Use Pinterest to Plan That Bridal Shower

Use Pinterest to Plan That Bridal Shower

bright blue starfish bridal shower invitations

bridal shower invitations

Plan a Pinterest bridal shower. What do I mean by that? If you don’t do much online (and I would be speaking to mostly the older generation here), get online! One of the very best places to get ideas… if you somehow did not know this… is Pinterest.

Create an account, if you don’t have one, and start a “board” where you save all your favorite “bridal shower ideas”. If you already have a Pinterest account, add a board specifically for this event. Then, as you look around the internet you can “pin” your favorites to that board. Anyone can do this, it’s not hard. The boards can be public or private.

Collect and Organize Ideas

Other than beginning to save those pins, find others to help with the planning. Invite them to join your Bridal Shower Pinterest Board so their pins can be saved too. When a group plans the shower, a compromise will have to be reached, but there will be more ideas to choose from. Someone inevitably becomes the “leader” and I suggest you let her run with it!

Decide where the shower will be held.

Very large affairs can be held at restaurants or country clubs. An elegant shower with a luncheon or dinner served could be planned at the brides favorite restaurant.  Plan a tea and cakes party at a local inn. The point is to celebrate by doing something the bride really loves. And almost every eating establishment has some kind of online presence, whether it’s FaceBook, Twitter, or a Website. Go see what patrons are saying about the place. Or visit a review site like TripAdvisor, and search out restaurant reviews. (Leave a review too, as it helps others decide where to spend their money.)

For less expense, host the event at the home of one of the Bridesmaids. A DIY bridal shower means more work, so enlist lots of help.
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Food Bloggers Galore!

Pinterest is the perfect place to find finger food and wonderful appetizers. Bloggers are adding stunning photos to their food blogs, and Pinterest even has a “tried it” button, with comments about the end products. Beware of those who simply post a recipe with a photo who may not know what they are doing. They are out there! If the recipe doesn’t make sense, skip it. Also, I suggest clicking the link to check out the blog. Some food blogs are much better than others. Comments are very important as many cooks will tell you the truth about the recipe, and may even give helpful hints.

The food served will take some planning, and some guests may have special needs. Whether the event is held at a restaurant or in a home, be aware of allergies and dietary requirements. A guest will not be happy if all you serve is seafood and she is allergic!

Favors, Labels and Paper Goods

Favors are not only for the reception. Bridal and wedding showers require small favors for the guests. The best advice is to keep with the theme of the shower. For a beach themed party, think about seashell themed favors. Just do a search, and you will be presented with MANY favor ideas.

Personal wine labels can be added to small bottles (or large!) of wine. Stickers can be used on favor bags and boxes. Cute envelope seals to match the invitations can be added to the back of the envelopes.

Matching (and personalized) beach party paper goods are available at my store. I don’t have a large selection, as I count on customers to tell me what they need. Matching items can be created for any of my Beach Bridal Shower designs, please just contact me at

I use Pinterest for work (selling my Sandpiper Wedding and BlueHyd designs), but it works so well to simply keep track of all types of “favorites”. My favorite recipes, garden and backyard ideas, and travel ideas, are all listed on my boards. Please feel free to follow me at Pinterest, and I’ll be able to see what you are up to (unless it’s private, of course).