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flamingo flower girl bag

Fun Flamingo Flower Girl Tote Bag With Her Name

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Flamingos are fun and this custom flamingo flower girl tote bag can be personalized with her name.

flamingo flower girl bag
Flamingo Custom Wedding Bag

The nice thing about this tote bag is the templates which can be used for any member of the bridal party. The bride will change the pink “Flower Girl” text to “Bridesmaid” or “Maid of Honor” and give all girls a special, personalized gift.

Why Personal Bags Make the Best Gifts

Personal gift bags, with names, let the recipient know there was thought and time put into the purchase. Anyone can go to the store and buy a bunch of bags. Each gal will love seeing her name printed on her bag. If the bride chooses to fill the bags with goodies, even better.

Each member of the wedding party can use her bag to carry accessories to the dressing area on the day of the wedding. It is important to give gifts like these to the girls well before the big day.

flamingo flower girl t-shirt
Custom Flamingo T-Shirt

Cloth tote bags can be used after the event as beach bags, grocery bags, knitting bags and for storage of special items. It is a usable favor or gift to give the bridal party or guests. We make wedding welcome bags to personalize as well. They are used to welcome traveling guests and are usually placed in the hotel room for them to find when they arrive.

flamingos welcome wedding bag
Flamingo Couple

Love flamingos for Christmas? We have a Flamingo Christmas set also with stockings, tree skirts, wrapping paper, photo cards and much more.

Bottled Drinks With a Personal Wedding Label

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wine labels
Personalize Bottles
Tropical, beach themed wedding wine / drink labels. Create a personal bottle label to add to your choice of wedding drink to be served at the reception. Also give bottles of wine / beer / or anything to wedding guests as favors. Add a title to the top of this 2 x 3.75 inch sticker, with names, wedding date and type of drink.

Labels come on sheets of eight with a minimum purchase of five sheets. That will give you 40, personal stickers to use. All text can be deleted as well, if you prefer to have these labels shipped with the image only.

View all tropical labels at the Sandpiper Wedding store.

Succulents For Weddings

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succulents wedding stationery
Wedding Ceremony Invitations

Succulents, or “hens and chickens”, have become a popular choice to use in place of, or with, wedding flowers. There are many types of succulents, but the most often seen in bridal bouquets and on reception tables are the green ones with the spiky “petals”. They provide visual interest to bouquets and arrangements. In pots they can make a cute presentation either alone or alongside other flowers or elements. Easy to grow and drought tolerant, wedding favors made up of this plant will tend to not wilt from lack of water. We have succulents on wedding stationery at Country Wedding.
The agave and aloe plants are in the succulent family. Often the plants with the close, compact and pointed leaves are chosen to decorate for weddings. Either a single plant is used, or a grouping of many and they come in all sizes.

Here I will list some different types of succulent plantsContinue reading Succulents For Weddings

Shades of Blue and Green Beach Glass … to Eat!

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beach glass candy
This is realistic beach glass candy!

Once upon a time my daughter was planning a beach wedding. So I kept my eyes peeled for interesting and different ideas for her wedding day. I came across Andie’s Specialty Sweets at Etsy and love the look of their realistic and edible themed treats, like this bowl of beach glass candy.

Now the wedding will not be on the beach, or even in a tropical location, so the theme is different, but I still visit Andie’s to see what’s new since they also make non-beach themed candy.

Back to the glass. Here is some interesting information about the “glass” candy. A 40 ounce bag will have bottle necks (the circular pieces), and even printing on some of the pieces for a realistic touch. The candy looks so much like the real thing and I can just picture it decorating an enormous wedding cake made especially for that beach-loving couple.

My daughter is now getting married in an old English style Manor, so I am thinking that the old-fashioned brass keys (they are chocolate!) might be just what we need.

Thank you Andie and Jason for allowing me to use your pictures.

Perfect! Seahorse Lollipops in Sea Green and Teal Blue

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Green seahorse lollipops
Candy seahorse lollipops in sea green. By Andie’s Specialty Sweets at Etsy. Picture used with permission.

Surprise your wedding guests with cute and yummy seahorse lollipops in pretty shades of blue and green. These tropical sweeties are larger than you might imagine, measuring 2.5 by 8 inches and are presented on 12 inch sticks! Each one is packaged separately and depending on the viewing angle, they take on a tropical green or blueish color.

A talented candy-maker provides these sea animals through her Etsy store at Andie’s Specialty Sweets, and you will find more to love for use at your beach-themed wedding or event. Besides the seahorse lollipops, she also sells lollipop sea stars- in a pretty blue, and very realistic looking chocolate seashells and starfish.

Even if you don’t need any sea life candy, visiting the store is a treat in itself.  They also sell edible buttons, mushrooms, and even fall leaves!  It’s quite amazing how realistic everything looks, and I bet it tastes delicious.  And everything is non-fattening to view! 😉

I love to promote talented Etsy crafters, and want to thank Andie for allowing me to use her pictures to enhance my blog posts.

Six Things to Hand Out at Your Beach Wedding Ceremony

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Wedding portrait, flowers in focus - Ocean Clu...
Image by Ryan Smith Photography via Flickr

You will have to consider everything when planning an outdoor, beach side wedding and the weather is the most important consideration. You will no doubt want a bight, sunny day for the ceremony, and if you get your wish, making the guests comfortable should be a high priority for you. Being on the beach may be your favorite thing, but some of your guests may not feel that way!

I have listed here six things you may want to consider adding to baskets near the beach on that day to keep the wedding guests smiling. I’ll bet they will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Water bottles: I consider this item to be number one on the list of beach wedding basket goodies. Even if your ceremony will be very short, guests will arrive early and if they are seated immediately they may be waiting on a hot, sunny beach for quite a while. Then the ceremony will take place and afterward some gathering and talking maybe. Give your guests some water! Continue reading Six Things to Hand Out at Your Beach Wedding Ceremony