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round wedding menu

Round Wedding Menu Template With Monogram Initials

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round wedding menu
Custom Round Menu Template
This round wedding menu template, in neutral black and white, works for just about any wedding reception theme. Add three monogram initials to the center. If this is used for a wedding the initials are added as follows: The center letter is the last name of the married couple, or the groom’s last name. The bride’s initial goes to the left, and the groom’s initial to the right.

However there are many ways to create a monogram. In this design, the middle initial, which is larger than the other two, can be used to create two initial with an ampersand (and sign) in between. In this way the Bride and Groom can use their first name initials to create the monogram.

black and white round menu
Example with First Initials Used

If the initials look too large, scroll up the page and click “customize”. Then you will see a page that looks like the one below. Don’t let it scare you… find the letters, over on the right hand side and click that box.
Next, go down to the bottom left and hit the minus sign to make them smaller. When you are happy with the look, click “done” at the top of the page and you’ll go back to the original product page.

sample design
How to change the size of the two initial monogram

I will be happy to do this for you, or help with any part of the design and text placement. But sometimes, with a little help, the customer can complete the design on their own.

Please visit our Menu Template Collection to view more of our wedding menu designs.

We also make Christmas menu templates which will work for any type of holiday event, from a home party to wedding reception.

Christmas Wreath Coasters With Monogram

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holiday coasters monogram and wreath
Stone Coasters
Seasonal stone coasters, designed for the Christmas holiday, will brighten your home during the holidays. Personalize by adding a monogram initial to the center of a green, holly wreath. With four stone types as your option, pick the one that appeals to you and will compliment your decor nicely.
The marble coaster (shown in this image) has irregular edges and a natural look. Or choose the limestone, travertine or sandstone. Each type of stone will change the appearance of the design. Cork is added to the back so the coasters won’t scratch the table surface.
Order them as single items, which means they can be mixed and matched as you prefer, if you buy more than one.