Affordable Mr. and Mrs. Glossy Photo Card Announcement in Navy Blue

Affordable Mr. and Mrs. Glossy Photo Card Announcement in Navy Blue

This new, affordable navy blue photo wedding card is made for newlyweds.

Add a photo from the wedding day and announce that you are now “Mr. and Mrs.”

With a paragraph of sample text, this card is easy to personalize to either simply say, “Hey, we’re married!”, or include an invitation to the reception celebration.

Made in dark, navy blue color with light gray fonts, you may also change the color theme.

If you’d like a different background color, follow the directions to “customize further” on the product page.

customize further

Change the Font Style and / or Color

The image below is what you will see after you click that “customize further” button.

Not only can the background color be changed, but so can the fonts and the text color.

To change font colors: click on the section of font, and find the color button at the bottom of the page. (You must first get into the “customize” area from the product page.)

how to change fonts

How to change the font and font color.

In my tutorial image above you can see the color palette for the background as well. Use that to change the background color.

Of course there are about a million color combination options, and I can’t make this card in all of them. In fact, it’s not a good idea to make more than one like this. Zazzle is a custom site, and when the customer can make his or her own changes, all the better.

Any dark color can be chosen for the background and will look fine with this light gray text. When the background becomes lighter, then the text will need to be darker. Hopefully you can understand my information here to make this card exactly what you want.

Changing the fonts can be tricky because they will show as different sizes. Keep all text away from all edges of the card. This is a good thing to remember when customizing anything at Zazzle as there is a “bleed area” on almost all products which means edge elements can get cut off.

As always, you may contact me to help with any part of the design elements, such as colors, sizes, card types (want this on another type of paper?) font styles, and wording.

These cards are very affordable – they are the same type used for photo Christmas cards. Big bulk order discounts are offered as well, so you will save even more. Check for additional savings on the product page, near the top, where Zazzle lists it’s sales codes.

Here are some other looks for this card:
glossy photo photo card

Follow this link to see all types of marriage announcements with reception invitation wording in various colors and themes.

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