Nautical Navy Wedding Tote Bags

nautical navy tote bagOur designer tote bags are popular with couples to give to the bridal party as gifts of thanks. We have a couple of options for this navy stripes bag with tan accent color.

The bag shown here has two templates, above and below the stripes, to add names and the wedding date. The other bag has “bridesmaid” text at the top with the bridesmaid’s name at the bottom. Create a personalized gift for each of the ladies, and they will love it!

Using these template options, the totes could be given as gifts or given to the couple. It’s a nice way to commemorate this special event, while giving the newlyweds a cool bag to take on the honeymoon!

This is the budget tote, and it’s the least expensive option. But other larger bags could be chosen which would hold a lot more beach related goodies. With the dark, navy blue stripes and ship’s anchor in the center, a light colored bag works best.

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