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bridesmaids luncheon

Hosting a Bridesmaids’ Luncheon, Tea, or Other Event for the Gals

The Bridesmaids deserve some thanks, not only because of all the money they have spent to make your special day perfect, but because they are your best friends.

bridesmaids luncheon
Big Starfish Bridesmaids Luncheon Invitation

Whether the wedding will be large and expensive, or casual and simple, a lot goes into the planning. Most wedding traditions simply must apply, and being appreciative to the ones who contributed to your happiness should be high on the planning list.

Not every bride will throw a Bridesmaids’ party, and giving out gifts is fine, but why not have fun with a luncheon, elegant tea party, or night at the local bar?

WHO TO INVITE? Even if the bridal party is not large, friends and family members (women only) can be invited to an event celebrating the bridesmaids.

sand dollar bridesmaids party
Pretty Blue Sand Dollar Bridesmaids Luncheon Invitation

Also the “bridesmaids” title can include every member of the bridal party, and that means the Maid / Matron of Honor, Junior Bridesmaids and Flower Girls. Of course the young people would not attend a night out on the town. If that’s the plan, they give them a gift at another time.

Everyone will have fun at such an event and it will give the girls a chance to get to know each other better.

Want to include the guys? Why not organize a barbecue, beach party, or something everyone will enjoy together, and send out “Celebrate the Wedding Party” invitations?

beach themed wedding party invitation
Invite the groomsmen and bridesmaids to a celebration for the wedding party

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Starfish Gift Bag or Favor Bag

two starfish tote bag
Starfish favor bag or gift bag.
I created this little starfish bag with the bridal party of a beach wedding in mind. It would make a nice little tote to fill with goodies for the bridesmaids and flower girl, from the bride.

Then I had a customer buy it as a favor bag to give out to wedding guests. The price becomes less as it’s purchased in bulk, and whether it’s presented empty or containing goodies, a nice little gift bag is something that everyone can appreciate.

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Will You Be My Flower Girl?

Flower girl at Kellie and Shawn's Wedding
Flower girl at Kellie and Shawn’s Wedding (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Your sweet little daughter has been asked to take part in a wedding, as the Flower Girl, and you feel honored and thrilled enough to say “yes” right away, but in some cases that may not be the best answer.

First you should make sure that your daughter really wants to take on that wedding related role.   We tend to think that most girls would love to be in a wedding.  The fancy dress, the important role and attention would make most girls squeal with delight.  However, some girls are more introverted and shy and taking part in such a big event could be a bit frightening.

Before you commit and tell the bride-to-be that your daughter would be delighted, you should make sure that your daughter knows exactly what she’ll be expected to do.  If you don’t know, be sure to meet with the couple and find out what they want her to do.  These days weddings may not be as traditional as you picture, so it’s good to find out.

Depending on the age of the child – and some Flower Girls can barely walk! – parents have the best intuition and will decide if that role will work based on the child’s personality.

Even then, on the big day with so many unfamiliar faces around, what once sounded like fun can become an intimidating ordeal even for the seasoned attention grabber.  Having a backup plan may help.  Be sure there is someone willing to walk the child down the aisle in case she gets cold feet and refuses to go alone.

Be realistic because no one wants her to back out at the last minute.  And don’t feel badly if she says no.  If she will enjoy the wedding more as one of the guests, then so be it.


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bridesmaid bags with sand dollars

Sand Dollar Gift Bags to Personalize for Members of the Bridal Party

beach wedding bridesmaid bag
There are many reasons to thank the members of the bridal party and each of the ladies probably will bring (or have brought) special happiness to your wedding day and the plans leading up to it.

It is customary for the Bride to thank her attendants with a gift of some kind and only you (as the Bride) will know what would be the perfect gift for each friend.
purple sand dollar gift bag

You could begin with a custom, personalized bag with her name and then fill it with a special present you know she’ll appreciate. Women are easy to buy for so it shouldn’t be difficult, just think about her favorite likes and go from there.

This little cloth bag with a sand dollar graphic art design can be filled with goodies for a day at the beach. Gifts from the heart are always appreciated, and they don’t have to break the bank.

These unqiue tote bags come in a variety of summer colors. Choose the one that best matches your wedding theme.
yellow sand dollars wedding bag

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Junior Bridesmaids

Junior Bridesmaid
Image by Details of the Day via Flickr

Whether she is your little sister, daughter, cousin, or family friend, including a junior bridesmaid in the wedding party can be a lot of fun. Junior bridesmaids are typically between the ages of 8 and 14. They are considered too old to be the flower girl and a little too young to be a bridesmaid.  This position allows that age group a chance to still have her special place in the bridal party and during the wedding. 

So what should a junior bridesmaid do exactly when it comes to wedding plans? That totally depends on the bride and how much she wants her junior bridesmaid to be involved. Below are just some general duties of a junior bridesmaid:

Before the day of the wedding

  • Attending the wedding shower and helping clean up afterwards
  • Putting together favors
  • Going to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner
  • Purchasing her bridesmaid dress
  • If you are having the bridesmaids hold bouquets, let the junior bridesmaid hold a smaller version of the bouquet or maybe wear a corsage.
  • If she is immediate family (such as a sister or daughter) going shopping for a wedding dress and being able to give her input is great way to help her feel included in the process.

The day of the wedding

  • The junior bridesmaid typically does not need an escort, unless there is a younger boy in the grooms wedding party. If there is no escort, then she may lead the other bridesmaids down the aisle.
  • She is usually old enough to stand at the altar or stage with the other bridesmaids (unlike the flower girls who will sit with their parents during the ceremony).
  • If she is the daughter of the bride or groom, it may be a nice gesture to have her stand at the altar with you. She may choose to say a few words or maybe read a poem, passage, or quote.
  • She can hand out the wedding programs before the ceremony begins and guest favors during the reception (such as bubbles, rice, confetti, etc…)
  • She can also participate in the receiving line if the bride chooses

Including junior bridesmaids in your wedding party is a great idea. Most girls in this age group will take their duties seriously and by giving them their own specific role in the wedding they will will feel important. Every little girl dreams of her wedding day, why not give her an idea of how fun and exciting it can be?!

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Unique Gift Ideas for the Maid of Honor

Check out some cute and unique gift ideas below that your Maid of Honor is sure to love!

Whether she is your sister or your best friend, the Maid of Honor will play a huge role in the planning of your wedding. She is there to help with anything that you need, from labeling envelopes for wedding invitations to figuring out seating arrangements. She will be the one to plan your bridal shower and bachelorette party. She is there for you when you pick out your wedding dress and when you get cold feet about this whole marriage thing! She sees you through it all. She is your go-to-girl, and that my dear, is a lot of responsibility to take on.

After she (whom ever “she” may be) accepts the honor of being the Maid of Honor at your beach themed wedding, give her a little gift as a thank you. Let her know that you realize this is a big decision, and that you chose her for a reason. No one is more perfect for the job than she is.

This beach wedding starfish tote is more than just a bag. Turn it into a stress relief kit! Add simple, humorous gifts to get your Maid of Honor ready for the long road ahead.
Starfish Maid of Honor Beach Wedding Tote Bag bag

Here are some unique gift ideas to add to this cute canvas bag:

  • A thank you card with a gift certificate to her favorite store…or better yet, to a store with swimsuits…so she can pick out a new one to  for the destination wedding!
  • A stress ball~ for when you turn into a bridezilla
  • A notebook/ calendar to keep track of all of your wedding plans
  • Gift Certificate to a Spa~Maybe you could join her and make it a girl’s day out to talk about the wedding plans.
  • Some chocolate~ think outside the box and buy a 100 Grand candy bar with a note saying that she is worth way more than that, but this is all you can afford, because you’re spending the rest of your money on the wedding and honeymoon!
  • A bag of lifesavers (to symbolize that she is a lifesaver!)
  • A cute/funny Maid of Honor shirt or hat~ take a look at the Sandpiper Wedding Apparel and customize your own shirt. (Feel free to use the contact information at the top of the page if you have any questions or need help customizing a product)
  • A flask~ Have one custom-made that fits the personality of your Maid of Honor. (A great idea for all the bridesmaids…and even the groomsmen.)
  • Copy some of the old songs the two of you used to listen to onto a CD. Listen to them as you travel around and take care of the wedding arrangements. They are sure to bring up some old memories!

Free Gift Ideas: Why spend money when you don’t have to?

  • Go online and print up websites for Maid of Honor Speech ideas/ or how to stay sane dealing with a stressed out bride!
  • Write her a long note, letting her know how special she is to you. Write about some special memories the two of you have shared, and why she is so important to you.

There are so many wonderful gift ideas. You know your Maid of Honor the best, and can certainly think of something to show your appreciation for all of the hard work she is doing to make your wedding day as special as it can be!

Along with this  tote bag, at the rehearsal dinner, or whenever you plan on giving out all of the bridemaids gifts, it may be a good idea to give her a sentimental gift such as a picture frame, bracelet, or necklace (the SW Store has some cute seashell/palm tree necklaces…check them out here).

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