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Masculine Thank You Card Collection

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masculine thank you cards
Thank You Card Collection – Click to view
This collection of thank-you cards has a tropical / nautical theme and the cards are meant for the Groom to give to his groomsmen, but can be used for anyone for any occasion.

Decorated with seashells, anchors and sea life, the folded notes are perfect for thanking members of a beach wedding party.

Each card has a sample message of thanks to either use or replace with your own custom wording. If you need some inspiration when it comes to writing thank-you notes, please read my previous post: How to Write a Thank You Note

baby photos save the date

Select One of Our Unique Save-the-Date Cards to Customize

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save the date card collection
Click the image to view the entire collection of save-the-date cards
We offer photo save the date postcards, cards and magnets. Click to view the selection and find one that fits with your beach wedding theme.

When should I send out “save the date” announcements?

rehearsal dinner invitations

Aquamarine Ocean Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

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ocean water invitation wedding
Rehearsal Dinner Invite
If you are having a wedding on the beach, the aquamarine ocean water rehearsal dinner invitation fits the bill! Beautiful, sea blue and beach sand design, in a tropical theme, with easy to use custom text.

White text is simple to fill in with the title, names of the bride and groom (in fun, printed font style), date and time, location and RSVP. Include the names of whomever is hosting the event, if you choose.

Round the corners, use the scallop edge, or upgrade the paper on the product page. Click on the image and play with the options until you find one you love.

As always, contact me to help with wording set up if the templates don’t work for you.

Wedding Menu Navy With White

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navy starfish wedding menu
Custom Wedding Menu
This simple wedding menu is classic navy blue. The printed text shows up well in white and matches the two starfish at the top. The names of the bride and groom are in large letters at the top with the date of the event beneath. Below the “Wedding Menu” title, all the menu items will be listed. My sample text is just an example and your text can be set up any way that fits the space. This 5×7 inch stationery will not allow for a long list of entrées. Don’t let the text get too close to the edges or bottom of the card or it may be cut off in printing.

The price of our wedding menus relates to the type of paper it is printed on. The navy blue menu is on quality card stock paper (invitation paper), but the white menu with seashells below is printed on writing paper. It will be approximately half the price. The seashell menu is set up for a “first course”, “second course” and then three entrée items. Appetizers, then salad, then meals, are listed with desert at the bottom. If your menu items don’t correspond to that template, try one of our other menu templates, or make a request via the contact button.

seashell wedding menu

Ideas For Beach Wedding Themes

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At Sandpiper Wedding we have been creating invitation stationery

round save the date beach wedding stickers
Beach Sand Theme

You both love the beach. You love to surf, snorkel, fish, dive, paddle board, ski, and go sailing. Just about anything ocean related is the perfect way to enjoy life in your opinion. So, what better way to say “I Do” to that special person than at the side of the ocean where you spend all your free time?
There would be no other option for such a couple.

After the ring is given and she says “oh ya”, then you’ll decide on the perfect location (so many beaches to choose from!) and of course you will want fabulous invitations to make guests aware of the wedding theme.

Beach or tropical wedding themes are all lovely, in my opinion. The flowers that grow in ever-warm climates are gorgeous, and the sea life is cute. Starfish are the most popular choice, but sea horses also do a nice job of imitating a couple in love forever.

Traditional beach and ocean scenes are always a favorite with couples, and even plain, black and white could be perfect for a simple, yet elegant ceremony.

Cute Seahorse Couple Stamps

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seahorses wedding stamps
Dated seahorse wedding postage

Simple and cute, wedding postage in tropical colors. A blue and green seahorse couple floats along on this custom stamp where a wedding date can be added. It’s perfect for the couple who loves the beach and is planning a wedding at the shore or in the tropics.

Seahorses are not only some of the sweetest of sea creatures, but they also mate for life! What better choice to represent the bride and groom?

This template text gives you plenty of room to feature a written out wedding date or abbreviate the month and add the year. Another option would be to use numbers only. It’s your stamp – do it as you please!

If this design interests you, we offer ceremony invitations, bridal shower paper and more in the ♥ Seahorse Couple design line.