Mermaid Postage

Mermaid postage stamps are whimsical and make a lovely addition to outgoing mail. Use them on birthday invitations, beach wedding cards or any summertime mail. The most famous is Ariel, but artists like to share their own renditions on custom postage. On this page you’ll find many types of artwork featuring this mythical, underwater creature.
Here are some beautiful artistic images that are available at Zazzle.

Want to make your own custom stamps? Start here.

Ariel Postage Spooky Mermaid with Octopus Stamps Family Postage Brigit Postage

Mermaid Stamp Postage Stamps DREAMY by SHARON SHARPE Postage Stamps

Little Pink Postage Stamp Water Nymph Postage Stamps Mermaid Postage Balloon Postage Stamps

Orange Postage Stamp Birthday party for a girl - stamps Blond cartoon age birthday postage stamp Hippie Girl Postage

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