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vintage blue palm trees sepia wedding invitation

Vintage Blue and Sepia Palm Trees Designer Wedding Stationery

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Pretty blue palm trees make up our newest wedding invitation design. The photography image has been enhanced and turned light blue for the image on the front. The subtle reference to a tropical location is the perfect backdrop for custom black text. On the back, the same image has a sepia tone. Tall palm trees sway in the warm breeze with thatched umbrellas lining the shoreline. (See the original image below.)

vintage blue palm trees sepia  wedding invitation
New palm trees invitation – Click to Buy

View our most recent collection of tropical paradise wedding invitations.

Many couples search online for marriage planning ideas. Pinterest is the place to go for ideas about everything these days, and that goes for finding invitation stationery. When purchasing invitations, the design is important but so is the quality of the paper and help with designing. The Zazzle company is full of designers who offer personal help with their own designs. Many unique, additional, matching products can be designed for customers as needed.

palm tree wedding invitation
Front of Invitation

Palm trees are one of the most recognizable images associated with the tropics. There is a surprisingly large variety of palm trees and not all are tall and swaying.

vintage palm trees sepia
Back of Invitation

Palm trees are often added to tropical landscapes and often grow wild in tropical locations. Tall, stately palms add immeasurable interest to a tropical yard. See photos at HGTV where tall palms bring life to a yard.

Those of us living in the tropics can also have potted palms, or smaller specimens included in a garden setting. The Parlor Palm has no real trunk, just long feathery leaves. Depending on the type, palm leaves can be bright green or silver gray. The fronds, or leaves, can be feathery and soft-looking, or stiff and pointed.

If you’ve ever watched hurricane footage, or been in a hurricane, you’ve no doubt witnessed how well palm trees withstand very high winds. While tall oak trees with long branches can be broken or totally unearthed, the palm tree simply bends and sways in the high winds. The fronds may blow off, but the tree remains. Rarely does a palm tree fall in high winds.

sunset palm tree
Photo credit: Pixabay

For more info please read the article entitled “10 Surprising Facts About Palm Trees” at the Mother Nature Network.

palm trees and beach umbrellas
Photo credit: Pixabay, free public domain images site

Palm Trees on Blue, Full Moon Folded Thank You Notes

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Here we have a simple thank you note with palm trees and a full moon and custom text inside. The blue-gray color works well with this double palm tree image with a big, full moon behind the fronds. Folded note cards come in two sizes, either 5×7 or 4×5 and have three text templates.

Click the image below to see this card, or visit our Wedding Thank-You Card Collection.

palm trees folded thank you notes

inside message
Inside, two templates to add a message and signature

The message inside can be used, or changed, in the template area. “Thank You” on the front could say, “Thank you for the gift”.

The card is made as a thank-you from the newlyweds, but it works for any type of occasion. White envelopes are included with purchase.

Looking for masculine thank-you cards? Something the Groom could give to his Best Man and attendants? Cards to send from a gay couple? We have those too.

Aqua Blue Pretty as a Picture to Announce and Invite

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aqua blue wedding announcement
Announce & Invite
A picture of the newlywed couple is the main focus on this aqua blue wedding announcement. Announce and invite with one card. If the private marriage took place on a tropical shore, what better way to tell everyone than to send out stationery with a tropical theme. Aqua is the color of summer and represents anything ‘beach’. In this unique design, tiny white sea stars (commonly called starfish) dance around the square photograph of the happy couple. The custom text is black and white.

Use a vertical or horizontal photo and it will center in the template area.
View all our private wedding / reception only cards.

Hydrangea Flowers for Weddings

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hydrangea wedding paper
Hydrangeas for Weddings
Alongside the beach wedding stationery I create, my second largest store at Zazzle is BlueHyd, where I sell hydrangea flower stationery. The focus is hydrangea flowers for weddings, but I include the images on just about everything. Birthday cards and postage, as well as mugs, key rings and business cards accommodate the flower nicely.

The invitation shown here is from the Garden Romance set, which is getting a make-over for the 2015 season. This bright blue flower is very popular with brides.

The store has one design that incorporates a white starfish and white hydrangeas, and I plan to soon have a full section of blue flowers with starfish as well.

It’s easier to update one website than two, and the BlueHyd site gets left behind as I get busy other places. I’ve decided to combine the two themes here, and I may possibly include other wedding themes occasionally. Even couples who will get married at the ocean’s edge, occasionally require invitations that don’t necessarily contain a beach theme.

I recently created a personal invitation set that featured two pet parrots. The customer told me that these parrots were like the couple’s “children” and she wanted them to be part of the wedding. She sent me photos, which I isolated (removed the background) and put the images at the top of the paper as she requested.

Any of the themes you see in any of my Zazzle stores can be mixed and matched. If I still have the design image (and most of them I do), I can put it on anything, with any other image, to create stationery or any products.

Check out the Themes page and visit my stores to get more ideas for creating personal wedding stationery.

Turquoise, Aqua and Aquamarine

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hex codes colors for blue Do you know which blue color is your favorite? Would you say aqua? Turquoise? or Aquamarine? I get requests for all of these colors when brides are making their tropical wedding stationery.

“Could you make this for me in turquoise?” This type of design request (throw in any color) is what I frequently hear. My mind begins to scroll through all the various “turquoise” colors and I know that we must first decide on the proper color.

The trouble is, that “turquoise” and all most colors, contain a variety of shades. The bride has a definite color in mind, but I can’t read her mind. Sometimes we go back and forth trying various blues until the bride-to-be is satisfied. And I want her to be satisfied! It’s wedding paper, so getting it exactly right is top priority.

I certainly understand the difficulties of choosing the perfect color for wedding stationery online. Each monitor will show something a little different and we always wonder what it will end up looking like in person. (Zazzle now offers the option to buy a single invitation so the couple can spend very little and get to see the product before committing to a large order or set of stationery.)

To help this process along, I suggest sending an image containing the select color, or including the hex code. Whatever the bride considers to be “turquoise” may not be what I am thinking during the creative process. This can go a long way to help create a perfect shade of blue for the finished product.

Tropical color choices are usually blues and greens, but many people confuse the green-blue of teal with the blue-green of turquoise.   I sell a lot of items in “blue lagoon” which on my site is hex# 29AFA6.

Sometimes the  request for “aqua” is really more of a “light mint”, and so on.   As you can see on this Color Codes chart page, there are an abundance of blues in these shades and I used some of them to make up the swatch at the beginning of this post.  Providing as much info to your designer as possible is always a good idea, and that includes specific color choices please!

New Table Seating Cards in Turquoise and Aquamarine

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Turquoise is the newest color we’ve added to the Sandpiper Wedding store. With aqua and lagoon blue being popular choices for a beach wedding invitation set, turquoise is gaining popularity as well. All these blue or blue-green colors come in many shades and there are only slight differences between them but they all look especially pretty when paired with seashells.

Here we have two varieties of table number cards in our new colors.  On the left is the turquoise colored background and on the right is the graphic, aquamarine color.  Turquoise has a bit of green in it while the aquamarine is a mix of aqua and darker blues.

When requesting a color for wedding stationery, it is helpful to supply a hex code number or an image to give us an idea of the shade required.  Colors on computer monitors can vary widely, but customer comments have consistently said that the color they see is the color they end up with.