Here are some frequently asked questions by customers who e-mail me.
For your information, my Sandpiper Wedding store contains designs made by me and I work in association with the Zazzle print-on-demand site.

I am the designer only. Zazzle does the printing and shipping. Please contact Zazzle directly for shipping questions. Sign in and find your order number then either e-mail or call the company. (Scroll down to see the phone numbers.)

I work from my home in Florida. I am not in the Zazzle building and do not have access to the products. I see them online as you do.

Q: How do I contact you?
A: You may e-mail me at bluehydpdc@gmail.com

Q: What type of changes can you make for me?
A: Anything related to the design of the item. This includes, color, font styles, wording, images, text set-up, and product changes. (ex. invitation wording switched from paper to a magnet)

Q: What will be the total cost of my order?
A: Since Zazzle offers bulk discounts for many items, and there are always various discount codes to use, I CAN NOT GIVE YOU AN EXACT COST. Prices can change from day to day, and many orders are not placed immediately. When I make your item and send you a link, please follow that link and view the pricing according to your paper choice, quantity and current discounts applied.

Q: Can you make something special for me?
A: Yes. Please be as specific as possible, especially with color choices – a hex code# is very helpful.

Q: Will it cost more if I ask for help?
A: No, unless you need a lot of customization, or if you request that I add all your personal text (it’s very easy to do yourself using the templates). Then, I may add a charge, but I will let you know.

Q: Do envelopes come with my order?
A: Each product has a description beneath it. The description of the item will tell the size and what is included with the order. If envelopes are included, it will say so.
In general, all “invitation” paper will include white envelopes. Greeting cards and note cards also come with envelopes. In addition Zazzle offers “Envelopements” which are pocket envelopes. You will see the option to buy in the cart area.

Q: Can you suggest the best type of paper for my invitations?
A: I see everything online like you do. I’d be happy to give my opinion, but I do not have the paper in hand.

Q: If there is a problem with the order, who do I contact?
A: I am the designer only. I do not have anything to do with printing or shipping the order. Please contact Zazzle directly for order delays, printing problems, and shipping costs.

If you are calling from within the United States, please use:

1-888-8ZAZZLE (1-888-892-9953) Phone hours: Mon – Fri: 6AM – 6PM PST (9AM – 9PM EST)

If you are calling from outside the United States, please use:

1-408-983-2800 Phone hours: Mon – Fri: 6AM – 6PM PST (9AM – 9PM EST)

(+44) 0800-6-929953 Phone hours: Mon – Fri: 10AM – 6PM GMT

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