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bridesmaids luncheon

Hosting a Bridesmaids’ Luncheon, Tea, or Other Event for the Gals

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The Bridesmaids deserve some thanks, not only because of all the money they have spent to make your special day perfect, but because they are your best friends.

bridesmaids luncheon
Big Starfish Bridesmaids Luncheon Invitation

Whether the wedding will be large and expensive, or casual and simple, a lot goes into the planning. Most wedding traditions simply must apply, and being appreciative to the ones who contributed to your happiness should be high on the planning list.

Not every bride will throw a Bridesmaids’ party, and giving out gifts is fine, but why not have fun with a luncheon, elegant tea party, or night at the local bar?

WHO TO INVITE? Even if the bridal party is not large, friends and family members (women only) can be invited to an event celebrating the bridesmaids.

sand dollar bridesmaids party
Pretty Blue Sand Dollar Bridesmaids Luncheon Invitation

Also the “bridesmaids” title can include every member of the bridal party, and that means the Maid / Matron of Honor, Junior Bridesmaids and Flower Girls. Of course the young people would not attend a night out on the town. If that’s the plan, they give them a gift at another time.

Everyone will have fun at such an event and it will give the girls a chance to get to know each other better.

Want to include the guys? Why not organize a barbecue, beach party, or something everyone will enjoy together, and send out “Celebrate the Wedding Party” invitations?

beach themed wedding party invitation
Invite the groomsmen and bridesmaids to a celebration for the wedding party

Temporary Tattoos For the Bachelorette Party

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bachelorette party tattoos
If I’m lost, buy me a drink!
While pinning interesting ideas and pictures to my wedding Pinterest boards I came across this fun idea to use temporary tattoos for the bachelorette party. Etsy is a great place to find custom products related to weddings, and I enjoy promoting small businesses, as I run one myself.

This Etsy store is called Love and Lion and their tattoos can be personalized with the bride’s name. They include a fun line such as, “if I’m lost, buy me a drink!”, which you can see in the image. It’s a cute conversation piece for the gals who plan a big night out to celebrate the bride’s last fling.

The order of this Bachelorette party tattoo comes in a package of 15, with one specifically made for the bride. You can get more, if the party is large. As with any custom orders, it will take extra time to create the tattoos and get them shipped out, so don’t do this as a last minute thing. The time needed to design and ship is all listed on the tattoo page.

Love and Lion also creates temporary tattoos for birthdays and other occasions. They are for adults and children and are an affordable and unique addition to any celebration. The tattoos will wash off with water which makes them perfect for a one time gathering.

This is a cute idea, and what a nice little surprise for the Bride when she appears for the bachelorette party. Gather the party goers together, and maybe have a drink, while everyone gets their tattoo set for the evening!

Small and Intimate Destination Weddings Need to Celebrate Big Time Later

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Sparkling Starfish After Honeymoon Reception A small, intimate wedding ceremony can be less hassle to plan, but you may want to include a big party when you return from your honeymoon. The celebrating can be spread out over weeks in this case and having someone back home to do the organizing while you soak up the sun in a romantic setting, would be the way to do it.

Of course the engaged couple could also plan the event, send out invitations and organize catering, a bartender, etc., but doing so after the marriage means you can add a photo of your day to the invitation (like the one pictured). Find that perfect photo and add it to the template area of this card before you purchase. Use the text areas to customize to your liking, and you are ready to party again!

If it’s impossible for friends and all family members to fly to your destination wedding event, then include them in celebrating once you are married. Each couple should decide how they want to celebrate and sometimes wedding gifts are not expected. After all, they didn’t get to be at the ceremony. Still, I would think that well-wishers would like to contribute to starting you both off with a nice gift.

Large or small post-wedding reception celebrations can include photos of your wedding day. You may even want to bring little gifts to use as favors from your island trip.

We also have post-wedding Brunch invitations. See them all at Sandpiper Wedding.

Gather The Girlfriends For A Beachside Bachelorette Party!

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pink and black bachelorette invitation
Girl’s Night Out!

Gather the girlfriends and head to the beach for a beach bachelorette party! Send out invitations with a distinct tropical flavor of pink on black with big, hand drawn, hibiscus flowers. Use the template lines provided to add party info.

Find a hotel or bar right on the beach and reserve a room or patio deck for partying beachside. Either surprise the bride-to-be, or get her in on the planning, but any party with the ocean as a backdrop is sure to be a lot of fun. Invite all her closest friends, even if the wedding will be small, the bride will appreciate partying with friends who may not be able to attend, or won’t be invited. Reserve a few rooms at a nearby hotel (if you choose to go to a bar) and plan to spend the night so no one gets into trouble driving home, and then enjoy a quiet breakfast watching the sunrise and talking about the fun times of the evening before. This is a nice way to send the Bride off on her destination wedding and especially to wish her well if most of her friends won’t be there for the ceremony because of expense.

It’s sure to be a memorable occasion, and don’t forget the camera!

Here are a couple of links in the New Smyrna Beach, Florida area to get you started:

Chases on the Beach
The Upper Deck, bar and grill

Engagement Announcement Ideas

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Chris & Jessica Engagement
Image by Auzigog via Flickr

Congratulations! You are now engaged and ready to start planning your wedding. One of the firsts steps is to let family and friends know that you are engaged. There are many ways to let people know about your big news such as throwing an engagement party, putting an announcement in a local newspaper, or sending out formal engagement announcements.

So who should be the first people to hear about the great news?

1. If you have children (whether from a previous marriage or not) they should be the first to know.

2. Then the bride’s parents followed by the groom’s parents.

3. Siblings, Grandparents, and other relatives (such as aunts, uncles, cousins, etc…)

4. Friends

*The best way to spread the news is to tell people in person, but this is obviously not possible in many cases because of family and friends who live too far away. A great way to share the announcement with them is with a simple phone call. You can even put the phone on speaker phone with both of you there to tell them together. Or with all of the new technology, you could do a video chat on the computer.

If you opt for an engagement party, you have the choice of making it a surprise party for your guests. Throwing a party is a great way to get everyone there in person to hear about and celebrate your engagement.

Many newly engaged couples also decide to put their announcement in a local newspaper and/or now a days it is becoming more and more common to post the announcement on Facebook (which is a great way to spread the news around). Or why not just create an entire web page for all of your up coming wedding plans and announcements.

The more formal and traditional way is sending out actual engagement announcement cards, which is what I want to focus on. Many of us have relatives who live in other states or maybe even in different countries. These family members may not have had the chance to meet your significant other, or maybe you haven’t had the chance to meet all of his/her family. Whatever the case may be, sending out some type of announcement, preferably with an engagement picture included, is great idea. This way those who live far away don’t feel left out and also have a chance to see who you will be spending the rest of your life with!

It is best to send these announcements out as soon as possible after he pops the question. Typically, the bride’s family will write and send out the announcements, but it really is up to each individual couple and their families. It is becoming more popular for the newly engaged couple to send out their own announcements. If you already have a set wedding date, then it may be a good idea to send out save the date cards instead of an engagement announcement. You do not need to send out both. You can even find save the date cards that can include engagement photos.

If all you want to do is let people know you are engaged and then at a later date, send out wedding information, then you just need to word the announcement as such (i.e. “Mike and Allison are happy to announce their engagement as of April 4, 2011.”) If you want to include wedding information then you would write something along the lines of “Mike and Allison are excited to announce their engagement. They will be married next spring with an official date to be set later this year.”

It really just depends on what each couple wants. If you are planning a small wedding, but would still like people to know about your engagement (even if they are not invited to the wedding ceremony) then you probably don’t want to mention anything about the wedding. Keep it officially about the engagement.

You can keep the engagement announcements very formal, or you can be creative and include a poem, comic strip, and even add some humor. Remember this is your engagement and your wedding. Make it personal to you and your soon to be husband/wife.