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lime green hibiscus bridal shower invitation

Bright Hibiscus Flowers Decorate Invitations to Celebrate the Bride

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Bright hibiscus flowers decorate these shower invitations to celebrate the bride. Each custom invitation contains text templates with modern script font combined with printed text.

Custom wording will be added section by section beginning with curved “Here Comes the Bride” title at the top. In each design, the title is in color to match the hibiscus flowers and leaves that border all edges. The reverse is in color and / or a matching design.
bright hibiscus blue designer shower invitations
As is true for all our invitations at Sandpiper Wedding, customization includes choosing a type of paper and edge shape. This card has an ecru, or off-white, background for the text area. The background color can be changed to white, or something else, using the blue “customize” button. The design tool page shows the color palette (scroll down) where a favorite color can be chosen.
bright hibiscus red shower

lime green bright hibiscus bridal shower invitation
Custom Lime Green Hibiscus Bridal Shower Invitation

The colors of blue, orange and lime green represent typical tropical colors, but this invitation can be made in any color. Make a request.

Use this new hibiscus design for any event. Remember, my sample wording is only one idea of how to use this card. Sometimes the templates work for the occasion and sometimes the wording needs to be changed. In that case, please contact me for help. I will add your text for you, or make templates so you can add your own.

Need some tropical bridal shower party ideas?

aqua lime bridal shower invitaitons

Celebrate the Bride in Tropical Blue Green Ombre Design With Pineapples

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aqua lime bridal shower invitaitons
Tropical Ombre Pineapple Shower Invites
Our brand new shower invitations are bright and bold, for the sun-loving bride. The pineapple print over a gradient green to blue background works for any tropical bridal shower theme. Use the matching thank you note cards to thank guests for their thoughtful gifts.

blue green ombre thank you cards

Custom Cake Pops in Your Wedding Theme!

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starfish cake popsImagine ordering pre-made cake pops for your bridal shower or wedding reception that match your wedding theme! That is possible with this new product from the Zazzle site, which we offer through our Sandpiper Wedding store.

These are perfect additions to any special event, but our focus is engagement parties, bridal and wedding showers, and the wedding reception. Guests will be in awe of the beautiful and personal design in a color and theme that matches your wedding decor. Or put a photo of the two of you front and center (see example below). The image part of the cake measures 1.25 inches.

The design is added to the baked cake pop and the items are shipped to you ready to use. The price is for a dozen treats which offer many choices of cake flavors and frosting colors. Click any of these images to read more about them on the product page. A list of ingredients is also provided. View all our new tropical cake pop designs.
Need a theme you don’t see? Ask, and we’ll do our best to create it for you!
Custom Photo Template Cake Pop Wedding Favors Starfish Wedding Dated Chocolate Cake Pops

Round Invitations for Her Bridal Shower

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round starfish bridal shower invitations
New! Round Invitations
New, round invitations are now available in our Sandpiper Wedding store. This is one of the first I’ve made and I’ve chosen the pretty, “lagoon starfish” design because of it’s popularity. The front of this 5 inch round paper is green blue in color with “ribbon” tied like a gift box. A white starfish decorates with more starfish on the other side to make a tropical border.
Printed text is in easy to read, modern font style, ready to customize line by line. The name of the bride-to-be stands out in a dark blue-green color to match the border and front. All text is aligned to the left in this example and the paper I chose to show here is called “laid” and is an upgrade. White envelopes do come with the cards and be aware that postage will cost more to mail them. Plan to spend 70 cents per stamp, or more is you include other items inside the envelopes.
As is true for all our designs, changes can easily be made. If you are unable to make this bridal shower work for your needs, just e-mail me and I’ll make it for you at no extra charge!
Have fun with the new round design, I know I will!
Here’s a look at the front:
Starfish Gift Box Bridal Shower Round Invitations
Starfish Gift Box Bridal Shower Round Invitations by SandpiperWedding

Custom Bridal / Wedding Shower Hors d’ Oeuvres Flags

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Sand dollars wedding shower stickers
Beach wedding shower stickers in sea green.

Create a cute set of hors d’oeuvre flags to use at a beach themed wedding shower by easily attaching them to toothpicks to be used in finger foods to decorate.

The Zazzle blog has just come out with their first “how to” post and it couldn’t be easier to decorate with unique stickers from our Sandpiper Wedding store. In the DIY Wedding Series you will find the info with great pictures to show you exactly how to use stickers. They use square ones like the one I have linked here, but you could choose any of the shapes to do the same thing.

First find stickers for a bridal shower or wedding shower with the theme of your choice. (We can make them especially for you if you can’t find what you need.) Add custom text, like in the example here, and then make your little flags. Of course stickers can be used in other ways, like decorating the invitation envelopes or shower prizes / gift bags.

As always, each design can be customized by you! Or ask us for help- using the link on any product page – or the contact area here – and we will respond promptly.

How To Customize Colors on Shower Invitations

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starfish blue shower invitation
Customize The Background Color

This starfish bridal shower invitation is blue and white, but it was originally made as a red and white card. As the designer I can change the background color endlessly, guessing which color the shower theme will be. Or I hope the purchaser will be willing to customize the color his or herself.

If that task seems daunting, let me show you how easy it is.
Unless the background of a card has been added as a graphic design by the creator of the invitation, colors are easy to change with any Zazzle custom design.

First – click on the orange “Customize It!” button just beneath the invitation.
Next – find the EDIT text in Field #1, just to your right.
In the dropdown menu find the “background” color – in the example below it is red. That is where you will change the color. A box of color choices will pop up and you can either choose a color from that selection, or type your own hex color code into the little white area at the bottom.

On this card, you will want to find the line of example text that reads, “Wine Tasting Shower” and change it to the same, matching color you have for the background. Also use the edit button after clicking on that line of text.

Last- change the color of the reverse side of the card to match the front in the same manner.
Easy, right? We are always available for help if you have trouble doing this or any other changes. Use the contact link beneath any product.

The screenshot below is what you’ll see after clicking the CUSTOMIZE IT button, and then EDIT.

screenshot card design
How to Change the Color