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sugar sand dollar

New Wedding Program With Sand Dollars Folded in Thirds

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blue beach wedding program
This program will be folded into thirds after purchase
The bright blue of this beach themed wedding program shows off the two white sand dollars well.

Along with the starfish, or sea star, the sand dollar is widely coveted by any beachcomber. Sand dollars are echinoderms, and not really “sea shells”. Shells contain a living mollusk inside. It’s the creature that made the shell. Sand dollars and starfish ARE the animal.

Did you know that most sand dollars are fuzzy and dark in color when alive? They turn white after being bleached out in the sun when they die and wash ashore. It’s tough to find a whole dried sand dollar because they are fragile and the wave action can break them apart.

The sand dollar featured on this tri-fold wedding program is my own. I photographed it and now use it to make beach related products. I have many other beautiful and unique beach wedding programs. Click the link to see them all.

Bright blue is an optional color. If you would like to change it, use the “customize” button on the product page. Find the color picker area and choose your favorite color. Keep it light or bright so the black text will be easy to read. If you prefer, I will be happy to change the background color and / or the text color for you.

This is quality “letterhead” paper and the color will be printed on the front of this program only.

color picker

Two Sand Dollars, Black and White Palette

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beach wedding black and white program
Folded Wedding Program
Folded beach wedding program with a black and white theme. Two sand dollars at the bottom of the front page give this affordable paper a beach theme. Add text to both sides and then fold in half to create 4 pages.

Super affordable paper is used here, so using programs at your destination wedding won’t break the wedding budget.
We have a few black and white sections in our Sandpiper Wedding store, like Plumeria Black and Starfish Black. We have numerous other items without color, and as always we will be happy to create something for you.

Check out my Pinterest board for more black palette wedding ideas.
Follow Sandpiper Wedding’s board Black Wedding on Pinterest.

Lagoon Blue, Tropical Wedding Program Template With Photo Holder

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photo wedding program
Add Your Picture to This Program

Our new wedding program templates feature the popular “blue lagoon” color with an all-over background of starfish. All three sections of the paper are easy to customize using templates. White text shows up nicely over the pretty blue-green and the square picture of the bride and groom is framed in light, silver gray.

By using the “letterhead” stationery to design ♥ beach themed programs, size 11 x 8.5 inches, offers a choice of upgraded paper. All images, color and text will show up on this one side only. After purchase, the customer will need to fold each program into thirds, accordion style.