with special wording. Wedding invitation will not be sent to everyone, or maybe anyone, if the ceremony will be performed far from home with either just the Bride and Groom present or close friends only. An engagement announcement may have been sent months earlier to let family and friends know of your intention to marry and between then and now, you’ve held the ceremony at a remote location, soaked up plenty of sun on your tropical honeymoon, and are back home ready to party with everyone you know.

The wording for a reception after the wedding and honeymoon will depend on what type of celebration you want but generally you will mention that you were married on [DATE] in [PLACE] and then add the location and time of the party. (See example invitation with starfish, which has a photo template on the other side.)

You may want to include text that informs guests that no gifts are expected (if that’s the case) so add wording such as, “The only gift requested is your presence”, or include it with the RSVP, “RSVP to [e-mail, person, number, etc.], informal attire, no gifts please.” When guests miss out on the wedding itself, gifts shouldn’t be expected, but of course, some people may bring gifts anyway.

Seaside Starfish Photo Marriage Announcement
Seaside Starfish Photo Marriage Announcement by sandpiperWedding
If the venue doesn’t make the invitation obviously formal or informal, mention the dress code so no one will feel out of place. If the RSVP will be by e-mail or phone, they could be told when they reply, but you’d only want to do that if the wedding reception is small!

For large receptions including reply cards with the invitation may be the way to go. This is a bit more formal, but may be easier to keep track of the number of guests.