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Choosing Pictures for Wedding Stationery

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photo wedding stationery
Show Your Style
How do you go about choosing pictures for wedding stationery? Paper with templates, like I sell through Zazzle, make it simple to add an image. The designer has a place ready for your photos and all that is needed is for them to be uploaded.

Modern couples enjoy including a personal photo when announcing a wedding. With all the money spent on engagement photography, it’s no wonder. Save-the-date cards can contain a single or multi-photo template where various pictures of the couple can be included. Usually a typical shot has them posing in a field, in front of a barn, or on the beach, gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes. But unconventional photos, like the one in my intro picture, could be used to convey the couple’s unique personalities.

Invitations to the wedding ceremony can also have photo templates. And thank you cards are probably the most used when it comes to including a picture. The newlyweds can show off beautiful scenes from the wedding day while thanking guests for the gifts. These are opportunities to include gorgeous couple photos, whereas the cute photo could be saved for the marriage announcement.

A good photographer will know how to show off the qualities that make each couple unique. Be sure to convey the type of photos you will expect to be taken, and listen to suggestions made by the photographer. Eclectic, nontraditional, and more modern choices will make for a more personal statement.

Fun Cake Pictures With a Beach and Sea Theme

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Seashell Cake
Seashell Cake (Photo credit: InspireFate Photography)

You don’t have to have a wedding to enjoy a big, layered cake all decked out with edible seashells, starfish and plumeria flowers, but many couples who are planning a tropical destination wedding, will want one!

If you are searching for wedding cake ideas there are many places to look.  Pinterest is an easy to use site where loads of wedding planners and brides-to-be store their ideas and products on “boards” and many include cake ideas.  This is where I came across the “Delectable Cakes with Seaside Style” post.

An array of pretty, yummy-looking cakes includes some that are quite unique and Continue reading Fun Cake Pictures With a Beach and Sea Theme

What’s Your Pleasure? Seaside Destinations Around the World

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As far as travel, beach vacations and honeymoons go, we all know about the famous beaches, but some of the more out of the way destinations may interest you as well. Here I have three pictures of seaside destinations from around the world.
Which place would interest you most?

Mediterranean beach

#1. The calm waters of this Mediterranean area beach.

long docks tropical
Honduras docks and water

#2. Long docks over the water in Honduras(Central America).

New Zealand coastline
Coastline in New Zealand

#3. New Zealand coastline.
[polldaddy poll=6393102]
(Thank you to Pixabay for these photos.)

Newlyweds! You Will Want This Special Keepsake

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Christmas ornament with photo and text
Customize With Your Picture and Text

Templates have made customizing hanging ornaments so very easy that everyone seems to want a special photo keepsake and newlyweds are included.

Custom Christmas ornaments are flying of the virtual shelves in my online stores, and it’s no wonder. What a special way to capture a moment in time to add to your holiday tree, or give as a gift to your parents and grandparents.

This sweet little beauty is our premium ornament with a silver look and red ribbon to use for hanging. The edge is decorated with white starfish and green holly to add a holiday theme. The photo template area lets you add a square picture and then customize the green text with names and date or any info you’d like to add. It could hold a favorite wedding photo or a picture from the honeymoon with text to name the place.

You could create other ornaments and add pictures of your wedding party and give them out as gifts. The options are endless if you have some great photos to use.

As special as it will be to create for the tree this year, next year is when you will really appreciate the effort – and many years down the road it will be even more precious.

We have other custom ornaments made of ceramic that come in oval, round, heart and star shapes. Visit our beach themed ornament shop and create a keepsake today!

Pink and Brown Starfish Wedding Photo Binder

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Personalized gifts are the best because you know that the purchaser went to the extra effort to create something special just for you. This one inch binder is in keeping with the beach theme of a tropical destination wedding by using white, pencil starfish to frame the newlyweds photo. Simply upload a favorite photo on the product page and add text to the bottom and spine.
In my example below, there is a line of template text for the new couple’s names along with the date of their wedding. This is only an idea for personalizing and any text can be added or delete the examples and leave the binder blank.
The spine also has easy to customize text. I choose “A Match Made In Heaven” for the spine text but “Our Wedding”, “Our Hawaiian Wedding”, or the bride and groom names could also go there. As with the text on the front, this can also be deleted. The inside is white and you can change the ring type by clicking on section #2 on the product page.
A square photo will work best in the photo holder, but some taller photos may work. I plan to make more binders, but if there is something special you’d like, let me know. There is a contact page at the top of this site.
Pink Starfish Photo Wedding Binder binder

This Avery binder is a unique design only found at Sandpiper Wedding. It would make a very nice gift for the newlyweds or a wonderful keepsake for your wedding day photos. (No pages are included with this binder and it will hold 8 1/2 by 11 inch size paper.)

Beach / Seashell Binders