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modern typography beach wedding invitations

Fun Typography Wedding Invitations With Palm Trees and Beach Sand

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Create a wedding invitation with fun typography. Click the images below and try out the templates to see how your information will appear.

The look of modern typography adds to the casual elegance of the palm trees wedding invitation in sepia tones. A deep gray-brown solid background is paired with light gray text. Combining various rustic and tall printed fonts brings the date of the event to the forefront.

For a full view of the palm trees used on the front, flip the card over to see the image in light blue.

palm trees typography wedding invitation
Typography Sepia Palm Tree Invitation – Click Image to Buy

Scenic beach images make wonderful backgrounds to custom text. I use these free, public domain images often in my designs. Usually only a portion of the photo is needed, or I change the color / transparency. Creating something unique is what I work hard to accomplish. Now that I live in Florida again, I can even use my own photography for beach-themed designs.

The beautiful blue-green water just hitting the shore adds color to the top of the front of this card. Because the color is so perfect for a beach wedding, I chose to fill the reverse side with the same color. It appears that the back is simply an image of ocean water.

typography beach wedding
Big Names and Starfish Invitation

These affordable wedding invitations will absolutely stun the invitee. Specialty paper, such as “champagne shimmer” is a favorite of buyers. The edges of the paper need not be boring either. Paper cuts include notched corners, bracket shape, rounded corners and scalloped.

These new designs will be getting some matching stationery, but in the mean time please contact me for specific items. We have RSVP cards, custom postage and address labels to work with, and they can all be designed to match anything in our Sandpiper Wedding store.

If fun lettering is not really your thing, perhaps a photo invitation is more your style?

Sand and Seashells Marriage Announcement

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marriage announcement beach themed
We Got Married!
This is a newly made, beach sand and seashells marriage announcement. Brown sand and white seashells design, with white custom text – view up close by clicking the image. Create special paper and tell all of your newlywed status. While all text is able to be changed, this sample is for inviting guests to a ‘reception only’ party to celebrate after a private wedding ceremony.

Large “Mr. and Mrs.” text at the top matches the large text in the bottom corner, which will be the last name of the married couple.

The invitation is shown with a pretty scalloped edge, and we’ve made a specialty A7 size envelope in the same beach sand design. The flap contains a place to add a return address before purchase. To finish off the mailing set, include a white sand dollar RSVP sticker as an envelope seal. Both items can be found by scrolling down the invitation page. They will appear underneath the description.

Both the invitations and specialty envelopes have upgraded paper choices. To save money, simply use the plain white envelopes that come with all invitations, and will come with this one no matter if you order the specialty ones or not.

I’m working on a matching postage stamp and address labels as well. Please visit our collection at the Sandpiper Wedding store, for a larger selection of Reception Only announcement / invitations.

Marriage Announcement Written in the Sand

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beach sand wedding announcementPrivate wedding announcement written in the sand. Smooth beach sand and lapping waves is the background image for custom text. Introduce the newlywed couple by name at the top and continue with the private wedding information, such as location and date. All text is centered at the bottom of the paper, with a clear view of the tropical water at the top. (Click on the image to view the item.)

This invitation was created as an invitation to a reception, either hosted by the newlyweds or someone else. The ocean theme of the paper can correspond to the theme of the marriage location, the party theme, or both. Celebrate with a beautiful, tropical invitation that is easy to customize.

The image shows the paper with the rounded corner option and an upgrade to the “laid” paper type. This increases the price by about a dollar, compared to plain corners on basic paper. With many specialty papers available, make it as upscale as you want. Or keep it affordable at the basic $1.95 per card (save 15% at 25 items). Prices may change, but this is the cost at the time of this post. White envelopes come with the invitations.

We offer a similar product with a photo template at the top. The photo announcement stationery can be found at this link.

Designer Envelopes Come at a Price

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designer envelopes tropical
Designer Envelopes Have a Wait Time
Many customers like to have the option to purchase designer envelopes that will match the theme of their wedding stationery. This A7 size envelope (for 5×7 cards and paper) has an all-over beach sand image, with a scenic ocean water design under the flap. It matches our Coastal Vows wedding stationery set.
The cost is 90 cents apiece for each designer envelope (on upgraded paper), with discounts for bulk purchases, which is reasonable for wedding stationery. And, of course this envelope could be used for any occasion or as an every day mailer.
The fact that envelopes printed and shipped from Zazzle, where the Sandpiper products come from, will take weeks to ship, is the price many customers don’t want to “pay”.
I find it odd that Zazzle does not make it clear enough that this is the case. If you look carefully at the top of the page, on the right hand side, in small print you will see, “ships in 3-4 weeks”. That information should be in the description below the product.
So… I try to inform my customers of this issue. I would also suggest a paper upgrade from the “basic” choice. Some bad reviews have come in on the plain, basic paper. There is only a 10 cent difference and if you are splurging on specialty envelopes, why not make them nicer with felt or linen paper.

Round Rehearsal Dinner Invites

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beaches invitations
Tropical Water Invitation – Click to View
With the addition of round shaped invitations we are busy re-making some favorite rehearsal dinner invitations. This card contains a popular beach sand and ocean water background. The custom text is in alternating black and blue. The font style is elegant script lettering for the names of the bride and groom, as well as for the party name. The rest of the invitation has printed text which is easy to customize line by line.
Also be aware that there is a wide selection of specialty paper available to upgrade this stationery. View the options at the bottom of this post.
If the round shape is not what you are looking for, change the shape of the invitation to square. With the square type, you will have the option of having rounded corners.
All square and round invitations are oversize for the postal service and will require more postage to mail.

Pretty Magnets as Beach Wedding Invitations

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wedding invitaiton on a magnet
Beach Wedding Magnet

For something a little different, use a magnet to invite guests to your beach wedding. The large, flexible magnets (size 4×6 inches) can hold all your personal information and they are decorated with a pretty scene of tropical blue water and soft beach sand. Wording can be customized, and we’d gladly help you with that.
This one is vertical, but they can be in a horizontal layout as well. Magnets as wedding invitations are more expensive than paper, and you’ll need to also buy A6 size envelopes for mailing, but they may be perfect for the couple who wants to be a bit unique.  If the wedding will be small, the expense will not break the bank.  A quantity of 10 magnets means a savings of 17%, with more discounts available for larger, bulk orders.

We have some examples with photo templates too, if you’d like to personalize the invitation further with a picture of the two of you.

We sell the A6 size envelopes and can make one to match your magnet, but the envelopes at Zazzle take four weeks or longer to ship, so be aware.