sugar sand dollar

New Wedding Program With Sand Dollars Folded in Thirds

blue beach wedding program
This program will be folded into thirds after purchase
The bright blue of this beach themed wedding program shows off the two white sand dollars well.

Along with the starfish, or sea star, the sand dollar is widely coveted by any beachcomber. Sand dollars are echinoderms, and not really “sea shells”. Shells contain a living mollusk inside. It’s the creature that made the shell. Sand dollars and starfish ARE the animal.

Did you know that most sand dollars are fuzzy and dark in color when alive? They turn white after being bleached out in the sun when they die and wash ashore. It’s tough to find a whole dried sand dollar because they are fragile and the wave action can break them apart.

The sand dollar featured on this tri-fold wedding program is my own. I photographed it and now use it to make beach related products. I have many other beautiful and unique beach wedding programs. Click the link to see them all.

Bright blue is an optional color. If you would like to change it, use the “customize” button on the product page. Find the color picker area and choose your favorite color. Keep it light or bright so the black text will be easy to read. If you prefer, I will be happy to change the background color and / or the text color for you.

This is quality “letterhead” paper and the color will be printed on the front of this program only.

color picker

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The Key Largo Wedding Welcome Bag

Key Largo wedding welcome bag
Key Largo, Florida Wedding Welcome Bag
These wedding welcome, paper bags for guests have been specifically made with a Key Largo wedding in mind. These are white bags with blue and brown starfish couple and custom text templates on both sides. I have not made the destination text customizable because there is a map of Florida on the back with a big red star over the Key Largo location. The map cannot easily be removed by the customer. Please ask if you would like a bag like this with your Florida wedding location “starred”.


Starfish are popular with couples, but we also have a nautical anchor bag design. It has the same map on the back. This one however also has a place for the name of the location / venue at the top on the reverse.
nautical key largo wedding bag
If you want a cloth tote bag in this design, please take a look at this post which has a picture and link to the product.

OR VIEW ALL Destination Wedding Welcome Bags.

So where is Key Largo? It is the northern most key in the string of Florida keys. It is known for it’s large underwater reef at the John Pennecamp Reef State Park. There is boating, snorkeling and diving in this large body of water that is protected by the state.
As in all of the keys, the sunsets will be magnificent. The water will be clear and gorgeous and the beaches lovely. It’s a fabulous place to plan a beach wedding. Simply google “Key Largo Weddings” and see what is available.
Queen Angelfish at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park Key Largo, Florida
By Florida Memory ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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baby photos save the date

Select One of Our Unique Save-the-Date Cards to Customize

save the date card collection
Click the image to view the entire collection of save-the-date cards
We offer photo save the date postcards, cards and magnets. Click to view the selection and find one that fits with your beach wedding theme.

When should I send out “save the date” announcements?

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Beach Bonfire Wedding Reception

Beach bonfire wedding
Reception on the Beach

What fun to have a wedding reception on the beach! Have it at night and celebrate around a big bonfire and make it even more memorable.
View the entire Beach Bonfire set in our collections section.

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orange floral wedding

Flame Orange, Artistic Daisies Designer Wedding Paper

flame orange wedding
Flame Orange Artistic Wedding Set

Flame orange wedding stationery with artful daisies design is a NEW group of products for the 2017 wedding season! (Other new selections include DOGWOOD and POPPIES.) Orange is one of Pantone’s colors chosen for this year, and therefore any couple searching for bright and bold wedding stationery may just love this daisy selection.

I drew these colorful flowers with colored pencils some time ago. Recently I came across the artwork and decided to upload it as a isolated image to use in my BlueHyd custom stationery store.

The flower colors of blue, pink, yellow and red work well with the orange background. For more fun, a special yellow pattern has been added to the reverse side of the paper. Invitations and some of the enclosure cards also carry the yellow pattern.

To create a “mix and match” wedding set, I’ve alternated that yellow background with a simple orange daisy print. Some couples enjoy having a wedding stationery set that contains products that don’t match exactly, but instead compliment each other.

I’m in the process of filling this Orange Daisy Collection with more items that are needed for before, during, and after the event. If you have a special request, please don’t hesitate to ask for an item to be made.

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reply cards

New Reply Card Collection

reply cards
Reply card variety for all wedding themes

Our wedding reply cards are each are part of corresponding wedding sets. We offer invitations that match. But sometimes couples find their favorite stationery elsewhere, yet need a response card of a certain style.

In our REPLY CARD COLLECTION, we have plain black and white cards, with and without menu selections. We also have cards that require guests to write in the exact number of people who will be attending the wedding. This is a good idea if you believe some guests may want bring along uninvited people!

Our RSVP card themes range from simple to elegant. Find many beach themes, with tropical designs, or choose something more rustic and country themed, like our beautiful succulents or plain wood grain images.

As always, we would be happy to make one just for you!

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