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Starfish Couple, Pale Blue Engagement Party Invitations

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starfish engagement party invitations
Starfish Couple Engagement Party Invitations

Two starfish make this cute “starfish couple” engagement party invitation the perfect choice for a beach-loving couple.
The engagement party is given for the couple as soon as possible after the engagement is announced. It can be given by either of the parents or families, or both families can go in together on the celebration plans.

But wait… this is a custom card… the text can be changed by the customer and used for a wedding shower also – see wording example below. What’s the difference between an engagement party and wedding shower? Not much. It’s all in what you make it. Rules are not hard and fast when it comes to celebrating young love. (Or even older love for that matter!)

starfish couple wedding shower
Easily change the wording for a Shower invitation

The Engagement party can be an informal gathering of friends and family who want to congratulate the couple (and see the ring). It can be the first occasion where everyone hears about the wedding plans, if there are any made at that early time. The two families can get to know each other and make plans of their own to celebrate the happy occasion.

This is when the wedding shower, or bridal shower, can be talked about. The bride and groom can let their wishes be known and share a little about their plans for the ceremony.

An engagement party is one of the most exciting parties thrown for the couple before the wedding. It’s a beginning to a new phase of life for the couple. There is magic in the air as two loving families unite behind two people who have been special to them always.

What to Send Out, Engagement Notice or Save-the-Date?

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engagement ring
We're Engaged!

So what is the difference between an engagement notice and a save-the-date card? You may think that they are one in the same, and at times they can be. If you are engaged but planning to be married soon, the save-the-date announcement can do double duty and will inform everyone that you are engaged and will marry on a specific date. However, if you just got engaged but have no wedding plans made, you will still want to tell everyone, and that is when an engagement notice would be used.

save the date photo cards

My daughter recently became engaged, but she is not planning the wedding yet. I realized that I didn’t have many engagement notices made up to sell at Sandpiper Wedding, and this was an oversight on my part. The Save-the-Date cards are popular now, but I’d forgotten about the couple’s who are in my daughter’s situation.  So, we worked together to come up with a pretty card with three photos added in the theme of Hawaiian plumeria flowers, which are her favorite.  She decided to have a tropical theme for the notice to go along with her tentative plans for a beach wedding.

Your engagement announcement could have a theme similar to what you are planning for your wedding.  If you have no idea what kind of wedding you’ll have, then a simple card decorated any way at all will work.  An engagement card should have a photo attached or at least added to the inside.  This is just my personal opinion.  Most everyone who hears the news will want to see a picture and have a chance to “meet” your partner.  (The templates on my card designs make it easy to upload your picture).

engagement party announcement
Party invitation is on the back of this big photo Engagement Announcement

It’s fine to have first names used beneath or beside the photo, but you may want to consider adding full names on the reverse for those who have never met your fiance.  People may be curious as to what your married name will be.

Tropical Sunset Engagement Party Invitation

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Are you planning a beach themed wedding? Are you also planning on having an engagement party to celebrate the wonderful news with everyone? If you answered yes to either one (or maybe both) of the questions above…then you have come to the right place!!!

This beautiful tropical sunset engagement party invitation features a green palm tree silhouette against a bright orange and yellow graphic background depicting a glowing sunset. What a great way to get friends and family ready for your tropical wedding plans!!! The text template lines inside allow you to customize the invitation and make it your own!!!

Each card comes with a white envelope (or check out some of the palm tree envelopes here!) and is printed on ultra-heavyweight card stock with a gloss finish. There is no minimum order, so if you want to invite only your closest friends and family, it’s not a problem!

Tropical Sunset Engagement Party Invitation cardTropical Sunset Engagement Party Invitation card

Be sure to also check out the hot new palm tree postage stamps!!! They would make a great addition to the white envelopes this palm tree engagement invitation comes with!!! This gorgeous picture is hand drawn and displays palm trees with the moon in the background. It is certainly one of a kind, and goes great with a beach themed/ tropical wedding!!! Use these unique postage stamps for invitations, thank you cards, or just because you love the design!!!

Tropical Evening Beach Theme Postage stamp