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round wedding menu

Round Wedding Menu Template With Monogram Initials

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round wedding menu
Custom Round Menu Template
This round wedding menu template, in neutral black and white, works for just about any wedding reception theme. Add three monogram initials to the center. If this is used for a wedding the initials are added as follows: The center letter is the last name of the married couple, or the groom’s last name. The bride’s initial goes to the left, and the groom’s initial to the right.

However there are many ways to create a monogram. In this design, the middle initial, which is larger than the other two, can be used to create two initial with an ampersand (and sign) in between. In this way the Bride and Groom can use their first name initials to create the monogram.

black and white round menu
Example with First Initials Used

If the initials look too large, scroll up the page and click “customize”. Then you will see a page that looks like the one below. Don’t let it scare you… find the letters, over on the right hand side and click that box.
Next, go down to the bottom left and hit the minus sign to make them smaller. When you are happy with the look, click “done” at the top of the page and you’ll go back to the original product page.

sample design
How to change the size of the two initial monogram

I will be happy to do this for you, or help with any part of the design and text placement. But sometimes, with a little help, the customer can complete the design on their own.

Please visit our Menu Template Collection to view more of our wedding menu designs.

We also make Christmas menu templates which will work for any type of holiday event, from a home party to wedding reception.

Cookie Cake Ideas For Tropical Holiday Gatherings

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monogrammed big cookie cake
Tropical Christmas Big Cookie
Our tropical Christmas big cookie cake with a monogram initial is decorated with green holly and a starfish couple. I created this with a fun and casual Christmas wedding in mind, as it would be a special treat to add to the dessert table.

Zazzle now offers specialty treats like personalized cake pops, cookies and big cookies. I’ve only made a few samples of these desserts as I’m waiting to see if they will sell. The starfish and holly design is popular so that design was chosen for the upcoming holidays.

The cookies are approximately 11 x 8 inches – about the size of of a regular sheet of paper, so they are not huge. You can see the actual cookie next to drink glasses in my image here. The cost is high, in my opinion, but Zazzle often offers nice sales. If the cookie is something you’d like (in any design) watch for coupon codes for discounts and buy it then.

The cookie is baked fresh to order, but can not be frozen, so plan to eat it shortly after it arrives. For a list of ingredients see more information on the product page (link above).

The big cookies are a lot of fun for any occasion. I used to make my own big, chocolate chip cookie for my kids on their birthdays, and they loved it. They preferred it over cake. It was not decorated as fancy as the Zazzle cookie of course. They have special machines for printing the images with edible ink.

This dessert item is made even more special if a photo is added and you can do just that on the “Snow Falling at the Beach” cookie cake below. The picture you see is a template, so your own picture can easily take it’s place. It has a winter at the beach theme, but all the snow / sparkles can be easily be removed. It could just as well be used to celebrate a new baby, family reunion, or a child’s birthday.

beach family photo cookie cake
Beach Snowfall Big Photo Cookie

How To Select a Monogram For Custom Postage

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blue and white starfish monogrammed postage stamps
Custom Monogrammed Stamps

Usually used for wedding invitations or anniversary celebrations, monogrammed postage is a classy addition to the envelope.

The light blue, starfish couple on this small, custom stamp contains two sets of initials as an example of how to set up a monogram when the Bride will be keeping her last name. In this case her first and last initials would be together and then the Groom’s first and last.

If the Bride will take the Groom’s last name the traditional way to monogram postage (or other items) with three initials is to put her first name initial to the left, his first name initial to the right, and the married last name initial in the center. Usually the middle initial is larger than the other two.

Another option is to use one single initial, which would be the married last name letter only.

If you are still confused, or need more options, please read this article at e-How: “How to Monogram a Gift“.

To view the light blue, starfish wedding stationery (at Sandpiper Wedding) to match this stamp design, please click here.

Blue Water Monogram Stickers

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A ring of illustrated sand dollars over a blue water background decorates these monogram stickers.

Use as wedding favor decor or add to invitation and thank you card envelopes.