Invitations by Design

The Sandpiper Wedding design line of custom stationery continues to grow and expand to accommodate the discerning bride and groom. Each season new trends show up and we often create and recreate adding modern fonts and typography to stay current.

To make finding matching sets of stationery easier, we will showcase some of the most popular designs on this page.

Simply click on the images to view the sets in their entirety.

by the sea wedding invitation set

“By the Sea” Custom Wedding Designer Paper

seaside blue starfish wedding

Seaside Blue – Wedding Suite

Often our wedding collections will contain various types of products. Not every set will contain the same products. It’s nearly impossible to fill every set with all the products available. Please know that we are happy to create any product you need to match your desired design.

Starfish couple wedding invitations

Starfish Couple Designer Set

One wedding collection may contain gift bags and guest books, while another may not. Every item you see in our store can be designed in any theme. If you need a guest book, but don’t see one in the collection you favor, simply e-mail me at and make a request. Also view our FAQ’s page.

blue pineapples wedding design

Blue Pineapples wedding designer set

Our Hawaiian themes include pineapples on tropical blue, dark gray or sage green. The aqua blue color has a wood look texture with a random pineapple pattern. Pineapples not only represent the tropical locations where they grow, but they are the symbol of welcome.

Hawaiian pineapple wedding sage green

Hawaiian Pineapples on Sage Green

Our wedding invitations, and many of the enclosure cards, offer a lovely paper selection and come with white envelopes. I am able to make coordinating envelopes to match the stationery design, if you wish. Some sets already contain extra envelopes.

Exotic flowers, such as the plumeria, aka frangipani, hibiscus, and bird-of-paradise brighten invitations for any tropical destination wedding event.

pink plumeria wedding invitation design

Pink Plumeria wedding design

plumeria flourish white floral wedding invitations

Plumeria Flourish

Did you know that many font styles are available and each invitation (and set) contains sample fonts only? As the designer, I can only guess at what the couple will want. I am happy to change fonts from script to printed. Or choose something totally different from what you see on the sample invitation.

under the sea wedding invitations

“Under the Sea” Whimsical Wedding design

Our designs work for all seasons of the year and we have some invitations which are made specifically for the December beach wedding planner. The Starfish and Holly wedding collection can be used to invite guests to a Christmas wedding in the tropics.

tropical Christmas wedding invitation design

Starfish and Holly Christmas Wedding

Bright colors are popular choices when planning a tropical wedding event. The warm climate creates an environment for unique flowering plants to survive and thrive. Hibiscus flowers are among the popular choices for decorating and bridal bouquets. Because of this, our orange hibiscus design was created. Light pink and bright orange flowers pop off the white paper. This is a newer design and we have many matching items in the set.

orange hibiscus wedding stationery

Orange Hibiscus Suite

The designer wedding collections at Sandpiper Wedding are as diverse as the couples who buy them. We offer simple starfish stationery or beach scenes, like the one below, to couples looking for simplicity and affordability.

Some of the newest items recently added to some of our collections include “Will you be my Bridesmaid?” cards, and weekend wedding welcome bags with custom text.

coastal vows wedding invitation design

“Coastal Vows” Designer Wedding

A casual beach wedding bonfire on the beach is a unique design. Sand and seashells with a fire warming the cool evening air as friends and family gather to celebrate the happy occasion.

Bonfire in the sand beach wedding

Bonfire Beach Wedding

The hibiscus artwork design is an oldie but goodie. Hibiscus flowers in light blue or light pink are used to create this custom stationery. The collection does not contain a lot of products, but please ask for anything to be made.

hibiscus artwork wedding

Hibiscus Art, in Pink or Blue