Seahorse Postage

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seahorse wedding postageThe diminutive and sweet seahorse represents a couple well. These nautical sea creatures choose a mate to stay with for their entire lives. Their peaceful nature and unassuming lifestyle under the sea, make them the perfect choice for decorating envelopes.

The seahorse lives in salt water has a beautiful variety of looks and colors. Some have long flowing appendages and look very different from the typical image. These little guys (and gals) wrap their tails around plants and even each other, to stay where they want. Their tiny but powerful fins propel them around. We just love them, and anyone marrying in summer or at the beach, may want to consider including them on postage stamps and stationery.

On this page you will see a sampling of stamps found on the Zazzle site, including many of our own.
Also visit Seashells by Millhill and Sandpiper Wedding for more seahorse items.

Also available in the tropical line are mermaids, sand dollars, and starfish.

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