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Ocean Blue Gift Box Bridal Shower Cards

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starfish blue wedding party invitation
Ocean Blue Shower Invite

Bright blue paper with a starfish and sand dollar make this little invitation just right for the beach bride’s special party. Measuring 5×7 inches, this flat stationery comes in a variety of paper types, including shimmery metallics.

“You’re invited to a bridal shower” text on the front is permanent (or contact us to change it) and the back is white with blue text in template form. Easily change the info line by line.

The “gift box” design makes this bridal shower invitation look like a little present and will get all the party guests in the mood for celebrating!

Tropical Invitations, Hibiscus Art in Blue

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What price would you pay to have original artwork as the background for your tropical wedding invitations? For me originality is important. If I were getting married I would not want what everyone else wants. I would want my wedding invitations to be unique and that is what we create at Sandpiper Wedding.

Just search the internet for wedding invitations and you will find love birds, twigs, damask, cherry blossoms and such in abundance. For tropical weddings you’ll find palm trees, flip flops, shell outlines and many other forms of clip art used to throw together a “beach” look.

The hibiscus flower invitations in our new line of stationery is original artwork that was inspired by real flowers and given an unusual color during the creative process. This blue floral design is brand new for the upcoming wedding season with matching items in the works. How much would you pay? Well, fortunately pricing is very reasonable and the more you buy, the less you’ll pay. An upgraded, metallic paper would make this stationery set sparkle!

Thank Guests With Custom Seahorse Favor Tags

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aqaua blue favor tags
Custom Seahorse Favor Tags

Aqua blue favor tags are a pretty way to thank guests who attend your beach themed, or tropical destination wedding.

A cute sea horse couple “floats” inside a heart on the skinny cards. Custom template text has two lines for personalization.

Add a short “thank you” message and your names – as Mr. and Mrs. if you want!

I always leave space enough for customers to use a corner to punch a hole for tying to the favors.  Any paper can be used – basic white (the color will still be blue) is least expensive, but for a more elegant look, an upgrade to pearl, linen or any other type can be made.

The skinny favor tags come in packs of 20.  Change to medium size and buy in bulk packs of 100.

These would pair nicely with the candy seahorse treats made by Andie’s Specialty Sweets.

Starfish Flourish Decorative Cupcake Pick

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Starfish Flourish Decorative Cake Pick Some thing new from Zazzle. The Zazzle site is always adding fun, new products to it’s inventory which leaves me wondering how I can use them to create something unique that is wedding related for my wedding store.

The acrylic cake pick is four inches wide and is made of 100% food-safe material. This is the first one I’ve made and it obviously has a beach theme with three starfish, or sea stars, in the center and a graphic, light blue background decorated with leafy swirls.

Of course they don’t have to be used for weddings only and they can be stuck into any food to make a party fun.

What do you think of the new cake picks? Would you ever use them at your wedding?

How To Customize Colors on Shower Invitations

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starfish blue shower invitation
Customize The Background Color

This starfish bridal shower invitation is blue and white, but it was originally made as a red and white card. As the designer I can change the background color endlessly, guessing which color the shower theme will be. Or I hope the purchaser will be willing to customize the color his or herself.

If that task seems daunting, let me show you how easy it is.
Unless the background of a card has been added as a graphic design by the creator of the invitation, colors are easy to change with any Zazzle custom design.

First – click on the orange “Customize It!” button just beneath the invitation.
Next – find the EDIT text in Field #1, just to your right.
In the dropdown menu find the “background” color – in the example below it is red. That is where you will change the color. A box of color choices will pop up and you can either choose a color from that selection, or type your own hex color code into the little white area at the bottom.

On this card, you will want to find the line of example text that reads, “Wine Tasting Shower” and change it to the same, matching color you have for the background. Also use the edit button after clicking on that line of text.

Last- change the color of the reverse side of the card to match the front in the same manner.
Easy, right? We are always available for help if you have trouble doing this or any other changes. Use the contact link beneath any product.

The screenshot below is what you’ll see after clicking the CUSTOMIZE IT button, and then EDIT.

screenshot card design
How to Change the Color

Seahorses, on Paper & Sticks, For Your Wedding Day

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blue sticker with seahorse
Cute Seahorse Couple Sticker

The seahorse is an appropriate symbol for any beach wedding and the couple who loves nature may like to consider using seahorses someplace in their themed decorations.

Many seahorse couples mate for life and they may even been seen swimming along holding onto each other by entwining tails, so they won’t drift apart. How romantic!

One thing you won’t be able to relate to when it comes to seahorses is that the male is the one who gives birth! Sounds like a great idea to me, but ah, well… for us ladies it’s just a dream!

The seahorse is a beautiful and diminutive creature who lives near coral reefs and grasses in warm, temperate ocean waters. They can change colors to match their surroundings and they eat almost constantly (not that you would want to mimic that!).

In addition to wedding ceremony invitations and other stationery items for the wedding, you could include seahorse lollipops as wedding or shower favors.

The candy ones I found are made by Etsy crafter, andiespecialtysweets,  and they are even blue and green which matches the image on the invitations found at Sandpiper Wedding.  Cool!