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green flowers

The Search Begins For Unique Green Flowers

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Green is a beautiful color, and especially so when appearing in the form of a flower. Of the many shades of green, pale green or sage green are probably most suited to weddings. Green flowers are typically unique, and that may be why brides choose them to be part of her wedding celebration.

Green hydrangeas
Budding Limelight Hydrangea
My personal favorite green flower is the hydrangea, but they can be tricky to keep looking fresh once cut. A reputable florist should know how to work with hydrangeas so they won’t be wilted by the end of the day. Hydrangeas come in two basic flower shapes, round or elongated. My photo shows Limelight hydrangea, which can be quite green as it begins to grow, but turns out to be mostly white. Many hydrangea varieties will be green in the budding stage. The ‘Endless Summer‘ blue hydrangea tends to fade to beautiful shades of green as Autumn nears. The flower I used in the wedding design below began as bright blue. Eventually it faded to this pretty green while on the bush.
green hydrangea wedding invitations
Custom Wedding Invitations with Green Hydrangeas

Hydrangea blooms are so large that a single flower can fill a vase, or fill out a bridal bouquet. If cared for correctly, they will dry to a beautiful stem that will keep for a long time. Hydrangeas also one of the few flowers that come in beautiful shades of blue.

green orchid
Green Orchid (photo by nitli @ Pixabay)
The long stems of green orchids will add lovely interest to a bridal bouquet or table centerpiece. Orchids are tropical and work well in a beach themed setting, but they are not solely used in this way. Be aware that orchids can cost a pretty penny, and couples on a budget may want to use them sparingly.

Succulents have made a splash into the wedding scene over recent years, and they come in a wide variety of shapes, textures, sizes and colors. I have a whole collection of blue-green succulent stationery which is a very good seller, and you may view THE WEDDING COLLECTION here.

Don’t forget about the button chrysanthemum, which is a bright addition to any floral arrangement.
green chrysanthemum

A little green flower that may be less known is the lenton rose. This is my photo of the one growing in my yard, and it’s not as green as some of the varieties. The hellebore, or Lenton Rose, is an odd little flower, which blooms before the snow disappears in Spring. They also come in lovely shades of pink.

hellebore lenton rose
Lenton Rose (Hellebore)

Stems, leaves and dried flowers can also add some green to any floral arrangement. These additions also add texture and interest.

white wedding napkins

White Wedding By the Sea

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marriage sunsetMost often you will find aqua blue, turquoise, taupe, tan colors on the bridesmaids and groomsmen at a beach wedding. Tropical colors are popular and easy to find when searching for everything from invitations to shower decor.

But for the more subtle bride, a neutral palette may be just what is needed, so our newest design line was created for a white wedding theme.

At one time white was THE wedding choice. White meant weddings. Now it’s all about color, and choosing a color theme as an express the personality of the bride and groom. Bright and bold tropical colors are all about fun and playfulness. Subtle tan and white could be a sign of a more reserved personality, or simply a more reserved wedding.

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 8.16.22 AMSo I have these marvelous photos of starfish tucked into hydrangeas. One is a white “blushing bride” (that is the name of the hydrangea) bloom, and the other is light blue. I will write about the “Seaside Blue” design at a later time. But it is also a stunning choice for blue-themed weddings.

The stationery suite is new, with more items added all the time. Presently there are invitations, RSVP cards, paper napkins and stickers in the Seaside White Wedding Collection. New products will be added daily and by the time you read this, the set may be complete.

The Hydrangeas Are Blooming

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tropical blue floral wedding
Starfish and Blue Hydrangeas
Here in the northeastern United States where I currently live, the hydrangeas are blooming in blue, white and green. The blue flowers are fading to lavender and green, and the white mopheads are turning cream, light green and pale blue. Hydrangeas are one of the few perennials whose flowers can still be beautiful when they begin to die.

Seashells and flowers / starfish and flowers go together to make awesome floral designs. Use this combination in bridal bouquets, along the aisle, at the altar, and as centerpieces for the reception. The blue flowers and white starfish invitation shown here is brand new. What do you think? It’s affordable and lovely. Click on the product image to change the text for your event.

If you don’t know much about the hydrangea, I have written an article about the Limelight hydrangea, which is a white to green, paniculata variety. That type has an elongated, or cone-shaped, bloom. The Limelight begins as a green bud, or cluster of tiny buds, that open along the tip of a stem to create a huge, white flower. As that flower ages it gets a tinge of pink, and if left on the stem to dry, it will be papery light pink. See the blooming timeline on my latest post at HydrangeasBlue.com where I write about all types of hydrangea flowers.
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The Story Behind the Spring Green Wedding Set

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spring green bridal showerWhere I live, in the northeastern United States, Spring still seems far away. These spring green bridal shower invitations were created from a photo I took of my own “Limelight” hydrangea flowers. Now the plants are buried in a couple feet of frozen snow. But the paper, and Spring Green stationery set, is a reminder of the beauty of summer, and I know that I’ll be digging in the garden one day.

I enjoy making beach themed wedding stationery, because I love the tropics and the water. Realistically, I never make it to the beach these days. So I divide my creative work between a few niches. One relates to beaches, seashells and nature found in Florida and other tropical locations.

My other niche is garden related and the BlueHyd store is full of pictures of hydrangea flowers. I love growing this perennial because it’s easy to care for. But best of all is the fact that the blooms last for such a long time. Even as they dry out and die, they are interesting and lovely.

The camera is in my hands a lot in the summer months. Capturing the beauty of a New England summer is essential because it is so fleeting. I photograph everything throughout June, July and August. From flowering shrubs to green beans and caterpillars, I capture the essence of the warm season as often as I can. Flowers are a favorite though, and when they are as beautiful as the elongated, light green “limelight” hydrangea flowers, I can’t resist. I use the best pictures to create wedding stationery, cards and posters. Usually the best images are posted on my Hydrangeas Blue gardening blog.

Happy Spring to those who are feeling it!

Starfish and White Hydrangeas: DIY Wedding Programs

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wedding program template with starfish
Starfish and Hydrangeas: Tri-fold, Custom Wedding Program

The perfect combination of a tropical or beach theme and pretty white flowers comes together on this paper to use as a wedding program. Add your own text over a unique image of a big, pencil sea star and white hydrangea flowers. This image was not purchased, it is my own and therefore you won’t see it anywhere other than Sandpiper Wedding or my related stores.

The text is set up to print on each of three sections of this 11×8 inch size letterhead paper. Black text is used for each of the template areas. Remove the example text shown and insert your own personal information for your wedding day. Be sure to double check all spelling for mistakes as this program will not be proofread before printing.  And please note that the image will be printed on the front of the paper only.  Fold it accordion style.

Once you like the looks of it, choose a paper type and type in the amount needed in the quantity area (by increments of 10) and watch for the discount to show up – if you order 25 or more programs. There is an option to upgrade this paper from basic to felt, linen or recycled as well.

View all our tropical theme wedding program templates.

Starfish Thank You Cards For the Flower Girl

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starfish flower girl thank you card
Personalize With a Custom Message to Your Flower Girl

How about that Flower Girl! Was she the cutest little thing? Did you receive comments about how sweet she looked? Did she exceed your expectations on your wedding day?

Then say so, with a custom message printed inside this starfish note card.

The starfish and flower design on this folded card is suitable to use as a thank you for any summertime wedding. Whether the celebrating took place near the ocean or in a garden or in a hydrangea decorated room, the pretty combination of sea life and flower petals makes a unique card.

All text, front and inside, can be customized by you before purchase. Delete the inside text if you’d like to order it blank. A larger 5×7 inch size is also available.

Your special little Flower Girl will love everything about this note of thanks.
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