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baby photos save the date

Select One of Our Unique Save-the-Date Cards to Customize

save the date card collection
Click the image to view the entire collection of save-the-date cards
We offer photo save the date postcards, cards and magnets. Click to view the selection and find one that fits with your beach wedding theme.

When should I send out “save the date” announcements?

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Marine Blue Family Christmas Postcards

These marine blue, family Christmas photo postcards can be purchased at Zazzle for $1.05 per card at normal price. Bulk orders mean savings that will increase as quantity increases. See more on the product page (click on the card). And check for coupon codes that Zazzle regularly offers, to increase savings. Buy postcard postage that is cheaper than regular stamp prices.

Upload your favorite picture to replace the family photo shown. Customize all text, front and back, and purchase. It’s that easy!

We have many types of tropical photo cards, from postcards and traditional glossy 4×9 inch size, to folded or flat invitation paper. This is the link to the Tropical Photo Card Collection.

photo postcard for christmas
Postcards are Cheap to Send
Postcards are an inexpensive way to keep in touch at the holidays. I’ve included a few postcards for those who live in a tropical climate.

The marine blue color of the background boards on this card match the ornament decorations in the corner. Big white starfish provide the tropical theme, and match the photo frame. Two silver white, smaller ornaments complete the design.

Here’s a shot of the back, with a text sample.

back of postcard
Back, with customizable text

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Corporate Christmas Card Selection

corporate business christmas holiday cards
Click to Buy this Postcard
I’ve been busy making corporate Christmas cards in a variety of holiday themes. Already, the winter pine cones, custom postcard is getting a lot of views. The affordability of postcards draws many customers to use them for many types of occasions. The glossy front lends an elegant dimension to any photo or graphic applied. With a blank side, or template area, it’s simple to personalize a postcard with any greeting.

Business holiday cards with a message appeal to companies who want to thank customers or clients for their patronage. Magnet greetings are more expensive (but have bulk discounts) but have the advantage of being displayed past the holiday season. These work as good advertisement and reminders to use the company again.

We have tropical Christmas themes for coastal businesses. The traditional greetings have white winter scenes. The magnet below is in traditional red and green colors, with a horizontal photo template. The starfish and holly image can be replaced with a company logo. If the logo image ends up too large, go into the “customize” area and make it smaller.

company photo christmas magnet
Company Photo and Logo Option – Click to Buy

Modern, flat greeting cards are elegant and upscale, and they have specialty paper options. The one below is printed on invitation stationery and comes with white envelopes. The angled “Merry Christmas” text can be changed to anything you prefer. Choose “Happy Holidays” or “Seasons Greetings” or even “Happy Hanukkah” as your greeting. Marine blue boards are scattered with beach shell treasures. Personalize with a message and then include the company name at the bottom. The reverse is also the blue boards design.

blue tropical christmas business cards
Tropical Cards – Click to Buy

Besides greeting cards we offer business ornaments. Please click this link and view all corporate greeting cards at the Holiday Store.

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Multi-Photo Wedding Thank You Cards

What a treat it would be to receive a multi-photo, wedding, thank you card such as this in the mail! Trendy, flat cards contain pictures of the bride and groom, taken on their wedding day. How fun and super easy to share them, along with a heartfelt message of thanks. Thanking guests in such an elegant way is not only thoughtful, but beautiful and unique.

wedding photo thank you cards
Wedding Thank You Photo Cards – Click to Buy

All text is easy to customize or remove, and this is true for all our personal thank you cards. “Thank you” text is in the top corner and was created with a shadow effect to easily be read on a light or dark colored background. A gold banner crosses the card and holds the black script text where a short two-line message can be printed. The signature of the newlyweds is printed in black. This card could also be used as a Save the Date, or marriage announcement. Just use the text templates in a different way.

Find four of your best wedding day photos – 1 horizontal, and 3 vertical – and upload to the desired templates. Dark navy blue is the background color. I chose navy as it is a popular nautical wedding choice. To change from navy to any other color, use the blue “customize it!” button. A color selection grid will show and you can choose any color. Or contact me for help.

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Cute Photo Cards With Ocean Beach Background

photo cards tropical
We have cute tropical family Christmas Cards
New Christmas photo cards with an ocean beach background will work for all people, single or married. Pictures of the kids make cute template holders, but this tropical water and starfish design will work with a picture of anyone.

Glossy cards are meant for photos, and they come with white envelopes. Horizontal (landscape) size photos will work best.

Make the northern relatives and friends jealous of your warm weather, or show them how Christmas is done in the south.

I lived in Florida for many years, and we celebrated many a Christmas day with the windows open and the breeze blowing through the house. We often drove the thirty minutes over to the beach on holidays just to catch the sunset and let the kids play in the water. Maybe your Thanksgiving beach visit could be the place to take pictures to add to a Christmas photo card such as this one.
It’s a beautiful way to enjoy a tropical lifestyle and make holiday memories.

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Cute Sayings to Thank The Flower Girl and Her Parents

beach themed thank you photo card
Add a custom message to the parents inside.

You want to thank the Flower Girl and her parents in a special way, but may need ideas for that card wording.
The little Flower Girl who took part in your wedding was most likely feeling very grown up that day. She, no doubt, added beauty to the wedding ceremony and may even have added a special something that was very unexpected. Some children will be thrilled at the IDEA of being in a wedding, but when that big day comes and they see all those faces watching from along the aisle, they have second thoughts! Others will be undaunted.

Whichever way your Flower Girl behaved, you must show your appreciation to her, and especially her parents.
At Sandpiper Wedding we have some cute photo cards like the one here, that can be personalized with a picture.
All that is needed is some special “thank you” message printed inside. Don’t know what to say? We have some ideas.

  • Thank you for adding a special beauty to our wedding day.
  • You did the best job ever tossing those petals down the aisle.
  • I had the prettiest flower girl there has ever been.
  • When I watched you walk down the aisle in front of me, I was no longer nervous. You did such a great job!
  • Mention something she did or said that made you laugh, or cry happy tears.

Also, this example text is shown inside a card I created for my BlueHyd store. It can be used for any card, just change the girl’s name.

Thank you for allowing Meredith to take part in our wedding ceremony as our Flower Girl. Not only did she do her part extremely well, she added a special joy and beauty to the ceremony. Meredith helped to make our day very memorable. We appreciate the time, effort and expense that contributed to making our day a dream come true.

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