How to Center A Photo In An Oval Photo Template Invitation

A photo of the bride and groom can be included in this custom, square invitation (also round is offered). The picture will need to be centered in the oval frame at the top of the card. For those who need help, I will show you how to center a photo in an oval photo template.

photo template beach wedding invitation

Add a photo of the couple to this invitation.

A beautiful image with palm trees and turquoise sea water is the background for custom wording. In my sample invitation, the first names of the bride and groom are all that’s listed. If you would like the wording changed please contact me.

How to Add Your Photo to the Invitation

If this is the invitation for you, a personal photo must be added to the template. In most cases adding a horizontal (landscape) photo to the template will be enough. If the couple’s image is in the center of the photo, it will show in the oval frame.

If you need help changing the photo, please read How to Use Zazzle Photo Templates.

If You Need to Center Your Photo

If your uploaded photo is not showing the two of you in the center of the oval frame, a little more work is needed. You have two choices:

1. Contact me and send me your photo via e-mail, which I will add and center for you.
2. Follow my short tutorial here and center your photo yourself.

To move your photo within the template, click the link beneath the photo template area on the invitation product page. See the yellow circle in the image below.

For vertical (portrait) photos or uncentered subjects the customer may need to use the design tool. This means going to another page that designers use to create the templates.

how to center a photo in oval photo template

Make the photo look good

Once the design tool page comes up (image below), find the module on the right which holds your photo and click on it.

photo wedding invitation

The chosen photo will be outlined against the card. Now, go down to the left-hand corner of the page and use the toggle to move the photo right, left, up or down. It can be made larger or smaller also with the plus and minus tool.

As you move and resize the photo be sure to keep the entire template area filled with your photo! If you can’t make it work, upload another photo to try.

Always use a photo that closely resembles the orientation of the photo in the template, with the subject matter in the center.

Once you are finished, click the “done” blue button at the top of the page and you will be taken back to the ordering page. Continue customizing and then place the order.

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