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Starfish Couple, Pale Blue Engagement Party Invitations

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starfish engagement party invitations
Starfish Couple Engagement Party Invitations

Two starfish make this cute “starfish couple” engagement party invitation the perfect choice for a beach-loving couple.
The engagement party is given for the couple as soon as possible after the engagement is announced. It can be given by either of the parents or families, or both families can go in together on the celebration plans.

But wait… this is a custom card… the text can be changed by the customer and used for a wedding shower also – see wording example below. What’s the difference between an engagement party and wedding shower? Not much. It’s all in what you make it. Rules are not hard and fast when it comes to celebrating young love. (Or even older love for that matter!)

starfish couple wedding shower
Easily change the wording for a Shower invitation

The Engagement party can be an informal gathering of friends and family who want to congratulate the couple (and see the ring). It can be the first occasion where everyone hears about the wedding plans, if there are any made at that early time. The two families can get to know each other and make plans of their own to celebrate the happy occasion.

This is when the wedding shower, or bridal shower, can be talked about. The bride and groom can let their wishes be known and share a little about their plans for the ceremony.

An engagement party is one of the most exciting parties thrown for the couple before the wedding. It’s a beginning to a new phase of life for the couple. There is magic in the air as two loving families unite behind two people who have been special to them always.

photo table number cards

Tell a Story With Table Number Cards

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photo table number cards
Each Card Tells a Little Story About the Couple
Tell a story with photo template table number cards. Beach themed table seating that contains lots of personalization. The couple will choose to share different photos for each card and add up to 3 lines of text to explain the picture. White sand dollars (on both sides) have templates for the table number.

Each card can contain the same photo, but adding different photos makes them more unique and personal. Variety will give guests something to talk about. When they realize that each table card tells a different short story, they can mingle and check out the other table cards in the room.

The couple will have to decide what they want to share. Make it interesting by adding some fun, and maybe funny, photos. Wedding guests will love this little insight into your life together before marriage!

Other examples of what to share:

*Where you met
*How he (or she) proposed
*Day trips & vacation photos
*Time spent relaxing at the beach (works well with a beach themed wedding!)
*Engagement photos
*Favorite things – like a special pet / eating ice cream together
*Favorite local haunts
*Pictures from the wedding shower
*Photos with your kids (if either has some from another marriage)

Each couple will have their own special moments collected from the months or years leading up to the wedding day. Collecting photos for table number cards can be a fun activity to do together, and one the groom may not mind helping with! Split the number of tables between each of you and come up with your own favorite photos to use. It may even be helpful to ask for outside help from the bridesmaids and groomsmen if you can’t decide which photos are most interesting.

sand dollar table number card
Back of the Card

His and Hers Starfish Wedding Shower

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starfish couples shower invitations
Shower for the Couple
His and hers wedding shower invitations with a cute starfish couple. Couple’s showers, sometimes known as a “Jack and Jill”, are parties to celebrate with both the bride and groom. Engagement parties can serve the same purpose, as those are planned for the couple as well.

The wedding shower can take on a theme to match the couple’s wedding plans. Since I write about beach destination celebrations, this new shower invitation contains a design with a starfish couple. Our new By the Sea stationery features pretty, tropical water. You can almost feel that warm sea water lapping at your toes! We’re just getting started, but the set will include all the necessary items for celebrating before, during and after the wedding.

Showers for a couple can take on a specific need the couple has. For instance, if they like to entertain, have a “stock the bar” party and request that gifts fill this need. Monogrammed items or “his and hers” text on towels, pillow cases, and other personal items are a nice idea. The gifts must include both the bride and groom. Usually couples will appreciate something for their home. If they really don’t seem to need anything, perhaps a money tree, or wishing well shower can help them take a more fabulous honeymoon, or go toward a special trip.

There is no limit to the number of showers and pre-wedding parties family and friends can throw. As long as the guest list is split so party-goers won’t have to continue to buy gifts over and over. The Groom’s family can celebrate with the couple and have a party for his side. The same thing can happen with the bride’s family. The Bridesmaids can then have a Bachelorette or Bridal shower if they choose. This way no one goes broke attending shower after shower. Weddings are expensive enough, for everyone involved.

Personal Beach Wedding Cake Toppers, Made to Order

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bride and groom in clay
Trina’s Clay Creations – Beach Wedding Couple
How to create a personal, wedding cake topper that looks like the bride and groom.
If you’ve read many of my posts on this site, you’ll know that I love to find unique artists on Etsy. And the ones who have tropical / beach themes are who I like to write about here.

My newest find is this beach wedding cake topper with the couple standing on the beach. (Image used with permission.) It was created from polymer clay, and is for sale at Trina’s Clay Creations at Etsy. This sculpture features a bride and groom all decked out in fancy wedding apparel. A heart in the sand at their feet holds the wedding date. It is an example of what you could order to set atop your wedding cake.

Your personal cake topper can be made to look like you! How cool is that?

Trina can create a custom cake topper when you provide her with details. Some of the things she asks for include, hair style and color, including length. Eye color, wedding dress style and color, and types and colors of flowers and his boutonniere. I assume that being as specific as possible will be the most help.

Include your pets too! (see image below, and click to view). One image I came across at the site has a menagerie of pets at the couple’s feet.

bride and groom and dogs sculpture
Bride and Groom and Their Pups

I have played around with polymer clay and it was fun, but I can’t imagine making anything with such great detail as this. She creates much more than beach wedding couples. Trina will accommodate a special wedding theme by dressing the bride and groom in custom attire and maybe adding specific elements to the sculpture. One example features a laptop and a scuba tank, and one shows the groom holding a rifle.

Or let your favorite type of animal represent you. Have a couple of blue crabs do the honors on top of your cake, or panda bears, moose, or pretty swans. I’ll bet she can pair up any animal you choose.
At Trina’s Clay Creations personalizing any special event seems possible. From weddings to birthdays, graduations and whimsical gifts made of clay, this specialty shop, run by a very talented woman, has much to offer.

Tropical Black Rehearsal Dinner Paper

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rehearsal dinner invitation
Tropical Bird-of-Paradise

The bird of paradise flower stands out on black paper, for this rehearsal dinner invitation. The tropical theme can be used for a summer wedding event as well as a destination, beach wedding.

With bright yellow text and casual font style, the invitation is simple, yet lovely. The bride and groom stand out as the ones doing the inviting, with a signature style lettering for their names toward the bottom. Their names are in blue script to compliment the blue in the flower, and to highlight the couple.

This design is on paper that has options to upgrade. With the new specialty papers, you now have a choice of “laid, delicate, grooved and columned” to go with the options of linen, felt and metallic. For the environmentally conscious, we have “environmental” and “recycled” also. Prices will vary according to the paper style chosen, but bulk order discounts will apply, beginning at 25 pieces.

We have other Bird of Paradise paper and more in the Rehearsal Dinner section.

Starfish and Sand Dollar Jack and Jill Shower

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starfish orange wedding shower invitationsModern style typography text in varying fonts is a lovely accompaniment to images of a starfish and sand dollar on this orange, Jack and Jill wedding shower for the couple invitation.

A party to celebrate the couple (instead of the bride only) includes the groom in the party fun and gift giving. This type of shower is simply a party where the guys are all in attendance, including the party-goers. It’s more like a backyard barbeque with one specific couple as the center of attention. It can be casual or formal, small and intimate with only families and wedding party members, or really large. The one rule is to only invite people who will also be invited to the wedding.

The maid of honor and best man may be the ones to host it and those people would naturally be the ones who know the bride and groom best. It’s fun to come up with a theme that suits the engaged couple according to their likes, or build a themed party around the type of gifts they will need most.

Do they surf, scuba dive, go sailing or love lounging on a beach? Think about what they would need, and like best for gifts and create the party theme around it. The shower could be a pool party or take place on a boat or at their favorite seafood restaurant. Whatever is decided, this theme idea should be mentioned on the invitation. If shower gifts can be purchased from the couple’s store registry site, then include that on the invites too.