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blue ocean water wedding invitation

Blue Ocean Water Custom Beach Wedding Invitation

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The blue ocean invitation contains modern text templates and a big wave design. First names of the Bride and Groom are at the top, with their full names within the invitation paragraph.

blue ocean invitation
Blue Ocean Invitation

Two little starfish are sitting in the sand as the waves gently roll ashore, in this beautiful and fun wedding stationery design.

The reverse also has a beach sand image.

beach sand image
Water and sand image on back of invitation

View more wedding invitations with beach scenes in the Sandpiper store.

Our Starfish Couple wedding suite and By the Sea designer stationery are also popular choices for tropical destination weddings.

Blank Wedding Paper With a Beach Background

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I believe that the easiest way to create beautiful wedding stationery is to use template invitations. But often couples prefer to print their own invitations, or wedding programs. For this they will need some nice blank wedding paper.

blank ocean scene paper
Print Your Own Invitations

The invitation paper offered at Zazzle has many upgrade options and is perfect for anyone looking for pretty paper. In this post I will show you some blank wedding paper I offer with a beach background. Inviting, turquoise blue, crystal clear water and smooth beach sand makes a most beautiful backdrop for text.

blank turquoise ocean waves
Double Sided Paper

Seafoam green water and a large section of beach is the photography image on this paper. Size 5×7, with specialty paper options, this stationery features the same image on both sides, just like the others above.

ocean shoreline paper
Waters Edge

The paper below has a more exciting element as the photographer has captured crashing waves at the shoreline. Distinct blue, white and brown colors will be the backdrop for your invitation wording.

blank crashing waves invitation paper
Crashing Waves

By the way, I will be happy to add your invitation text to any of these designs. The cost of each will jump slightly. Please contact me for more information.

rehearsal dinner invitations

Aquamarine Ocean Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

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ocean water invitation wedding
Rehearsal Dinner Invite
If you are having a wedding on the beach, the aquamarine ocean water rehearsal dinner invitation fits the bill! Beautiful, sea blue and beach sand design, in a tropical theme, with easy to use custom text.

White text is simple to fill in with the title, names of the bride and groom (in fun, printed font style), date and time, location and RSVP. Include the names of whomever is hosting the event, if you choose.

Round the corners, use the scallop edge, or upgrade the paper on the product page. Click on the image and play with the options until you find one you love.

As always, contact me to help with wording set up if the templates don’t work for you.

Married by the Sea Table Number Cards

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beach sand table number cards
Beach Sand Cards
For those getting married by the sea, we offer many ocean themed table number cards. It’s only natural to include pictures of the ocean on wedding stationery. It’s the central focus of a beach destination event.

Married By the Sea Table Number Cards
Married By the Sea Table Number Cards Table Cards

These simple cards contain “table” text and the table number only. The image is the same on both sides and the number is easy to change for each card. The background image is beautiful turquoise water and smooth sand at the shore. White foamy waves gently lap at the shore and the water is crystal clear.

Beach Wedding Theme Escort Table Seating Cards Table Cards
Beach Wedding Theme Escort Table Seating Cards

If you choose to seat guests using escort cards, these horizontal cards can be printed with the guest’s name. Attendees an pick up the escort cards outside the reception venue and then easily make their way to the corresponding table. Save space (and expense) by combining couple’s names on one card. After all, they will be sitting together!

Beach Sand Escort, Table Number Cards Double-Sided Standard Business Cards (Pack Of 100)
Beach Sand Escort Cards (Pack Of 100)

Smaller size cards with brown beach sand come without text so names can be hand-written. The lines and “table” text can be removed, or use to help center wording and numbers.
These affordable 3.5 x 2 inch size cards come in bulk packs of 100 cards. They would look perfect stuck into a tray of sand, in alphabetical order, for guests to use.

Find more beach and ocean table seating cards, and corresponding items in our Sandpiper Wedding store.

Pictures of Piers and Boardwalks

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There is something about seeing a picture of an empty pier or boardwalk leading out to or over the ocean. The weather doesn’t have to be perfect to walk along a path by the sea. Strolling the beach is fun, but piers take us past the shoreline.
Click on any of the photos below to find them at the free, public domain site, Pixabay.

The blue waves beckon as we walk the worn wooden planks that lead to another world. The shore is a place of quite and peace. The sound of the surf and gulls relaxes the body and restores the soul.

wooden walkway ocean
Unsplash @ Pixabay

Take an early morning stroll, before the crowds arrive, and find solitude on an empty pier. Gaze into the crystal clear water and watch the fish and stingrays frolick in their watery home.
pier, jetty, boardwalk, ocean walkway
Unsplash @ Pixabay

At the end of this pier, the turquoise Caribbean sea invites you to swim in the deep water. Imagine the warm breeze caressing your body before you dive into the crystal clear water. This boardwalk is a short trip to paradise.
turquoise ocean caribbean walkway
Skitterphoto @ Pixabay

You may use these photos yourself by visiting the Pixabay site. I hope you fell more at peace after viewing this post.

Turquoise to Tan, Making Tropical Colored Paper

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turquoise water wedding invitation
Tropical Gradient
Turquoise is the color of tropical ocean water. A perfect mix of crystal clear aqua blue with sea green makes the seas around the Caribbean and south Pacific Islands the most lovely color. Water color depends on a variety of factors. As sunlight passes through the water, it gets absorbed to create blue. In deep water the blue is a dark, navy color. Shallow depths and the sand make-up at the bottom also determine water color. I am no scientist, and for a better and more in-depth article on water color, please read: How Can Bodies of Water be Different Colors? by mentalfloss.

I do know how the beautiful “water” on this wedding invitation was created. That is a much easier explanation for me! First I found a public domain image that someone kindly donated for use. The original picture was of a boat anchored on a beautiful beach. In the distance the shallow blue-green water turned darker blue and breaking waves could be seen on the horizon. The blue sky paled in comparison to the inviting, clear water.

I didn’t want a boat image, but I definitely loved that water. I downloaded the largest size photograph to work with. I then cropped and resized the portion of the photograph that I could use, removing the boat. For fun, I further split the image to remove the sky. On some of the products I have created I use the full view from sand to distant waves, and on others I use the beach and lapping surf image only. The latter is what you see on this 5×7 inch horizontal wedding invitation. For this stationery I layered the image as a transparency over a graphic gradient using turquoise and brown. Separately the images can be used for many projects. Layered together they give paper a bright, tropical color. In reality, the close up beach image contains pale colors. You can see it in the poster below, which I made for Society6.

starfish and beach ocean poster
Starfish on the Beach Print

I’ve used the water image in my By the Sea wedding stationery set. I think the new layered effect works well enough to use it another collection of items. I offer a rehearsal dinner invitation invitation to match.