Marriage Announcements

Announcing an upcoming marriage means sending out save-the-date cards so guests can make plans to attend.  Postcards, or magnets can take the place of a card, and photos of the couple can be included on certain stationery.  In general, magnets and specialty cards will cost more than a simple postcard.  Even if most of the family and many of the friends already know about the wedding plans, sending a save-the-date announcement is a good idea.

save the date

Custom, modern save-the-date cards

To announce a marriage that has already taken place,  newlyweds can tell their favorite people, “We’re Married!” by sending a “Mr. and Mrs.” announcement or Reception Only invitation.

Reception only invitations

Click the image to view the entire collection which includes cards in all types of themes.

Adding a photo makes this type of announcement more personal.  Include the date and location of the wedding.  If a reception only type party is planned for the newlyweds, the announcement can include an invitation to that event.

If the intent is to simply inform everyone that you have tied the knot, the wedding date and place is all that is necessary.   Will you, as newlyweds, be living at a new address?  Include that on the announcement as well, or check out our collection of New Address Announcements.

new address postcards

Click the image to view the collection of New Address postcards

We offer realistic seashells, starfish, and sand dollars on our stationery, as well as beautiful tropical flowers and hand drawn designs.

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