Make it Personal: Invite Guests by Name

folded personal wedding invitation

Folded Invitation: Include Guest’s Name Inside

Weddings are personal. The closest people in our lives are asked to be present at the beginning of a new life. Make the wedding more personal and invite guests by name. As you can see on the folded wedding invitation above, a line has been added which will hold the name of the guest who will open the card. Each guest will, in this way, receive his or her personal invitation.

Choosing to mail wedding invitations in this fashion will impress guests, as it will probably be something they have not seen before. If the couple is willing to put in the time and effort of adding the names inside, the reward is that guests will feel special.

The sample personal invitation shown is a starfish theme for a beach wedding, but this type of wording works for any theme and style of wedding. Beach-themed ceremonies tend to be smaller, and I’m not sure if the bride and groom would want to hand write names for a large event, but it’s a nice touch.

The line can also be changed to a name template. That way each name could be typed in before ordering the invitations. I didn’t make the sample that way, because it would be very time consuming to go through each invitation and add names. Also, it’s more personal to have the name hand-written. But I would be happy to change the format for you.

At Sandpiper Wedding you will find many items to match this popular design. Personalize bags for members of the bridal party. Include menu reply cards as enclosures, and create your own personal postage stamps. Please click to view the entire set in the Starfish Couple Collection.
Below I have pictured the front of this wedding invitation card.

starfish couple wedding invitation

The Front of the Invitation

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