After the Ceremony Rehearsal, Who Comes to the Rehearsal Dinner?

At Sandpiper Wedding we make rehearsal dinner invitation cards. Couples must know the rehearsal dinner etiquette for inviting guests to attend the event. The actual dinner has become a less formal occasion for couples who want it that way, but certain people will still need to be invited.

Whether large or small nearly all weddings will require a rehearsal. Members of the wedding party need to know exactly what to do the day of the wedding. And afterward, everyone sits down for a meal to celebrate the fact that the end is near. The end of all the planning and work that is!

Don’t Forget to Invite the Pastor

The rehearsal dinner is a time to relax and gather together with family and friends. So who exactly will be invited to attend?

Everyone who attends the rehearsal should be invited. That includes the Pastor / officiant, musicians, readers, wedding party (and their husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends) and family members. When children are involved, the parents of the Flower Girl and Ring Bearer would also come.

Also, consider inviting out-of-town relatives who are staying over to attend the event. This way, everyone can get to know each other, and those relatives will appreciate the offer.

Yes, the rehearsal dinner can get quite large and expensive. Take this into consideration when planning the number of attendants at the wedding. Every one of them, as well as their significant other, will attend the rehearsal!

Don’t feel obligated to have the dinner the day before the wedding. In my humble opinion, celebrate a few days before, or even the weekend before the big day. People may party a little too much and need time to recuperate. The celebration may go late into the night and no one wants to be tired on the day of!

Casual Rehearsal Dinner Themes

Because this website is geared toward beach and tropical wedding themes, I mostly create beach rehearsal dinner invitations, but there are many ways to do this special party. A big sit-down fancy meal is not needed. How about a beach bonfire party, with hors d’oeuvres and beer? Set up some chairs, serve pizza, and toast marshmallows.

Barbecues are big for country rehearsal dinners, as are backyard picnics. Casual locations and low-key (and low cost) finger foods can be more enjoyable than stuffy restaurant dinners. Of course it’s up to each couple as to how to do the gathering. If fancy is your thing, go for it!

Below is a sampling of casual rehearsal dinner invitations with text templates found at Zazzle.

beach party rehearsal dinner

Starfish Beach Party Invitation

BBQ chalkboard rehearsal dinner invitation

Chalkboard BBQ Rehearsal Dinner Invite by Jinaiji

Love trees artwork rehearsal dinner invitation

Love Trees in Blue Artistic Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

red checkered BBQ rehearsal dinner invitation

“I Do” Barbecue, casual backyard rehearsal dinner invitations.

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