Starfish and White Hydrangeas: DIY Wedding Programs

wedding program template with starfish

Starfish and Hydrangeas: Tri-fold, Custom Wedding Program

The perfect combination of a tropical or beach theme and pretty white flowers comes together on this paper to use as a wedding program. Add your own text over a unique image of a big, pencil sea star and white hydrangea flowers. This image was not purchased, it is my own and therefore you won’t see it anywhere other than Sandpiper Wedding or my related stores.

The text is set up to print on each of three sections of this 11×8 inch size letterhead paper. Black text is used for each of the template areas. Remove the example text shown and insert your own personal information for your wedding day. Be sure to double check all spelling for mistakes as this program will not be proofread before printing.  And please note that the image will be printed on the front of the paper only.  Fold it accordion style.

Once you like the looks of it, choose a paper type and type in the amount needed in the quantity area (by increments of 10) and watch for the discount to show up – if you order 25 or more programs. There is an option to upgrade this paper from basic to felt, linen or recycled as well.

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