Sand Dollar Round Key Ring Favor in Custom Colors

Sand Dollar Round Key Ring Favor in Custom Colors

sand dollar key ring wedding favor

Customize With Your Preferred Color

The sand dollar round key ring favor for beach weddings, lets your custom color show through. There are a few different types of sand dollars, and each is beautiful and unique in it’s appearance. This key chain holds a photo of the keyhole sand dollar. It has five open slots which show a background color nicely. And that color is customizable, so you can have it match your wedding theme.

Originally this item was made with a light gray background showing through the holes of the sand dollar image. The neutral palette is perfect to use as a wedding favor for any tropical wedding, no matter what color. But to include a little color in your favor, use the “customize” button on the product page and select any color you wish. That is what I did to include a link on this post with a pretty, sea blue-green showing through.

The curved text is a nice touch and is easy to change. Names of the couple will arch across the top, with the date of marriage at the bottom. This basic, button key chain is cheapest, with the option to upgrade to a silver edged version. Save 20% with an order of at least ten, and save even more as the quantity goes up. View all our key ring wedding favors.

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