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Tell a Story With Table Number Cards

photo table number cards
Each Card Tells a Little Story About the Couple
Tell a story with photo template table number cards. Beach themed table seating that contains lots of personalization. The couple will choose to share different photos for each card and add up to 3 lines of text to explain the picture. White sand dollars (on both sides) have templates for the table number.

Each card can contain the same photo, but adding different photos makes them more unique and personal. Variety will give guests something to talk about. When they realize that each table card tells a different short story, they can mingle and check out the other table cards in the room.

The couple will have to decide what they want to share. Make it interesting by adding some fun, and maybe funny, photos. Wedding guests will love this little insight into your life together before marriage!

Other examples of what to share:

*Where you met
*How he (or she) proposed
*Day trips & vacation photos
*Time spent relaxing at the beach (works well with a beach themed wedding!)
*Engagement photos
*Favorite things – like a special pet / eating ice cream together
*Favorite local haunts
*Pictures from the wedding shower
*Photos with your kids (if either has some from another marriage)

Each couple will have their own special moments collected from the months or years leading up to the wedding day. Collecting photos for table number cards can be a fun activity to do together, and one the groom may not mind helping with! Split the number of tables between each of you and come up with your own favorite photos to use. It may even be helpful to ask for outside help from the bridesmaids and groomsmen if you can’t decide which photos are most interesting.

sand dollar table number card
Back of the Card

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sugar sand dollar

New Wedding Program With Sand Dollars Folded in Thirds

blue beach wedding program
This program will be folded into thirds after purchase
The bright blue of this beach themed wedding program shows off the two white sand dollars well.

Along with the starfish, or sea star, the sand dollar is widely coveted by any beachcomber. Sand dollars are echinoderms, and not really “sea shells”. Shells contain a living mollusk inside. It’s the creature that made the shell. Sand dollars and starfish ARE the animal.

Did you know that most sand dollars are fuzzy and dark in color when alive? They turn white after being bleached out in the sun when they die and wash ashore. It’s tough to find a whole dried sand dollar because they are fragile and the wave action can break them apart.

The sand dollar featured on this tri-fold wedding program is my own. I photographed it and now use it to make beach related products. I have many other beautiful and unique beach wedding programs. Click the link to see them all.

Bright blue is an optional color. If you would like to change it, use the “customize” button on the product page. Find the color picker area and choose your favorite color. Keep it light or bright so the black text will be easy to read. If you prefer, I will be happy to change the background color and / or the text color for you.

This is quality “letterhead” paper and the color will be printed on the front of this program only.

color picker

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baby photos save the date

Select One of Our Unique Save-the-Date Cards to Customize

save the date card collection
Click the image to view the entire collection of save-the-date cards
We offer photo save the date postcards, cards and magnets. Click to view the selection and find one that fits with your beach wedding theme.

When should I send out “save the date” announcements?

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Beach Bonfire Wedding Reception

Beach bonfire wedding
Reception on the Beach

What fun to have a wedding reception on the beach! Have it at night and celebrate around a big bonfire and make it even more memorable.
View the entire Beach Bonfire set in our collections section.

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Make it Personal: Invite Guests by Name

folded personal wedding invitation
Folded Invitation: Include Guest’s Name Inside
Weddings are personal. The closest people in our lives are asked to be present at the beginning of a new life. Make the wedding more personal and invite guests by name. As you can see on the folded wedding invitation above, a line has been added which will hold the name of the guest who will open the card. Each guest will, in this way, receive his or her personal invitation.

Choosing to mail wedding invitations in this fashion will impress guests, as it will probably be something they have not seen before. If the couple is willing to put in the time and effort of adding the names inside, the reward is that guests will feel special.

Continue reading Make it Personal: Invite Guests by Name

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Planning a Key Largo Florida Wedding

There are many reasons to get married in the Florida Keys, not the least of which is that the weather is perfect. Not all areas of Florida stay warm year round, but in the Keys the climate is very temperate.

Key Largo sunset
Sunset on Key Largo

By Mark Winograd (Personal collection, Mark Winograd) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

In the Keys, you can enjoy sunrises and sunsets as the islands are all fairly small in width. Because you will be surrounded by tropical water, the ocean breeze keeps the sweltering humidity (which you will encounter in other Florida locations) at a minimum.

This post is specifically about Key Largo, which is the northern most Key. It is a “long key” just off the mainland and is easy to get to. If wedding guests fly into / out of the Miami International Airport, it’s only about an hour away.

If you are just beginning to look for a special place to have your Florida beach wedding, please check out the Key Largo Lighthouse and their magnificent aerial photography of the site.

A highly rated hotel / inn on Key Largo is the Kona Kai Resort, which offers “beach ceremonies”. But it is a small resort with only 11 rooms and may not be large enough for wedding parties who wish to stay at the same location. It may be a good spot to choose for the honeymoon.

Another wedding ceremony destination option, on this same island, is the Ocean Pointe Suites. It’s beachfront, and gets high ratings by Conde Nast Traveler, and ranks in the top 20 by The Knot. It looks nicely secluded and even offers boat slip rentals, in case any guests would like to bring along their private boat!

A Key Largo wedding means that the honeymoon could easily include a diving trip to the offshore John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. A catamaran will take passengers out to the reef where you’ll visit one of the most unique parks you’ve ever seen. It’s all underwater!

This area is dedicated to tourism, and there will not be a lack of things to do. Or travel on down the Keys on a Honeymoon road trip and see what else the beautiful Florida Keys have to offer. Create your own wedding invitations to match your tropical destination theme at our online store.

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