New Favor Boxes and Paper Napkins You Can Personalize

New Favor Boxes and Paper Napkins You Can Personalize

custom favor boxes and napkinsWe are making things easier for couples these days. Now they can find just about everything they need for wedding day right in one spot. Everything paper that is! We can’t supply the food and music, but your invitations can now have matching favor boxes and paper napkins. These are just two of the new product types introduced at Zazzle recently and those of us who design for weddings and events are totally thrilled. I think the bride and groom will also be thrilled when they see these cute, personalized gift boxes and beautiful, custom napkins.

First, the boxes. With four styles to choose from, the little paper gift box can be elegant and tied with a ribbon, or folded up like Chinese take out. The “gable” style has a little handle, and the cube shape offers a version with a cut out of a heart in the front. All boxes will ship flat and must be folded by the customer. I see a box folding party with the bridesmaids in your future!

The gift box is perfect for thanking guests, and can be filled with anything you like. The open heart box will need tissue paper, or something, to keep the gift enclosed. Custom text can easily be added to say “thank you”. As I’ve said, these are new, so contact me with requests as not all our sets contain the boxes and napkins yet.

The paper napkins come in two styles and two colors. White or ecru paper can be plain or coined. The “coined” napkin is shown in my image here and has a pronounced border. Pretty yellow and white Hawaiian plumeria flowers decorate this set. The image and text can be angled or not. We’ve made both. And the new script fonts look especially lovely printed on the napkins.

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