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blue ocean water wedding invitation

Blue Ocean Water Custom Beach Wedding Invitation

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Blue ocean wedding invitation with modern text. First names of the Bride and Groom are at the top, with their full names within the invitation paragraph.

beach wedding custom invitation
Blue Ocean Beach Ceremony Invitation

Two little starfish are sitting in the sand as the waves gently roll ashore, in this beautiful and fun wedding stationery design.

The reverse also has a beach sand image.

beach sand image
Water and sand image on back of invitation

View more wedding invitations with beach scenes in the Sandpiper store.

Our Starfish Couple wedding suite and By the Sea designer stationery are also popular choices for tropical destination weddings.

sand dollar navy blue wedding menu

Beach Wedding Round Menu Templates Monogrammed and Not

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Round menus make sense as they will fit nicely in the center of dinner plates. Until recently I did not offer round menus. Once I made a simple black and white round menu template, and it sold quickly, I saw the need for more.

So on this page you will see of the beach-themed round wedding menus that are ready for customizing.

Please click on the image to see the menu information. Be aware that these are really “invitations” so they will come with white envelopes.
round wedding menu beach sand
Wedding monograms are popular and initials can be added to the center of the navy blue program below. A light sand dollar image decorates the front, and can be removed in the “customize” section on the product page. Or e-mail me for help.

sand dollar navy blue wedding menu

A light beach scene is the background for this menu. Names of the Bride and Groom go in the center with the wedding date.

All these round menus also come as square. Size is 5.25 inches across. Upgrade the paper to a specialty type if you so choose.

ocean wedding menu

Any time a menu is used at a wedding reception the couple may also need reply cards with a menu list to go with invitations. Please check out our wedding collections by theme – on the side bar – or visit the wedding RSVP section in our store to choose a menu reply card.

Sand Dollar Wedding Invitation Sets by Collection and Designer

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Sand Dollar Wedding
Sand Dollar Wedding
The sand dollar is one of the popular beach shells to collect. White sand dollars make pretty, understated wedding stationery, with two together to represent the couple.

The two images you see here link to the same collection. The sand dollar theme is carried over to RSVP cards and other products a couple may need.

Sand Dollar Wedding
Sand Dollar Wedding

The first two designs come from the Sandpiper Wedding store, and the collections below come from other designers at the Zazzle site.

This bright coral red wedding set is by Beck Yang.

Coral Red Beach Weddings
Coral Red Beach Weddings

The collection below is by Invitation Republic. The design combines lace, burlap and sand dollars for a pretty set of wedding stationery.

two white starfish wedding rehearsal dinner invitation

Wow Guests With Starfish Rehearsal Dinner Invites

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The starfish couple is prominent on beach wedding paper. From save-the-date cards and invitations, to gift bags and favors, two starfish holding hands, or dancing on the shore, seem to be an image couples can’t resist.

The rehearsal dinner is sometimes as big an event as the wedding itself, or almost. Families gather, maybe for the first time, to celebrate with the bride and groom the night before the ceremony.

Custom rehearsal dinner invitations for the starfish couple lovers.

Click the Images

Starfish rehearsal dinner invitation
“By the Sea” Rehearsal Dinner Invites – Buy at Zazzle
two white starfish wedding rehearsal dinner invitation
White Starfish on Sea Glass Green
rope knot navy nautical rehearsal dinner invitations
Beach Driftwood Nautical Navy Invitations by Jinaiji
white starfish couple rehearsal dinner
Starfish and Beach Sand Custom Rehearsal Dinner Invitations by Sandpiper Wedding

Although a line of RSVP text can be added to these invitations, some people prefer to include mailable reply cards. In that case, we have a whole collection of affordable, decorated and plain, RSVP cards. Some have menu list options, and some do not. All have paper selections to match the invitation paper you choose, and they come with white envelopes.

rsvp reply cards
Custom Reply Cards in Many Themes
photo table number cards

Tell a Story With Table Number Cards

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photo table number cards
Each Card Tells a Little Story About the Couple
Tell a story with photo template table number cards. Beach themed table seating that contains lots of personalization. The couple will choose to share different photos for each card and add up to 3 lines of text to explain the picture. White sand dollars (on both sides) have templates for the table number.

Each card can contain the same photo, but adding different photos makes them more unique and personal. Variety will give guests something to talk about. When they realize that each table card tells a different short story, they can mingle and check out the other table cards in the room.

The couple will have to decide what they want to share. Make it interesting by adding some fun, and maybe funny, photos. Wedding guests will love this little insight into your life together before marriage!

Other examples of what to share:

*Where you met
*How he (or she) proposed
*Day trips & vacation photos
*Time spent relaxing at the beach (works well with a beach themed wedding!)
*Engagement photos
*Favorite things – like a special pet / eating ice cream together
*Favorite local haunts
*Pictures from the wedding shower
*Photos with your kids (if either has some from another marriage)

Each couple will have their own special moments collected from the months or years leading up to the wedding day. Collecting photos for table number cards can be a fun activity to do together, and one the groom may not mind helping with! Split the number of tables between each of you and come up with your own favorite photos to use. It may even be helpful to ask for outside help from the bridesmaids and groomsmen if you can’t decide which photos are most interesting.

sand dollar table number card
Back of the Card
sugar sand dollar

New Wedding Program With Sand Dollars Folded in Thirds

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blue beach wedding program
This program will be folded into thirds after purchase
The bright blue of this beach themed wedding program shows off the two white sand dollars well.

Along with the starfish, or sea star, the sand dollar is widely coveted by any beachcomber. Sand dollars are echinoderms, and not really “sea shells”. Shells contain a living mollusk inside. It’s the creature that made the shell. Sand dollars and starfish ARE the animal.

Did you know that most sand dollars are fuzzy and dark in color when alive? They turn white after being bleached out in the sun when they die and wash ashore. It’s tough to find a whole dried sand dollar because they are fragile and the wave action can break them apart.

The sand dollar featured on this tri-fold wedding program is my own. I photographed it and now use it to make beach related products. I have many other beautiful and unique beach wedding programs. Click the link to see them all.

Bright blue is an optional color. If you would like to change it, use the “customize” button on the product page. Find the color picker area and choose your favorite color. Keep it light or bright so the black text will be easy to read. If you prefer, I will be happy to change the background color and / or the text color for you.

This is quality “letterhead” paper and the color will be printed on the front of this program only.

color picker